Ring it on!

I already showed you my new ring I bought in Tunisia, but I actually didn't know what a great deal I made. While browsing Shopbop I came across these lookalikes:

1. Elizabeth and James Silver Knuckle Ring - $195
2. Alkemie Jewelry Stingray Ring (Metal, gold plaited) - $155
3. Anna Sheffield Oval Rope Ring (Silver) - $165
4. My Tunisian Silver Ring - $20 :)

... and I think mine looks the best! :)


Kaleena J. said...

ooo! i love love love LOVE rings. I have two jewelry boxes full. :)

vicky h. said...

wow you easily saved over 150$, and yours looks just like the other ones. I love the detail on yours and the stingray one!

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Mary said...

LOVE yours and loveeee a great deal - lucky you!



kirstyb said...

love them all especially that first one xoxox

Laura said...

Oh your ring is awesome!! I really love it!!


Phuong said...

wow i love them all, amazing!

sophie said...

love all of these, but i definitely agree with you, that yours is the best. i reckon by a longg way. great save :)

i love your blog and im now following.


Mariel Torres said...

i really like them all :). i think i'm a ring type of person

Charlene said...

Just found you blog. Very nice. These rings are great

Iva said...

I LOVE Alkemie Jewelry!!! they have so many awesome pieces!

Killcherrylips/Be Mode! said...

love love

incessantdieter said...

Loved your ring when I first saw it, adore it now that I know what a bargain it was!

Ps bought two swimsuits from asos the other day after seeing yours and Vicky purchases!

Fuji Files said...

Wow yours was so much cheaper and I love it just as much if not more!

xx FujiFiles

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