Killer Shoes by Sonia Rykiel

So on my big shopping trip last weekend I bought these killer pair of shoes and I love them! My girlfriend said they were the ugliest shoes she's ever seen :) but goodness I'm so tall in them and they are so comfy! :) What do you say? Like or dislike?

P.S: I'm tiny and my boyfriend is probably the tallest guy I've ever met so I definately need these! :)


J. said...

I love them! I would totally love to own a pair myself!

Diya said...

I say they're gorgeous and the wedge + straps probably make them pretty comfortable to walk in despite the height!

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Cafe Fashionista said...

I don't like...I LOVE! Ohmigosh those shoes are phenomenal - I bet you look amazing in them, my love!! :)

incessantdieter said...

I think they are too cute....

PS I started a new blog, hope you chekc it out. Just click on the HOW TO on my Journey blog.

PS I love your new blog and glad to see some pics of you and your life.

Alicia said...

Love them!! and yay for short girls! I'm 5'1'' ;)

ahlin said...

wow i've never seen those before! they're awesome! you go girl :)

Anna Katrina said...

i love them! where did you get them? us short girls need height and comfort :)

Anna Katrina



so fun! can't wait to follow you through your travels... do you ever do asia?

Marla Singer said...

omg! i want a pair of those, too! the shoes are so pretty <333

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love xx

BarelyVogue said...

Love em

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