The Snow is Back!

{Jacket - Zara, Scarf&Shirt - H&M,  Jeggings&Leather Gloves - Primark, Vintage Louis Vuitton Clutch, Wedges - ASOS}

Just when I thought snow days were over and I can pack my bags with spring stuff when I'm moving (in 2 weeks!!!!) bang the snow came back! It's not only snowing but it's cold like hell as well! Did I ever tell you how much I hate to be cold? A LOT! Really cannot wait for spring to come!
I know I should put on some warmer pants when the weather gets this chilly, but truth is, I haven't really worn pants since leggings (and especially jeggings!) became socially accepted outerwear. They remind me of my kindergarden days and they are just so comfy that wearing pants became uncomfortable and unnecessary in my fashion dictionary! Looking at the color combo in this outfit I was pretty brave. Ok not really, but come on... wearing brown with green and blue? That's pretty darn unusual for me. I guess we can call it another rule breaking outfit! :) 

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...these are a few of my favorite things...

I've been really thinking a lot about the future of this blog and the direction it will take once I'll have the time to work more on it! (3 weeks left from corporate life! :) I feel like sometimes I'm all over the place and I should streamline the content a bit more. The main focus is and will be fashion, personal style and photography and I decided to do a cocktail post once a week mixing everything else I loved that week together into a delicious blend of everythingness. So as one of my all time favorite happy song from "The Sound of Music" says... these are a few of my favorite things this week! :)

1. Golden nails

I am obsessed with everything golden and this nail polish is not an exception either.

2. Instax Mini

 I'm seriously thinking about joining the 365 project and as a little extra I might just do that with an Instax Mini 7 or 50S. They are the new polaroids, except they produce smaller, businesscard like images! Cute!

3. A Beautiful Mess

 I LOVE this girl!!!

4. Vintage Effects

The secret of vintage looking photos revealed! :)

5. French Onion Soup

I made it for the 3rd time in 2 weeks! Of course without the bread or the cheese! :) Detox has been great and to be honest I almost forgot that I'm on a detox by the end of week 2. Overall I lost 2.5 kgs but I feel so much lighter and cleaner! I have now the power to say no to junk food and sweets and I'll continue my journey until I reach my goal!

6. YSL ring
The gold/blue is my favorite. :)

7. Vintage swimsuits

I adore the complete Modcloth vintage swimsuit collection, but this one must be my absolute favorite. I'm really counting the days till summer! I have the feeling that it will be an amazing one! :)

8. 70's floppy hats

I found the exact same one on sales :) Cannot wait to wear it!

9. CLICK Magazine

I read it from the first page to the last! Full of great photography tips!

10. THIS quote

Have a chilly Sunday Girls (and boys)! :)

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Artsy Fartsy

{Shirt - Mango, Blazer - Zara, Jeggings - Primark}

PLEASE don't tell AC that I shopped!!!!! Yes I did! :D Even though I'm on my way to become a starving artist, I could not resist this artsy fartsy shirt in Mango, and honestly...with 70% discount who could have? Does anyone know what the name of that pattern is? I'm obsessed with it! This shirt perfectly embodies the place I'm right now fashion-vise.... silky material, pretty velvet bow, moderate colors and a vintage vibe. One of my new warderobe staples which you'll be seeing a LOT around here! :) 

My mum is coming to town tonight and we are going to see a musical and spend our Christmas gift cards!!! :) Have a wonderful weekend and treat yourself to something pretty! Sales will be over really soon....

P.S: Don't forget to enter my "I {heart} MY BLOG" tote giveaway! Only a few hours left! ;)

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Photo*Friday - Folk Tales Part 2 & 3

Hide and Seek

One of the reasons why I'm a bit sad to leave my school in Budapest is that I've started to have a reputation as the fashion photographer of the class :) and I had a lot of opportunities to work with the stylists in the school. I showed you last week one of the results of their FOLK assignment, (creating a modern look using folk pieces) but afterwards I was contacted by two other stylist to photograph their works. These were the results! First time ever shooting a man but I have to say I could not have had a better male model! He absolutely rocked it! :)

Ludas Matyi
 On the Roof

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I {heart} MY BLOG Giveaway

I think it's time for another giveaway from Blog Couture (one of the last ones)! :) You can win the ever so popular "I {heart} MY BLOG" tote. If you're reading this then probably this would be the perfect accessory for you to run errands, go to the gym or do some grocery shopping this spring! :) All you have to do is follow Gypsy*Diaries and leave a comment before Friday 10pm CET. (if you're already following than just leave a comment! :)

You can get extra entries by following me on Bloglovin / Twitter, tweeting / posting about this giveaway or by adding my button to your blog / adding me to your blog roll! Please leave a separate comment for each!

