New Toy

Today is a very happy day! I got the camera (from the loveliest sweetest boyfriend on Earth! :)) I was eyeing for months now.... the Nikon D3000.
Dear camera, I love you already and I know you'll make my blog much more gorgeous. Now I just have to learn how to use you properly! :D

Happy weekend shooting everyone!


vicky h. said...

guess what? i got my baby last tuesday :) canon 550d muahha

i'm still practicing, too but its sooo much fun shooting with a good camera! can't wait to see your first pictures!


Mariel Torres said...

i am in the process of buying myself a D-60 for my summer adventures and i can't wait... congrats on your new amazing toy! ;)

Karisa Tells All said...

my bf is buying a new camera soon too--the first thing I thought was "you can take pics for my blog!" hahahah

Regan said...

So jealous!! For now I'm still using my dads old camera from like ten years ago :( Oh well, I'm saving up. Have fun using you're camera!!


Nadya said...

I' jealous too! I just got a new one, but nowhere near as cool as yours! Happy snapping :-) xx

Anonymous said...

nice movie trailers have to watch them once

Farah said...

ohhhh congratulations Gabby that is the same one I use!!! ur gonna have so much fun enjoy it!


d e g a i n e


morgan said...

love it! I just got a D3000 a month ago and I pretty much even sleep with it at night! It's such a great camera.

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