Luxor is often called the world's greatest open air museum. Indeed, it was one of the very first tourist destinations in the world, as even in ancient times Greeks and Romans visited this glorious city. In the golden Egyptian days Luxor was the capital of upper Egypt and the preferred burial destination for the pharaos. The city has been in the limelight since the amazing dicovery of the Tutankhamon tomb (who by the was was an insignificant little pharao who died at the age of 18.... can't even imagine all the treasures that the "important" pharaous were buried with) and attracts more and more tourists. I must say that even though you have to visit the pyramids while you're in Egypt you'd probably be able to absorb more of the "real" ancient Egyptian culture in Luxor. We have visited the King's Valley (unfortunately we were not allowed to take any pics), several "small" temples and the famous and amazing Karnak Temple. It was well worth the 6 hour trip from Hurghada.

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Claire Kiefer said...

I LOVE your shirt!

jemina said...

AWESOME!!! xoxo

Laura said...

Amazing place...I like you outfit also...

Tee, Passports and Postcards said...

The hieroglyphics on the walls are amazing! My dad has been to Egypt and he told me Luxor was the place to go and Cairo was unimpressive - similar to your observation.

Fashionprincess said...

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minnja said...

Luxor must be so beautiful, stunning pics:)))


Sassi said...

wow, I've never been there, but I want to! it must be a gorgeous place.
love your outfit by the way :)

Renata said...

Sooooo beautiful!

Jezebel said...

Oh my god, it looks amazing.
I've always wanted to go to Egypt, I love everything about it.
I just came across your blog, and I love it! I am now following you :)
Maybe check mine out and do the same, if you like it:


Bonnie xx

letswastesometimetogether said...

i've been there! stayed in Luxor for a week, but also went to Cario for the day to see the pyramids. i didn't like that city though, very dirty and the people weren't nice. luxor is amazing, but don't the taxi's stopping to call you ever 5mins just do your head in?

Katjusha sleepless in Berlin said...

seems you´re having fun. How do ulike the pyramids? many people say they always imagined the pyramids bigger than they were in real life.



Pretty Pleased said...

Wow, amazing, stunnig! I love ancient history~weird I know, thanks for the lesson:) Cute top too:)

feli said...

beautiful pics


Cara said...

totally jealous of your trip!

Diana Mieczan said...

That is so increadible!!! The details are so stunning...must look even better in person, right?

Kisses,sweetie and see you soon


When I first saw "Luxor" I have to admit I thought maybe you came to Las Vegas and didn't tell me because we have a casino/hotel named the Luxor (obviously after the real Luxor). hehe... it's too early.

xo, kristin
electric fringe

v [ hobovogue ] said...

beautiful! love the photos ... want to be on vacation now :[ :[

<33 [v] hobovogue

Mary said...

Incredible! WOW!

Mary xo
Delightful Bitefuls

helena said...

I hate history but I love Egypt. I'd love to go to Egypt some time.
The shirt you wear is really cute.

Bre said...

Stunning photos! Thank you for sharing! I've always wanted to go to Egypt and hope to someday travel there. I freely admit I am now green with envy. Glad you had a fabulous time :)


Jorge Alexander said...

wow!v: )

Fit With Flash said...

It's cool to be somewhere with SO much history. Love the details in the carvings. Thx for capturing them!

Bella said...

What an awesome adventure, truly inspiring.

You look Too cute for the desert. haha

forever said...

Wow.. what an amazing place!! so much history... and thanks for explaining about it =)

peace & love

dulci said...

WOW! Looks like those Egyptians were busy!!


dulci said...

WOW! Looks like those Egyptians were busy!!


Melissa Blake said...

Everything looks so amazing!! I've always wanted to go to Egypt!

C'est La Vie said...

haha when i see the word "Luxor" i think of Vegas first
this is WAY better :)

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

these photos just get better and better. i love the shot of the wall of hieroglyphics. they look so well preserved!
i agree with Sara -- my american mind thinks "Vegas" too. :P

ps - i gave you a little award on my blog. don't have to post it or anything, just wanted you to know. ;)

Chelsea Gwynne said...

I can't retrace my steps to figure out how I got to your blog - but I'm SO glad I did! These photos are amazing.

Also - giving away one of my Chelsea Gwynne necklaces over at my blog - maybe you'd be interested?


Chelsea Gwynne

Anna said...

Oh my goodness...the first thing I'd like to say is I am quite jealous! I would love to visit Egypt someday. Anything to do with history simple amazes me. beautiful photos!


Vicky Klbr said...

great post!!!

check out my new post if you like! Part III

vicky from HotGossip

AB HOME Interiors said...

I have never left the states. I can only imagine that being there is surreal and very spiritual! Awesome pics!

Natasha xoxo said...

Wish I was there with you! Awesome photos!

visit me sometime <3
natasha @ twenty-something blog

Taryn said...

this is SO amazing! I can't even imagine how magnificent this must have been in person :)

Beckerman Girls said...

UNNNNBELIEVABLE pics! They look like National Geographic pics! A+++mazing! Have the BEST time babe! You look stunning! Oh and say hello to Cleopatra from us!
xo The Beckerman Girls


Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Absolutely AMAZING photos and you look beautiful!!


mina said...

I think most people prefer Luxor to Cairo. I wish we had went to Luxor after Cairo so that it was our last impression of Egypt. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and now we have no desire to go back!

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh Gabby I am so jealous of your travels! I have always wanted to go to Egypt to see the pyramids! Looks amazing

IrènOuh' said...

Heyyy Gabby!
I've discovered your amazing blog thanks to Joanna Godard (Cup of Jo) and I'm definitely jealous of your wonderful life!
I really love Egypt and your photos made me travel today :)
Keep enjoying! XX


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