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It's been a while since I had a real full blown vacation on a far away place, so my passport is kinda begging me to use it again. I have been looking into some travel options and hopefully I'll be able to satisfy my milage cravings soon with one of these three destinations from my toplist:

Such a traveler's must and yet I've never been there! I wanna do all the touristy things, take all the cliche pictures and eat all the amazing cupcakes, hotdogs and nouvelle cuisine.... not to mention all the museums, bloggers, shops, neighbourhoods I just need to see for myself.  If I say I'm dying to go I'm very shy about my feelings! I'm absolutely DYING TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barcelona is only the silver medalist on my wishlist behind NYC because I've already been there. Some hardcore, veteran Gypsy*Diaries readers might remember the times when I was planning to move there! Now it all seems so far away and I'm quite happy staying where I am, but oh Barcelona... I need to back there rather sooner than later!

The absolute wonder of the Mediterranean Sea, the status quo of the Dolce Vita, Cinque Terre is one of the most breathtaking places on Earth and I've been dying to visit for some time now. Rumor has it Nicolette is organising a little Photography Gateway to Cinque Terre next year and that will absolutely have to be a trip I cannot miss!

What's on top of your travel wishlist darlings? :)
Have a wonderful weekend and keep on dreaming...!

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sylvie said...

cinque terre, capri & santorini has been starring in my dreams of a travel holiday :) and since i am a part time manhattanite {i travel there 8x a year for work!},i have an endless list of charming, hidden gems you would adore!
sylvie of silver lining

Eli said...

Nyc and Barcelona are in my top 2 too! gosh I cant wait to visit!

Nicole Lisa said...

I would love to go to:
- Portland Oregon (used to live there and miss it)
- Brisbane (I hear it is amazing and their summer is just starting)
- London (I found sooo many new shops that just opened, and I need my shopping fix soon)
but in reality I am stuck here at home (DK), trying to study for my upcoming exams.
Sigh, life oh life, where will you take me next?
Have a great weekend :o)
<3 Nicole Lisa

Elizabeth @rosalilium said...

I would definitely add those to my list. But right now my top 3 list are:
1. Bhutan - tiny little remote country in the Himalayas
2. Peru - always been captivated by Machu Pinchu and Peruvian culture
3. India - So many bright, vivid and wonderful colours, sights and people.

SOFIA said...


vicky h. said...

I really wanna travel to Skandinavia ...Stockholm, Oslo, Goetheborg ... I'm thinking next summer!
Until then, I'm planning weekend trips to London and Berlin and maybe spring break in Mallorca (Puro Beach)

XOX Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Purses Pastries Etc... said...

I'd have to say Monaco -- never been and always want to!
Since you're in the mood for NYC... I'm featuring a great interview with the talented guy behind the lens of Citizen Couture today if you want to come on by and check it out :)

Rosa&Carlotta said...

New York is our #1 as well!!

When you will come to Italy, don't forget to tell us ; )

Rosa and Carlotta
Illustrated-Moodboard.com ! = )


The Girl with Pearl Earrings. said...

1. NYC, i left my heart in New York City! ;)
2. Peru
3. Brasil...

Collette Osuna said...

Awesome places to chose from. I go to Hawaii every year....LOVE it...Ill be going to New York in Feb I believe....cant wait!!!

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Sandra said...

I'm also DYING TO GO TO NEW YORK CITY. It's the biggest wish of mine and I want to visit it asap.


http://www.thetropicaltravelers.com/ said...

Amazing place for travel its coooolll

Fit With Flash said...

i'm in the traveling mood too! you MUST go to NYC during the fall so come soon if you're coming! it's to DIE for!

Chapstick Fanatic said...

i definitely would visit cinque terre! but I have also been to barcelona and new york. thanks for stopping by the blog!


Mariel Torres said...

darling, Cinque Terre has always been on my list as well... doesn't it look absolute breathtaking?

hiven said...


elissa, ebb & flow said...

cinque terre is amazing. i went there with my boyfriend and family last thanksgiving and loved it. the hiking is no joke, but the views are totally worth it. and barcelona is incredible as well. a city full of so much energy and art. it's wonderful! my dream destination these days is greece. one day i'll get there.

thanks for stopping by my blog! i love yours!

Stephanie said...

Wow, seeing NYC on everyone's list reminds me not to take for granted the fact that I live just over an hour away and can go there pretty much whenever I want. In fact, going there tomorrow to meet up with some friends and see my husband do some stand-up comedy!

Sadly, I'm not much of a traveler and have never been outside the US... but Oxford University does this 2-week history of libraries seminar every spring, and I would LOVE to go to that one year. :-)

Jenny said...

ahh, what in NYC earlier this year, I do love it! (Here's a link to my NY blog entry - http://jennyinohio.blogspot.com/2010/05/few-notes-on-new-york-fashion.html )

I definitely want to go to Ireland sometime...I've heard it's beautiful.

*Simply Colette* said...

Oh thank you sweetie! :) I've been craving a NYC girls weekend trip for shopping and photos. Maybe we can meet up! The BF and I took pics at Magnolia bakery a couple years ago! A few on my list besides the getaways are: Greek islands, Croatia, Norway, and Peru.




Nikki said...

Such gorgeous pics!
My list includes Paris, Greece & BoraBora!

Have a great weekend


Anonymous said...

the picture of cinque terre makes me so jealous! my roommate is over there right now studying abroad. lucky. that would definitely be on my top three list, as well as mykonos and portugal.

thanks for the pretty pictures to start my day!

Kendall said...

1. Southern China. i went once and miss it terribly.
2. Norway. my family is Norwegian but i've never been to the country.
3. Philippines. because my boyfriend is Filipino and it's our dream to visit it together.
4. the rest of the world. because, well, why not?

