Gypsy*Friday - Valencia*Spain

I'm continuing Gypsy*Friday, my Friday travel series of the amazing places I was fortunate to visit for shorter or longer times...
After my summer in Spain I just I had to get back to Espana ASAP, so I arranged my post-uni internship in a language school in Valencia. Oh the good times kept on rolling! :) So far my 6 months in Valencia was the only time in my life when I lived right by the sea and I am trying to get back to beach life ever since! :)

Valencia has a lot to offer and competes for the title of -Spain's most vibrant city- with Barcelona. It has a small town vibe in a huge city, with amazing architecture combining old and new, artsy and hip, nature and design. Definately a place I'd recommend for a long weekend! You'll find beach, culture, parties and not to forget, Valencia is the hometown of the world-famous Paella! :)

{Man, I was sooo young :)}
{Paella Valenciana}


vicky h. said...

what a great place for an internship! I miss living by the beach so sooo much!

Bikinis & Passports

Ashleigh said...

Still haven't made it to Valencia yet...It looks great!

Mayflower said...

Estoy enamorada de España <3 But I haven't visited Valencia yet. It's definitely on my list! x

Nieves Fernández Hevia said...

Hemos actualizado nuestro blog.

Échale un vistazo !! ♥

Farah said...

i absolutely LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE paella!! so delicious!

D e g a i n e


kirstyb said...

looks fabulous x

Anonymous said...

Been to Barcelona (and loved it), but not Valencia...Looks fab, hopefuly I'll get the chance to visit sometime!

(Irrelevant) Ps. Just noticed your Twitter update. Have been kicking myself for the last hour (ever since I realised that I -too- totally forgot about the event I'd signed up for so many days ago and been waiting ever since). So stupid..:(((

elizabeth said...

oh to have paella in valencia! love!!!

Obsesiones de una Nina said...

Looking good! I hope to go to Valencia next month. Cute blog!

Miss Y.P. said...

Yo soy de VALENCIA y me alegro de que haya gustado la ciudad. Pero la paella no lleva guisantes...jajajaja... Está muy buena.


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