If there is one thing I learned by going to photography school, it's that no matter how many hours you spend in class, or how expensive your camera is,  the only way to become better in taking images is by a, practicing and b, relying on other people for advice.  I spent countless hours reading books, searching for Photoshop tutorials and trying to figure out my camera's settings but finally I've found the key to the knowledge treasury. I don't even remember how I got to Clickin' Moms in the first place, but I immediately knew I found what I was looking for and I signed up right away! :) 


Clickin' Moms is a closely knit community of over 8000 wonderful women, all passionate about photography. Some of us are experienced pros and some of us are total beginners with a point and shoot but what unites us is our love for photography and eagerness to learn. You can browse online tutorials on EVERYTHING from lighting and picture editing to setting up your own business, post your images for critique or even upload it to the play room and let other work their photoshop magic on it (with step by step instructions on how they made the changes!!! AWESOME!!!! Simply AWESOME!!!). I could go on and on describing how amazing this forum is, but instead do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself! 

The monthly membership costs less than a glossy magazin ($8!) and now you can even get 20% off by using the coupon code FRIEND at checkout until the end of the month! The best investment in my photography career so far! :) Thank me later!

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ag. said...

This sounds amazing...what a great place to learn!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm! Do they also do film?

potpie du monde said...

Love this post that is awesome!! Thanks for sharing :)

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

I'm having a valentine's giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check it out. xx

mikla's ID Cube said...

thanks for sharing :)
it could be really interesting to enjoy it.


Marcela said...

OK! Just signed in!! Let´s see what I can learn :-)

Finley said...

Awesome! I'm going to repost this for all my photography-challenged friends!


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