Bye Bye July 2011

July has gone in a whimsy, like all the other months this year so far. Some of the highlights included launching the En Route blog, upgrading my camera equipment and shooting streetstyle on Berlin Fashion Week. I've been working a lot this month and it's time for August and vacations to roll in. ;) I'll be flying to Sardinia in about a week to enjoy some much needed relax time on the beach with AC. I cannot wait to feel the sand on my toes! ;) Happy August Everyone! ;)

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Fresh Faces Mineral Makeup

My beauty bag has been begging me for a makeover, so when Fresh Faces contacted me if I'd like to try some of their mineral makeup products I've jumped on the opportunity. Make up that's good for my skin? Sign me up! I've spent hours on their site trying to decide which products I'd like to try and in the end I decided to put some products in the mix which I have never heard of (primer, anyone?) as well. This is the little package that has landed on my doorstep:

I was in desperate need of some new brushes so I went with a brush for everything... ;) (Delux Buffer Foundation Brush, Chisel Blush Brush, Concealer Brush, Small Chisel Fluff Eyeshadow Brush) They say that your makeup is only as good as your brushes and if that's true, I must have the best makeup ever. Applying foundation on my skin felt like caressing my face with feathers.

Getting back to my new Primed for Perfection primer... it's a translucent gel which improves the look and feel of your skin. People, seriously, you must try this stuff! I have never had softer, matter skin in my life, it feels so good to put it on, plus I'm pretty sure that my wrinkles were finer after usage as well. (No! No! Scrap that! Of course I don't have any wrinkles.. hahaha)
Can you believe that I never had powder foundation in my life? Or a concealer?

The bronzer I've been using has been in my make up bag since.... hhhhmmm... high school? An update was very timely! I chose First Kiss and Apricot Shimmer. (the shades appear to be a bit darker on the website than they really are)

Last but not least I wanted  a dark, sparkly eyeshadow like their Midnight Sparkle, but couldn't decide from the other colors so ended up ordering several samples to try. On the pictures I'm wearing Stone Khakis with Midnight sparkle.

Overall I was very satisfied with the products I've tried. It's true what they say, they let my skin breath and I don't even feel that I'm wearing makeup and my skin is 100% smoother than without. My favorite product from the range was definitely the Primed for Perfection primer which I know I'll be purchasing as soon as I run out! Check out the Fresh Faces webshop and let me know if you end up trying something! Happy shopping! ;)

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Sunnies & Booties - Mango, Leather Jacket & Leggings - Zara, Polka Dot Shirt - c/o Romwe, Jewelry - from travels

Over the weekend we've decided to give my new camera a test run and snap a few pictures for the En Route blog header. I wanted to incorporate props that really reflected me, and ice cream was definitely one of my very first ideas. I can tell you, there are few things I like more than a good gelato. I could eat it every day instead of all the meals! (favorite = Haagen Daazs strawberry cheesecake... I DIE!) In other news I'm in loooove with my new Canon. I'm finally able to take pictures that look like the images in my head, the sharpness, the smoothness... it's a whole new world! I feel like I've been liberated and cannot wait to show you my upcoming shoots, I'm so excited! ;)

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EN ROUTE Photography Blog!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! My new En Route photography blog is finally here! From now on I'll be posting all my photography works, tips and adventures on the new blog, so if you have been digging the photography content in Gypsy*Diaries, I'm sure you'll love the new blog too! (I'll of course continue blogging all fashion, travel and lifestyle content here on Gypsy*Diaries.) You can now follow the En Route blog on Bloglovin, Facebook and Twitter or just come by to say hi. 

I said it a million times but I'll say it again. All of this would not have been possible without your support, I never would have picked up a camera and I never would have started to make my dreams come true if it wasn't for YOU! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Let the new adventures begin! 

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Bread & Butter | Street Style

Bread & Butter is one of the biggest fashion industry tradeshows in Europe held twice a year in Berlin during fashion week. This was my first time on the fare and it was definitely an overwhelming experience. With more than 600 exhibitors and thousands and thousands of  visitors from all over the world, I cannot wait to go back next year and spend some more time discovering the new brands and trends as this time I only had a few hours to snap a few streetstyle pics for you. ;)

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My new Crew

I've done something a little crazy (and bank account threatening) but something I've wanted for some time now! No more shopping for me in 2011 that's for sure! ;) The primadonna of all cameras, the Canon 5D Mark ii is finally mine! For now I only bought the 50mm 1.4 lens (for stunning portraits and street style) and the 580 EXII flash, but hopefully as business gets rolling in I can start broadening my lens collection too and in the meantime I'll just rent the extra lenses I might need! I'm so very happy and excited, like a little girl at Christmas morning! Now excuse me but I have a 260 page manual to read... I'm proud to say that I'm a Canon girl now! ;) 

P.S: If you need any tips on cameras, lenses, please read my post here

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$100 Shopbop Gift Card GIVEAWAY

