Have a FUN Weekend!

Are you doing anything fun this weekend? I'm going on a roadtrip!!! :)

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Sarah said...

Roadtrip!!! Enjoy yourself! xx

Verus said...

I´m going to Italy! :-)))

Have a nice weekend!



Ces't La Vie said...

how fun!!

ive got a stressful busy one ahead :)

enjoy yourself double for me!


EFRUTIK said...

Have fun, take pics, I'm sure you will!

I'm in Monterey, California for the weekend up until next Tuesday. It's chilly here although everyone (including me) thinks that it's always hot in California. I'm going to shoot some photos as well :)

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

roooad triiip!

alas, i'm committed to cleaning out our garage. it's a disaster since we moved in (*cough* six months ago...). hopefully i rediscover something cool to make it worthwhile. :P

safe trip!

Diana Mieczan said...

Roadtrip sounds fun...I hope you will have a great weather!
I love the photos....:)
Kisses and enjoy:)

gabrielle said...

umm, NOT sleeping in! boo to being a grown-up.


Marcie said...

Have a blast on your trip!

:) Marcie

Anna Katrina said...

a road trip sounds like so much fun! no plans for me :) just relaxing and enjoying madrid

Anna Katrina

Anonymous said...

I'm working. The weather in NY isn't great this weekend so I don't really mind.

Have a safe trip and I look forward to seeing the pics!


Fashion Nicotine said...

I don't know yet =)
Have fun on your roadtrip!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

ooo have fun!!
lots of outdoor time in this sunny 80 degree weather for me:)

Lindsay With An "A" said...

Happy Saturday! Just checking in to see if you had anymore fabulous pics up!

Love your blog and seeing all the travel pics!! Check out mine - I am doing an amazing GIVEAWAY!!


Anonymous said...

hello friend! (: it's been a while, sorry i havent been commenting, but i still adore all of your posts(of course!). thailand sounded amazing, what an experience, you're so lucky!(: and i hope you're having an excellent road trip right now!
<3 much love

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