Bye Bye Boots, Hello Cherries!

{Leather jacket & Shirtdress - Promod,  Leggings - Primark, Boots - Buttero, Bag - LV Speedy Cerises Edition, Aviators - Ray Ban}

Taking advantage of the last couple of days' moody weather I decided to wear my brown boots out for dinner the other night. Really, the only reason I'll miss winter is boots. :) This was also a great occassion to show you my first ever designer bag, the Louis Vuitton Cerises bag (by Takashi Murakami). When I stopped smoking (for the first time :) I got addicted to Haribo Cherries, which quickly led to an addiction to cherries in general. Now I own the whole Swarovski cherry collection and this LV bag (among many other cherry items :). No matter how many designer bags I have or will have, this one will always be special, not only because this was the first but because it was a present to myself as an independent working woman! :D
Do you remember your first designer item you splurged on? Let me guess... shoes or bags? :D

{Dinner: Orichette in a broccoli-butter-nut sauce in a parmesan basket, AC had a paella}
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Diana Mieczan said...

Beautiful bag! I adore LV bags but my heart is set for Tod's bags. I adore them:)
Great photos and the food looks yum:)
Have a great day. I can’t believe its raining again.

nereealoves(: said...

Hi! I found your blog on chicisimo
I love your blog!<3
Now, i'm your follower :)
Beautiful bag :)

Gina Michele said...

Great bag! I love cherry print everything too.

My first designer purchase was a pair of Marc Jacobs pointy toe flats (maybe 6 years ago?) I still have them, although they've certainly seen better days =D


nereealoves(: said...

Hi! don't worry about your spanish, my english isn't very good.. :S
but every day i will coment you on your post! i hope you like my blog :)

Anonymous said...

love your bag, love your blog! xoxo

Missy said...

you look pretyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Wise Take said...

My first was a pair of Marc Jacobs boots <3 I still have them because I can't stand to part with them.

Hello*Pretty said...

Great outfit.. great blog! xo

Ces't La Vie said...

my opinion exactly!
it's still chilly here in Provo so I'm taking full advantage and I wear my boots everyday until it's warm again.
ps LOVE the bag
pps I have officially taken your button :)


Kourtney Pulitzer Style Blog said...

You look AHHHdorable;)

Erika said...

Ah, I love your entire ensemble. And that LV bag...gorgeous!

My very first designer item was purchased a few days ago and is in the form of...Rag & Bone Victoria Wedge Sandals. They should be here tomorrow; oh how I LOVE them already!! :)

gabrielle said...

i too have an unhealthy addiction to haribo cherries! i gave you an award on my blog today!

xxoo gaby

Alicia said...

aww love these action shots of you! my first designer item was an LV speedy bag too!! (without the cute cherries tho)...and it was actually a present! ;)

Fashion Butter said...

Cute! I just received an LV as a gift, is it wrong that I snuggle with it?


Mary said...

Love your boots AND bag! Love love love! Labels are sooooo much fun :)



kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

what an excellent question. :)

i think my first designer item was a teeny tiny black kate spade bag. i started young, and i'm sadly addicted. lol.

found your blog on diana's expresso, and am really enjoying reading!

incessantdieter said...

Bag of course! My first purchase was a beautiful Lv messenger bag at 16. Wish I knew where that one went??

Funkydoris said...

I love your blog, def gonna be one of my daily visits! Still saving for my own LV speedy! haha x

Tee, Passports and Postcards said...

Cute bag! I loved the Cherry Blossom edition that Murakami designed around the same time as the Cerises. My first designer splurge with my own paycheck was a red Prada nylon tote. It does hold a special value when you worked to pay for it yourself!!

Nicole Marie said...

love your boots!! and your bag!!

Cynthia said...

your bag is so cute! the first bag I splurged on and obsess about is my marc by marc jacob tote, I love it but my dream is to buy a chanel bag! keep dreaming right :)

Blogger said...

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