I started Gypsy*Diaries on March 9, 2010 and I became addicted to the blogoshpere way too quickly. I met so many new friends, learned so many new things... blogging has become a big part of my everydays and I am really happy to share my life with you. 

To celebrate my 100 (and 4 :) follower on Google (next to my other 160 readers on RSS and Bloglovin) I decided to offer free ad space on Gypsy*Diaries to all of you!!!
Bloggers, designers, shop owners, dreamers... just make a button and I'll showcase it in the left sidebar of Gypsy*Diaries until the end of May! (max size 160x90 please, if you don't know how to make a button google it, there are many useful articles... it's fairly easy)

Drop me a mail with the button html and you'll see it on the blog ASAP! :)

Thank you for all the support, comments and smiles that you put on my face!!!!! You really make my day... every day! :)


vicky h. said...

congrats Gabby! you totally deserve every single one of the followers!!

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

red | hongyi said...

congrats! :)
oh that's a fantastic idea! i'm probably going to drop u a mail sometime soon...:P



Missy said...

congratulationssssssss swettie!!!!!

Marta said...

Congrats! I love your blog: style, travel, books... what's not to love? And you always seem to be in a good mood, really cool :)

Diana Mieczan said...

So happy for you! wow...well done!

Alessandra said...

Congratulationsss and kisses from Rome!!!

B.M.H said...

Congratulations for your 100 :D

It's a FANTASTIC idea what you say!!

I'll try to make a button of my blog and send it to you, and if you like... I hope you pubish it!

Keep doing like this!


Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Congrats love! What size button? :) xo

Kirby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alexa said...

Oh congrats on your followers! I love your blog. I am definitely going to try to make a button! :)



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