Katie Daisy

The web is buzzing with Katie Daisy's fun prints and I thought I jump on that bandwagon and share my favorite prints with you as well. I love how everyone can relate to her prints, be it a traveller, a tree hugger or lovers!!! :) Well, I guess noone is surprised that I like her travel related prints the most! :) Here are some of my favorites.

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SogniSorrisi said...

I really, really love these!

Diana Mieczan said...

I want the last one....Let's go!!!!
Very fun and colourful..
Kisses, sweetie

Lauraloves. said...

love the last one! I'm obsessed with prints atm :)



Mary said...

Love those <3

Delightful Bitefuls

Anonymous said...

These are great! My favourite is the first one, just because of all the colours.


Sick by Trend said...

col post!! are great!!

look our blog and if you like it, follow us!!



Farah said...

hi Gabby! Love the quotes, fingers crossed about a little project, will share soon! xoxoxo

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

These are so playful, thought-provoking and fun:-)

Juultje said...

Oehhh love the first one!! So true..

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

These are all so cute!

Lauraloves. said...

I’ve given you a blog award on my post :)


APieceOfCrap said...

That's cool :D ! lovely

Our brand new blog, and our first. Take a peek.

best regards from Sweden

katjusha said...

heay gabby! the second one is cool! the quote is kind of true. In germany we say: The world is a big construction site :O

greetz from BerliN!

P.S.: i made a remake of Beyonce´s new videoclip (Inspired look for low budget! :)) Take a look, hope you like it

Robyn said...

These may be everywhere, but it is the first time I have had a chance to see them. Thanks for sharing.

vicky h. said...

the last one definitely is my favorite!! and perfect for you :) "lets go anywhere" miss gypsy!!

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Marta said...

These are great! Gracias and regards from Barcelona!

Cara said...

Love these :)

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