Are Polka Dots the new Stripes?

With the temperatures heating up I see more and more polka dots popping up on the fashion scene. Well dots will not replace my beloved stripes but I think they could live together peacefully in any fashionable girl's warderobe. Here are some of the polka pieces you could find in my closet:

1. Polka dot bikini - Victoria's Secret (seen here) (the one pictured is from Topshop)
2. Navy polka skirt - Primark
3. Polka rubber wedges - Primark (the one pictured is from Hollister)
4. Polka cotton skirt - Primark
5. Polka bag - Primark (the one pictured is from ASOS)

Are you ready for the summer? Would love to know what polka pieces you own! :)

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D. Cristina said...

Lol, polka dot rubber wedges? that's a new one, and they do look cute I must say.
I especially loved the bikini, you kind of get a retro feel from it. =D

Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

poka-dots are so much fun! - cute post!

~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Morning Cloak said...

Ohh I especially love the skirt - I think a more sublt polka dot for me.

LifestyleBohemia said...

I love small polka dots. That short skirt is perfect!

Diana Mieczan said...

I have a red dress with small white polka dots...I think that is the only piece I own...I really like this swimming suit...very cute!
Kisses and how was Margit Sziget?

Gabby said...

Oh and I forgot my polka dot tights!!! :)

v [ hobovogue ] said...

very adorable. polka dots are so much more playful than stripes, much more summery and spring-y ... i guess stripes are more versatile, but it's def. summer weather now!


[v] hobovogue.blogspot.com

Ces't La Vie said...

i would have to stay loyal to the stripes for now...i love these though! :)


Melanie's Randomness said...

I'm a huge fan of polka dots so I'm loving all of these!! yeah there has been alot more of polka dots this seaon! I wonder why!

That lil bag is so cute!!

Lindsay With An "A" said...

The bikini is adorable!!! Great pick!

Come check out my blog - I am doing an amazing giveaway! :)


Anonymous said...

hi Gabby...

just linked over to your blog from Inspiration from Italy and so glad i did. loving your fabulous blog. i am now your newest follower.

i am loving polka dots, i keep seeing them as well. i guess they've grown into me, he he. loving my spring weather not too hot or too cold, just perfect. but when summer and it's drenching weather comes i will be so happy to hit the beach.

have a beautiful day Gabby.

^-^ ox

Tayebug said...

I like polka dots, but I LOOOVE stripes, so I hope the stripes stay!

Taj Acosta said...

Loving the polka dots! And your blog is lovely! xoxo

The Style Strutter said...

Great blog, following you now:)!!
I LOVE Polka Dots, and need that bikini!!


vicky h. said...

ahhhh I WANT the bikini, soo adorable and love the cut!

great picks gabby!

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Marcie said...

These dots are definitely in style right now. I love them in navy and white! Such a fun, flirty combination.

:) Marcie

Rocker Chic said...

I love the Primark the best.


Yaryy said...

well idk if theres gonna be the new stripes.. but i love both :D
these items here are so cute.

this free bird said...

i seriously think you could be onto something here.


Francesca C said...

amo i pois :)

Noble Beeyotch said...

I love polka dots. A good polka dot number is a very sound investment since this trend will never go out of fashion.


Becca said...

I've always wanted an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. The song has conditioned me to think of it as the ultimate in beach wear - although, this black one is a really cute substitute!

Fuji Files said...

Definitely the new stripes! I heart that bikini.

xx FujiFiles

Alicia said...

love polka dots! :) and great pics in the below post!!

Rachel Lynne said...

love that polka dot bow! so adorable! That bikini is also very cute, fun post!



Iva said...

omg I love both stripes and dots! :)

Fashion is a Playground said...

Lovely polka dots !

Jessica said...

I just love that little clutch. I can't believe that I don't have any polka dots in my closet. That should really change this year!

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