VIVA Espana!!!

I am convinced that I had the best seat for the World Cup final...swimming stage on the lake Balaton, sunset, the most comfy sunbeds, huge LCD screens, ice cold beers and fruit cocktails... simply divine!!! And... the icing on the cake... SPAIN WON!!!!! VIVA ESPANA!!! My heart is yours forever!

Where did you watch the final?

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Marta said...

Hi Gaby! That lake is wonderful! I saw the final in a pub in a beach town not far from Barcelona. I am glad the Spanish played united as a team, with energy and dignity, and not with the kick-in-the-chest technique of the Dutch (poor Xabi Alonso!).
Hey, have you seen Iker and Sara's video?

Diana Mieczan said...

I didnt watch but I could hear all the lovely people under us in the cafe's enjoying the game and I knew right away who won!
Great sunset:)
Kisses,sweetie...are you packed already?

Claire Kiefer said...

Amazing! I think you're right: hands down you had the best seats. :) I didn't watch the final (or any of the World Cup games for that matter) . . . not really a sports viewer . . . but I'm pretty sure I would have had I been anywhere near where you were!

Pretty Pleased said...

Wow, you have the most fun! I didn't watch but if I did, I'd want to be hanging dockside with you! :)

Carmen said...

wauw love your blog!
great pictures!

jemina said...

Oh how fun!!!! alas it was at 5 am when the finals happened here in Singapore, wishing you a fabulous day darling, xoxo

Efrutik said...

Lovely! I'm sort of a bit sad for the Dutch, BUT they beat my team (BRAZIL) so I was happy for Spain to kick their butts. I even wore my Brazil shirt to the final game, lol that was a riot move.

BTW I like your bathing suit!!! ;)

Sabina said...

Check out my newest post - it's all about me watching the finals :)) And yes, I was a fan of Spain too :))

Zara said...

What a beautiful sunset! I watched the game at home on my couch, LOL.

Federica F. said...

I' m italian but I' m happy that Spain won ;)
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Anonymous said...

I love your bikini top

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

sounds lovely!

i think i was wandering around the west seattle street festival at the time the game aired over here. i heard many, many, MANY shouts from a nearby pub, so that's my guess. :P i love how ardent football fans are. so passionate!

Mary said...

You're adorable! Sounds like you had fun!! I'm about to go and catch up on all of your happenings from the last couple of weeks ;)

Delightful Bitefuls

kirstyb said...

looks like u have been having a gret time xxx

Erica said...

Eso!!! Looks wonderful! I was in the middle of Times Square when I found out Spain won. ; )

DaisyLine said...

great pics! it looks like you have such a great time!
have a nice day !

Emily said...

Hah! I watched it in Mexico with a grumpy Catalan who was routing for Holland and was furious that Spain won. Ah well! I think you definitely had the better deal!

I'm also an expatriate gypsy of sorts, (lived in four different places in the last year) with a brand new blog. I'd be delighted if you stopped by... ; )

Jenny D said...

Just found you thru LilacandGrey... Love the bikini top with the bling. Also enjoying the Atlas pillows from today. I'm excited to follow you on your travels! Ciao Bella!

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