Gypsy*Friday - The Gambia

This is my weekly column about the amazing places I was fortunate to visit for shorter or longer times... let the journey continue! :)

 Last year we were hunting for last minute deals for our 2 week vacation when we stumbled upon an offer for the Gambia. Well... I'll be honest... we were not even 100% sure if it was a country, we needed to google it! :) (off to a good start right? :))
It seemed to be a very exotic West-African vacation spot for less than a price of a vacation in Spain, so we booked right away! In all fairness I did promise myself after this trip that I'd never go on a last minute trip to a country I never really heard of... :) you see, not knowing that it was rainy season and it would be raining 4 hours a day was a huge drawback, but oh well, we still tried to make the most of it. We hired a driver and started to explore... (but please take my advice, don't go in August! :)

We traveled around, discovered hidden gems and we almost even decided to open a backpacker hostel, which now seems to be way out of line... :) In the end we spent a few incredibly exotic, romantic, touching and "different" weeks in the Gambia. Such a different culture, such a different way of life. This was a kind of trip after which you return with updated priorities and a new outlook on life. I'll be eternally grateful for being able to see the things I've seen.

After Zanzibar, the Gambia, Tunisia and Egypt the last African territory to be explored remains South Africa... maybe next year! ;)

Have you ever been to Africa? It's certainly a place I'd love to return with my new camera for a little photography getaway... it feels like you're living on the pages of National Geographic over there. Amazing! :)


Diana Mieczan said...

I am in love with those floating on the water houses...I so would love to visit that place one day:) Love your hair in the top photo:)Happy (rainy) Friday,sweetie

Belle de Couture said...

STUNNING fotos! :D



Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

i've been DYING to go to Africa - but no one wants to go with me *boohoo* .. i'm ALL about going - i hear South Africa (and see) is BEYOND!

Pamela Garland said...

I have so much in common I think because i looooove to travel and Marruecos, Africa, Thailand will be a dream come true. I've been around South America, Miami and New Zealand. Every place has its charm and uniqueness. Have a great weekend! Love your blog by the way

Rosa&Carlotta said...

so beautiful!! I would really like to go to Africa!!

Check out my fashion illustrations at Illustrated Moodboard = )

Isabella Kiss said...

I've never been but I would love to go someday. I have 2 sisters adopted from Ethiopia (2 and 13) and I would love to some day visit their country with them. The 13 year old lived there for...well, 13 years (just adopted like 4 months ago) so she would be able to provide a pretty good tour, speckled with her own memories.

e is for elephant said...

i'm so jealous of all your travels!



e is for elephant said...

i'm so jealous of all your travels!



La Bonne Vie said...

Beautiful photos!! My passport is burning a hole in my pocket! I have never been to Africa but would love to visit Ghana maybe on a service trip?

Emilie said...

AMAZING pictures :) Your blog really gives me a holiday feeling everytime I come here haha :D

go on like this darling!


hope to see you soon again :)

Emilie said...

AMAZING pictures :) Your blog really gives me a holiday feeling everytime I come here haha :D

go on like this darling!


hope to see you soon again :)

Hanna said...

Love the pics so much! Hope you had a nice vacation even though it was raining 4 hours a day:O that's pretty much haha.
yes, I've been to marroc, and if you haven't been there you should go. it's a gorgeous country and I would love to go there again!


Alex York said...

I'm jealous ^^,


Bella *Bellgetsreal said...

Your trips are always so amazing! I have always wanted to see Africa. Never knowing what to expect, but like you sure to have taken something personal home with me.

Love your Friday series.

Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

it looks amazing! The most exotic place I've been is Hawaii, and i lived there a couple years

i've always dreamed of going on an african safari..i'd love to take photos there, one day!

{Little Gray Fox}

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how beautiful!
Come Follow & Vote for me xoxo

Anonymous said...

You do realize that gypsy is an offensive term, right?

Anna Jane said...

i've never been but i'm dying to go!

have a fab weekend!
xx anna jane

Cinta said...

so beatiful pictures!
thanks for sharing gabby!

Cinta from trapped in her closet


Samantha said...

Wow..that looks like an amazing time! Great photos!! I've been to Egypt and that was quite the experience..I really want to go to the other Muslim/African countries. Someday!!


*Simply Colette* said...

Wow! You are so fearless... :) I've enjoyed catching up on your past travels. Seeing the world really gives you an open mind. It's wonderful! Have a great weekend :)

Marcie said...

Amazing images Gabby! Looks like an incredible place.

xo M

Olya said...

I {heart} Gypsy Friday!!!
p.s I tagged you in a liitle queastion tag. check it out at my blog
xoxo, Olya


beba said...

I have never been in Africa, but I'll go there someday!
And, yes, someone who likes rain should go there in August ;)

Peace and love!

TOPCOAT said...

I have not been to Africa, but I will go one day. This place looks so beautiful! xx


Monique said...

A close friend of my is from The Gambia. I have never been to Gambia or Africa. I'd love to go to Ghana or Senegal and take African dance and drumming classes. Yes, so good to know when it's rainy season! Looks like you managed to have a great time.

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

Aw, you look so happy! Love the flower in your hair :)

Mariel Torres said...

the scene in that last picture is so beautiful! i would love to go to africa one day.

Anonymous said...

Great photos. I've been to South Africa and Tanzania. Both places greatly affected how I see the world around me in a very positive way.

Lucylocket said...

Looking at your photos makes me want to go back there. I went at the end of 2007 and had the best time. I cannot wait to go back an explore even more of this amazing country.

zaneera said...

I noticed you said you'd like to visit South Africa in one of your old posts...It's stunning! You've got to come visit.

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