Sneak Peek

I woke up with a huge smile (and a slight hangover) on my face, in my new apartment in Budapest. Finally my own double bed with my own sheets... :D It's waaay too early to show pics of the new place, but there gonna be some great before/after shots coming up in the next few days (or at least I hope they will be great :). Now back to scrubbing floors and making IKEA shopping lists!

Have a wonderful sunny Sunday!
P.S: OK, I just cannot not post any new home pics... :) here is a sneak peek of my new balcony! Isn't it the perfect candidate for a little DIY makeover!? Waiting for suggestions... I'm thinking painting the walls, one or two tiny chairs and some flowers and herbs... what do you think?


vicky h. said...

you look really happy on that pictures! congrats on the new place! Can't wait for the pictures to come!

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Diana Mieczan said...

Some paint...few flowers and great sitting furniture and you are all set!
The street seams familiar :)
I hope you will love it here!

Anna Katrina said...

congrats on the new apartment it looks amazing! with your touch the balcony will look adorable.

Anna Katrina

p.s- where did you get your layout from? im dieing for a new one & have no idea how to make my own! thanks hun

Cristina said...

Hello! I have just discovered your blog and I like it very much. It seems quite optimistic! Good luck in your new country and nice to meet you.

Regan said...

Can't wait for the pics! Have fun making it over!

Mariel Torres said...

IKEA is definitely the place to go for that :). the buildings look so enchanting!

L A C E Y said...

can't wait to see more pictures! :) have fun.

Mary said...

Aww, yay, so exciting! Congrats on your new place - now you get to make it yours - homey and fabulous!



Inspiration in Italy said...

Adorable, how exciting! I can't wait to see more! ...and thank you for your comment today, you are so sweet! :)


mel said...

you look stunning and all so happy!:) the new place looks amazing, i love the view


Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

How exciting!!! Oh, I can think of lots of amazing balcony decorations for you...I'm currently working on my deck. Sooo into gardening lately :) xo

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