BLOG COUTURE - All must go!

You guys, I just realized something! In exactly one week I'll start my new life, in a new country with the man that I love! :) I couldn't be more excited, however my to do list for this week is endless!

As I'll be flying over to Berlin, all I'm allowed to take is one suitcase, so there definitely won't be enough space for the rest of my Blog Couture inventory, which means all must go NOW!!!

Some of the items are sold out already but I still have a couple of Tshirts and quite a few totes left! I decided to give everything away for a last and final price of 3 EUROS ($4) plus shipping. You only pay shipping once even if you buy more items so it's definitely time to surprise your readers, blog friends or stock up on some blogger goodies for yourself! I'll send my final packages out on Friday (11/2) so hurry to get yours before you miss your chance... or I could be even more cheesy and say: Get it while it's hot! :D

P.S: Thanks for spreading the word! :)

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Paper Heart Girl said...

Ohhh my gaaawd, those totes are the bestt!! xxxxxx


SOFIA said...


Gawgus things... said...

You're going so soon! What an amazing adventure! How much fun will it be exploring your new home? xoxo

hayley j said...

yay just bought my tank! so excited! and, Go Germany! i'm living in osnabruck now, for a year, originally from california...and deutschland is the best :) have so much fun on your new adventure!

Charles said...

wow, talk about a bargain!

superhappyjohi said...

i got the totebag today! i totally love them!!! Thanks!

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