All these talks about shoes, shopping and sales made me realize it's time for another gorgeous giveaway! ;) This time you can win a $100 gift card to Shopbop which you can spend on whatever you want. Considering that it's still sales, you can get yourself a pretty sweet deal! I'm in need of some cute flat shoes for when I'm shooting weddings so either these woven ballerinas from Frye shoes, this glittery Alice + Olivia flator this classic Tory Burch leather beauty would be my choice, but like I said, you can spend your dough on whatever you want! ;)

 To join the giveaway:
- please  follow Gypsy*Diaries on Bloglovin' (and/or GFC) if you haven't already
- let me know in the comments what would you spend your gift card on! ;)

For Additional entries you could:  (please leave (a) separate comment(s) for each!)
- add Gypsy*Diaries to your blogroll
- like En Route Photography on Facebook
- follow me on Twitter
- blog/tweet/post on facebook about the giveaway (+1 entry EACH)

You have until Sunday, July 30th 9pm CET to enter. The giveaway is open to Gypsy*Diaries readers worldwide and as always, the winner will be announced on my facebook page.


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Meet Vance!

Please say hello to my pretty new companion Vance, courtesy of my lovely sponsor Blowfish Shoes! I had a hard time choosing a model from their new fall collection (there were just too many I wanted :) but in the end I couldn't have chosen any better! Vance is even prettier in real life than on pictures and thanks to his platform he is also incredibly comfortable. My new favorite bootie for fall!

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Health Kick

I wanted to buy a handmixer for years, but knowing how often I use some of my fancier kitchen appliances (like my ice cream maker) I was not sure if it would be a sound investment. The other day the model I've been eyeing went on sale in the supermarket so I decided to give it a try and... IT ROCKED MY WORLD! Ever since I got it, I'm drinking a fruit smoothie a day and I do different, delicious combinations each time. My vitamin levels have sure increased and these smoothies have become new staples in my diet! What's your favorite smoothie combo? I'm on the hunt for new flavors to try! ;)

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Early Fall

Blazer - Zara, Scarf - H&M, Pants - New Yorker, Clutch - Vintage Louis Vuitton,  Wedges - Asos

I know what you must be thinking... someone tell that girl that it's summer and you're not supposed to wear scraves in the summer! Well my virtual friends, it looks like we are looking into a very early fall in Berlin city (I mean look at all those leaves on the ground)! We are lucky enough to experience four seasons in almost every day and it truly makes dressing up easy! Heat, rain, wind, cold... we have it all! 

I'm happy to report that even after a week of sales shopping with my mum, I managed to stay a good girl and have only bought a few items, like this white blazer that I had on my wishlist for some time now! I think it will be a perfect transitional piece for fall. 

I'd love to hear what you've splurged on this sales season! Anything goooooood?

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En Route Inspirational Board

All images via Pinterest

In the last few weeks (months) I've been totally lost in business plans, book reading, seminar watching and planning planning planning. Time flies by with an incredible speed and I can hardly believe that in only a few very short months I'll be launching my own photography company, En Route Photography. I've already bought my domains, started on the business plan, set up a Facebook fanpage and it was time to work on an inspiration board for my brand.

One of the most important realizations I had, was that its crucially important to have a  brand which is able to reflect who I am as a person and as a photographer, which in turn attracts the kind of clients I want to have. You all know what a little gypsy I am, so obviously one of my focus during this branding exercise was to include traveling as a huge part of my identity. With the passport stamps and typewriter style fonts I think I've managed to do just that. Next I wanted my brand to have a very timeless yet modern, editorial feel and the best way to do that in my book is by using a simple, black and white, streamlined design.  I'm a huge huge fan of inspirational quotes and sayings, they inspire me in a way that is uplifting my spirits and make me smile hence I knew I wanted to  include some of my favorites as part of my brand. The board above is what I've come up with and I'm quite happy with how it turned out so far. Next step is to launch the En Route blog and website! Wish me luck, there are some busy months ahead! ;)

P.S: Thanks for the overpouring love and support guys! I can't believe I'm living my dream! If you want to follow along and see some of my fresh new images, please like En Route on FacebookDanke! ;)

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Berlin Fashion Week | Street Style

The beautiful Miriam, fashion journalist from Denmark

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting part of fashion week is not the catwalks or the parties but the streetstyle in front of the tents! This year's Berlin fashion week was one of the first ones I've attended and really enjoyed getting to know a lot of lovely new people, bloggers and fashionistas alike. As a trend forecast I can tell you that assymetric skirts, pops of orange and leather were all over the place, so if you're looking for some clues on what to wear this fall here you have it! ;) I would love to wear any of these outfits right now... which one is your favorite?

Fashion Designer Kat in vintage Diane von Furstenberg

Fiona from spotding

Marc from Markymarc in Kenzo & Jean Paul Gaultiere

Kristin from The Clothes Whisperer in a Miss Selfridges dress, Marc Jacobs bag, American Retro boots and D&G glasses

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