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Vintage Berlin Part Two

How long do you think I could wait until I checked out some more vintage/thrift stores after my first success in Berlin? Not long. :) When I first entered Garage, it seemed to be the dirty lil bro of Colours. I was almost releaved that I will not have to buy half of the store but "sadly" I was wrong. Garage offers the same diversity as Colours or Made in Berlin, but at better prices! I included the price tags of my finds just so you'd see what great deals I made. ;) A definite must visit if you ever come to Berlin!
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I'm on the right track baby

Sunnies - Ray Ban Aviators, Jacket - Zara, Scarf&Cardigan&Boots - Primark, Pants - H&M

I already told you how I love Sundays in Berlin's Mauerpark, but this weekend was extra special! The sun has graced us the whole afternoon, crowds filled up the space and I was shooting streetstyle for the first time in Berlin with my new BFF! :) (more on her later) It is really a funny and sometimes embarassing feeling to go up to random people and ask them to pose for you while all they wanna do is just go about their business, but with a little faith, encouragement I managed to bring out my inner Garance and it has turned out to be one of the most fun afternoons in a while. I was wearing something very comfy and casual to suit the ocassion. Stripes on stripes with my beloved military jacket. What you cannot see is that I'm actually wearing pants with sidepockets!!! You know the kind that we used to wear in the 90's... well they're back and even though I never thought I would rock them again, I totally do! :)

Photos by Zoe from Überlin
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...these are a few of my favorite things...

I'm happy. Happy like I haven't been in a long time. I do what I love, I'm free, I have a fantastic man by my side, I have some wonderful travels booked for the next few months, spring is in the air and soon I can tuck away my heavy coats and replace them with flowy dresses and flower prints. Life is good! :) Here are some of the little things that made me smile this week.

1. Jessica Simpson Dany Platform Shoes - They are finally mine!!!! I know, I know all you US girls have it already in all possible colors but the thing is, it's really hard to get it in Europe. I had some extreme bad luck with shoe orders recently so I've ordered it in two different sizes to make sure that one of them will fit me right. The second, brand new pair is up for grabs on Ebay! CLICK HERE if you're interested (US size 7, UK size 4.5, EUR 37.5)
2.  I love to decorate my flat with fresh tulips! They just make me smile. (image credit)

3. I want this outfit from head to toe (sorry, no credit, it was an impulse download)

4 & 5. Have you seen the new arrivals at Spool No. 72? I'm dying over their Moonshine Blouse and Strawberry Blossom Bag

6. I've been looking for a silver/turquoise rectangular ring like this one for some time now! (and it's now 42% off at MyJewelryBox!!!)

7. Blogger of the Week: Nicolette from Simply Colette. This girl is my true soulmate! I'm not kidding, she quit her corporate job in finance basically the same month as I did to take a chance on life and follow her passion in travel and photography! I wish you the best of luck girl and I know you'll make it! Check out her adventures of becoming her own boss and starting up her own lil business while traveling the world!

8. I want to have a Chalkboard Speech Bubble! It would make a fun photoshoot prop.

9. RIP Elizabeth Taylor! She was wonderful and a true diva. The world has lost a great icon. I'm swooning over this print of her. (via MadebyGirl)

10. You now how I'm crazy for everything with a map on it (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, Exhibit D, Exhibit E....) and this world map print skirt is no exception! :) (via Zollyarts)

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Sponsor Call

March has been an amazing month for Gypsy*Diaries and I have to thank each and every one of you for making it possible to live my dream! This month the blog has turned one year old, became one of the Top20 lifestyle blogs globally (Top 10 in the US, according to Bloglovin') and increased its followership by 22%. I had the opportunity to work with some amazing companies and deliver some fantastic giveaways and discounts to my readers.

In April I'll be posting from 3 different countries and plan on writing about personal style, fashion, vintage, travel and photography related topics.

If you're interested in sponsoring or collaborating with Gypsy*Diaries, please drop me an email at gypsydiaries@gmail.com ! I'd love to hear from you! :)

Photo*Friday - Engagement Shots

My first ever engagement shot happened just a day before I left Hungary. Despite the gloomy weather I convinced the couple to shoot outside instead of the studio and I think their home environment really gave these shots the character I was looking for.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to shoot too much in Germany yet. If you live somewhere around Berlin, email me! I'd love to work with bloggers, boutiques, couples, babies... etc. :)


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My Jewelry Box

It's funny how my taste has changed over the years. I used to be an earring person, wearing big gypsy jewelries throughout my collage years, while I didn't even own a watch or any sunglasses. These days I'm leaning much more towards statement watches and shades and hardly ever wear my beloved earrings anymore. Most of my jewelries and accessories are souvenirs from various trips, including my two jewelry boxes from Egypt and Tunisia. Some people collect magnets I prefer necklaces and bangles! :D It always feels like I take a piece of the culture with me through these jewelries and I love to be reminded of the beautiful places and friendly people I met during these journeys. Lately I've started to enlarge my collection with some vintage pieces and I've got a feeling that it's just the beginning! :) Do you have a special piece of jewelry that you treasure above everything else? I'd love to hear its story! :)


This post was brought to you by My Jewelry Box
(check out their website for beautiful and affordable jewelries! :)

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Flower Child

Maxi skirt & Bangles - H&M, Necklace - StellaWishes, Top - Noname, Hat - Claire's, Watch - DKNY,   Ring - from Tunisia, Wedges - Mango

Ladies and Gentleman, meet my first ever maxi skirt! I know that maxi skirts and dresses are pieces that short girls like me should never wear, but guess what, I just couldn't resist! It was one of those items that I looked at, than put back on the shelf thinking I could never wear. Then every time I went back to the store I was wishing I could, until one day I thought screw it, I'm gonna try it on. Thanks to the stripes I think contrary to what I would have expected they actually make me look (and feel) taller, so this is for all of you shorties out there! Maxi skirts are NOT for model sized girl only! Try one on, you'll see! ;) 

Are there any clothing items you think you cannot wear?

Maxi | Everybody, Everywear


P.S: You can get my necklace and many other beautiful jewelry pieces with 15% discount by using the coupon code G-DIARIES here! :)

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Spring! Jump!

Dress - Zara, Boots & Earrings - Vintage, Bangles - H&M

Did you know that the word "spring" means "jump!" in German? Well I'm jumping with joy that it is finally my favorite season! Days are getting longer, temperatures  are becoming friendly and the birds are constantly singing. I even see random flowers popping up all over the city! The weather, the sun and this season's 70's trends are slowly waking up the gypsy girl inside me. I want flowers! I want patterns! Colors! Dresses! Fringes! Crochet! Lace! HAPPY SPRING loverbugs! 

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