The Blog Couture final sale is still on, but there are only a few pieces left which you can buy  now with a 50% discount!!!

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4 Seasons

This is a superquick post to show you the result of one of my school assignments. We had to create an image in a photobooth and we had to make a story out of it. Well, I cannot say I was overly inspired by the task, the only thing that came to my mind was 4 shots = 4 seasons so I decided to play with that. Looking at these pics now I probably shouldn't have looked straight into the camera but oh well... c'est la vie! Maybe next time! :) Today is one of my biggest exams, we have to show all the works we've done during the semester and all the teachers will be there grading us. Showing is one thing, but I'm terrible when it comes to explaining a concept behind my shots! Wish me luck! :)

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If there is one thing I learned by going to photography school, it's that no matter how many hours you spend in class, or how expensive your camera is,  the only way to become better in taking images is by a, practicing and b, relying on other people for advice.  I spent countless hours reading books, searching for Photoshop tutorials and trying to figure out my camera's settings but finally I've found the key to the knowledge treasury. I don't even remember how I got to Clickin' Moms in the first place, but I immediately knew I found what I was looking for and I signed up right away! :) 


Clickin' Moms is a closely knit community of over 8000 wonderful women, all passionate about photography. Some of us are experienced pros and some of us are total beginners with a point and shoot but what unites us is our love for photography and eagerness to learn. You can browse online tutorials on EVERYTHING from lighting and picture editing to setting up your own business, post your images for critique or even upload it to the play room and let other work their photoshop magic on it (with step by step instructions on how they made the changes!!! AWESOME!!!! Simply AWESOME!!!). I could go on and on describing how amazing this forum is, but instead do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself! 

The monthly membership costs less than a glossy magazin ($8!) and now you can even get 20% off by using the coupon code FRIEND at checkout until the end of the month! The best investment in my photography career so far! :) Thank me later!

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Those Girls

As I mentioned "those girls" :) in yesterday's post, I thought it's only fitting if I introduce you to some of my current favorite vintage gals. These chicks amaze me with their well thought out vintage outfits and attention to detail, their blogs are some of the best written ones out there and I hope you'll fall in love with them as much as I did. :)

I must have been living under a rock coz I just recently discovered Keiko and her amazing blog! She has the perfect taste when it comes to mixing vintage with new pieces and I seriously want EVERY SINGLE PIECE from her wardrobe! Even is she admittedly never spent more than 50 bucks on a clothing item.

Coury from Francy Treehouse is the picture perfect girl next door! I love following her pretty life in LA! She always manages to surprise me with her extravagant yet modest outfit choices not to mention that she is supersweet and cute!

I must admit that one of the reason why I love checking WishWishWish out is the beautiful photography (and my lust after Carrie's Mulberry! :) She makes sure that every shot has a story and I love how well she can create an atmospere through her images.

Probably many of you don't need an introduction to Beth Jones but just in case you do, go check her out! She has an impeccable style and I love how she mixes ethnic pieces with vintage and modern garments. 

Laura must have been hiding under the same rock as Keiko as I pretty much discovered and fell in love with them at the same time! Cute, timeless outfits and great inspiration delivered daily from Amsterdam!

Do you know about any other vintage-style bloggers I should check out?

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All Glammed Up

This past week has been one of the busiest but most fun in a while! While I'm still working (only 4 weeks left!!!) I had 2 exams at school, 7!!!! photoshoots (some smaller some bigger) not to mention that I was detoxing my ass of in the meantime! I mean that literally... I lost a bit more than 2kgs (5lbs) and feeling great as expected. I'm ready and excited for week two when I'll include some fruits and veggies in my diet as well. 
After my art history exam I finally decided to hop into that tiny vintage store in the corner which I've been eying for a while now but never had time to go in while running to classes. Not only did I fall in love with this little sequin dress, but I'm slowly discovering that a new fashion chapter is opening up in my life. I have been feeling more and more attracted to vintage fashion (and sequins!) for some time now and slowly started to realize that even in the "real" stores I like new stuff which have a vintage feel. I might just become one of those girls one day.... :)

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Bath Dreams

Doing an underwater "bathtub" shot has been on my inspiration list for a loooong time but yesterday I finally did it!!! I love how they came out and I just couldn't wait until the next Photo*Friday to share these with you! :)  Hopefully one of my next projects can be a real, underwater shoot! 

And now back to photo editing.... 7 photoshoot in a week means I have 7 sets of photos to edit and no playtime this weekend... or actually... I cannot think of a better game then taking pictures and discovering the magic of photoshop. :) Now you can follow me on Flickr as well to see my latest works up to date, as soon as they're done! Kisses luvers!

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