Anonymous said...

You should definitely go to Cinque Terre, it's one of the most beautiful places in the world. But I recommend you also go to Portofino!!



Samantha said...

I went to Cinque Terre when I was studying in Italy and it was just magical! If you can, I recommend taking the train from town to town and staying in each one. If you're into it, pack some hiking boots- the trails up the mountains are breathtaking!


Samantha said...

I went to Cinque Terre when I was studying in Italy and it was just magical! If you can, I recommend taking the train from town to town and staying in each one. If you're into it, pack some hiking boots- the trails up the mountains are breathtaking!


Samantha said...

I went to Cinque Terre when I was studying in Italy and it was just magical! If you can, I recommend taking the train from town to town and staying in each one. If you're into it, pack some hiking boots- the trails up the mountains are breathtaking!


Anonymous said...

Definitely NYC - I´m going there next year, sooo looking forward. And then I´d love to visit New Zealand. Is my big dream!!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Times Like Mine

Jude said...

Oh what gorgeous photos! I was lucky to live in NYC for some years (left my heart there :)) and Barcelona was magic - but Cinque Terra is on my wishlist too! Thanks so much for dropping by - I love meeting new bloggers and so glad it led me to your beautiful blog!

Happy Weekend!

Sarah Bianchi said...

NY is on my wishlist too...maybe I'll be there on April...Barcelona is wonderful!!


Emilie said...

Cool wishlisht, I'd find it very hard to choose, but luckily I've been everywhere in your wishlisht so I don't have to haha :p

my top wishlisht would be Buenos Aires, so dying to go there :)



Michelle said...

I love that Barcelona photo! That was one of my favorite parts of Barcelona, Gaudi's crazy ceramic village is so gorgeous.

e is for elephant said...

all three of those cities are AMAZING. i think i'm going to new york city for new year's eve :)

top of my list right now of a place i've never been is corsica.

ahhh wish i could be traveling right now!



Kim said...

Definitely New York!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i've been to NYC quite a few times, so Barcelona is a place i long to visit! one of these days...i need to quit being a workaholic!
xox alison

Vera said...

ive been to barcelona last year i absolutely loved it! and in three weeks im going to new york with family:) ah im so excited! lovely blog! http://fashionispassion-vera.blogspot.com/

thefacelessblog said...

your blog posts are absolutely amazing!!!

I LOVE to travel and see the world!!! gorgeous post.

Please feel free to visit/comment on my blog http://www.thefacelessblog.com.... and add me on google friends and bloglovin if u wish!

would love to hear from you!


Celeste said...

Cinque Terre IS breath-takingly beautiful. It's so hard to choose where to go, but I would really like to go to Scotland, Morocco.. and back to Italy :)

myfloorisred.com said...

I live in Italy but have never visited the "5 terre" ... think I really should do it sooner or later! But instead I've seen New York, and have to say that it is an amazing city, love it!

Anonymous said...

You're blog is AWSOME. I'm definitely following you :D
Mmmmh I can't really make a top 3 for the cities I want to visit.. They are just too much! :D

A La Mode et Plus! said...

Oh I love Barcelona!! I really want to move back to Paris some day :) I love the states for sure but Europe is calling my name!! Capri Italy and Greece are at the top of my list right now

Urban Style Vibes said...

What a cool wish list! I love New York, I love Barcelona, I love San Francisco but first on my wishlist now are: Stockholm, Sydney and beyond;-)


PS. I just received your modern blog T-shirt. It's great!

Andi said...

NYC is the greatest city in the world, Barce is pretty close!!! Buenos Aires is probably #2 for me though. Can't wait to be there next week. :)

Rach said...

I'm not sure what specific cities I want to go to, but I'd love to go to Europe. I'm studying in Bonn, Germany next semester and I can't wait.

Pratishtha Durga said...

Travel dreams! we all have them. I found your blog on Rachel's (Inspiration In Italy).

I have been to Barcelona, and trust me, it's breathtaking. I too want to go see Italy, and aim to be there next year. Best of luck with your travel dreams. Hope you see the world and more!

Kristina said...

Thats a nice travel list I would say... And the rumors about Nicoles Photography class are very exciting!!
My TOP 3 at the moment (they change regularly):
- Marrakesh - taking a million photographs
- Cambodia again and again
- South American Roadtrip

Viele Gruesse, Kristina

katy said...

I'm happy my city is #1 on your wish list! We'll have to go shopping when you get here!!! :-)

Sarah said...

I hope you'll check out my blog or email me for the BEST restaurants and nightlife suggestions when you finally visit NYC!


sarah said...

This summer I was for 4 weeks nelle cinque terre!! It's beautiful!

and Barcelona is also amazing!



Kate said...

There are soo many places I'd love to visit. I too love barcelona, it has amazing shops and some beautiful architecture, I'd quite happily live there is I could speak anything but English :)
I would love to visit Portofino again, I had a trip there on a cruise a few years back and it took my breath away (and sailed past the Beckhams which was another highlight haha)
I need to find someone who wants to send me travelling across the world hehe :) x

Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

Dying to go to so many places but next on the list is Paris and Spain!

TLC_Designs said...

Just found your blog today - wow I have been missing out! Love your posts, especially the ones on travel (I'm a travel FREAK myself...and just started a new blog about it all too). I recently visited Positano on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, and it looks very similar to Cinque Terre (ie: breathtaking!).

I look forward to stopping by your blog often. Keep up the great work, girl!

Romantic bed and breakfasts said...

The New York, Barcelona, and Cinque Terre all three are lovely places to fulfill travel desires. They all possess charm and fascination for travelers.

The New York is famous for its modern stylish architecture and buildings with colorful nightlife and plenty of restaurants.

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