Comforts of Home

Hectic last minute Christmas shopping aside, the last few days have been some of the most relaxing of 2010. In all the traveling, moving, working frenzy I haven't had time to come home and spend enough quality time with my family. Being home, watching tv in pajamas with this little munchkin curled up in my lap while eating my weight in comfort food (my mum is seriously a cook extraordinaire) seems to be nothing special, but it's just what I needed before the crazy next few weeks begin. I'll spend Christmas Eve here with my family and I'll fly over to Milan, Italy on the 25th to celebrate with AC's family. On the 26th we'll travel to the mountains for a week of snowboarding with some friends and I'll fly to Berlin for some work stuff at the beginning of January. And that's just the beginning though, 2011 is already shaping up to be one of the craziest and hopefully best year ever! So much to look forward to! :)
Enjoy the holidays babes!

{I've never thought that loving an animal this much was possible, seriously I wake up in the middle of the night hoping it's morning already so I can go and play with him! CRAZZZY!!!}

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Polly said...

Thank u)I'm glad for u)
Like ur cardigan)

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...


lovely cardigan! so cuteee


d.gap said...

nyaam ! its making me hungry :)) merry christmas .

ennaid love.


Fit With Flash said...

looks yummy and sounds incredibly fun! Merry Christmass Eve, Eve!

Casey said...

Awww.. so glad you are having such a great, relaxing week! Looks like you are geared up to finish the year really strong, and I hope you have a blast!!!!


Kate said...

I have the same cardigan - isn't it so cozy & comfy? I wear it all the time, I love it! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

tanvii.com said...

Love your cardigan! :)

Sara C said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that sweater! It screams warm and cozy on a cold day!

And isn't it astounding how much you can love those little animals??

CessOviedo said...

Puppy is adorable! ... Love your sweater too ;)


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

have a wonderful time Gabby xoxo

Linda said...

Love your blog- huge inspiration :)

Bronwyn said...

Happy Christmas! You look so comfy and relaxed!


Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh that puppy is so cute!!

renerene said...

Enjoy! i love to spend time at home, with books, tv, magazines :))) It's really great time xoxo

COme to visit my blog too :)

Sonja said...

Sounds like an awesome holiday plan!!!
Good luck with all the things that are coming up for you.
Merry Christmas! :o)

A La Mode et Plus! said...

So glad you are getting some down time. That cardigan is wonderful, btw.

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