Name My Company!!!

You already know what a huge part your support plays in my life, how you´ve encouraged me to pick up my first camera, apply to photo school and start shooting weddings, portraits and editorials. My life has changed forever and I´m ridiculously excited to enter the next part of my journey which is founding my own photography company! :)
Yes! The time is almost here. I spend every free minute of my day working on my business plan, branding ideas, social media plans, budgeting and improving my skills but there is one tiny detail I just can´t figure out. The name of my company! And this is where you come into the picture! I decided to start a competition here on the blog to find the perfect name for my fun little company! YES! You get to name it! I have some ideas floating in my head already, but I´m not quite sure about any of them so I´ll let you decide! ;)

(I know that most photography companies have the name of their owners, but the thing is, my family name is unpronounceable, has all kinds of weird characters in it and overall it just wouldn´t work so I need to come up with a made up company name which would represent me as photographer and blogger.)
Here is how it´s gonna work. In the first part of the competition I´m accepting name ideas! Just leave a comment on this post with a name that you think would be creative, memorable and represent me well along with your contact details. (you can check some of my previous works HERE) You have one week to come up with something fantabulous, the submissions will close on Wednesday, 15th of June, midnight CET. 

Once we have all the submissions, I´ll choose my five favorites. These may or may not include some of my own names I have so far (I´ll not tell you until the results are in, I wouldn´t want to influence you in any ways ;)). In the second part of the competition from the 16th to the 22nd of June you get to vote for my top 5 and whichever name gets the most votes, that will be the name of my company! :D 

But of course there are no competition without prizes to win, so I themed up with some great companies to bring you an amazing package to fight for! The winner will receive:

- A set of Totally Rad Photoshop Actions or Lightroom Presets - my absolute favorite post processing tools, they make magic with my photos. The winner gets to choose any of their product packages (worth $149)

- A $100 gift card which you can use toward purchasing the Theit Bossy Bag, the trendiest camera bag on the market! (this is what I´ll be rocking very soon too! ;)

- The cute Just Camera Necklace, courtesy of Asian iCandy

- An I heart MY BLOG tote from me :)

The winner will get a package worth almost $300! Get your creative juices flowing, mindpencils sharpened and submit your names and help me shape my future business. If you have several ideas, great! The more options, the better!

If in the end a name is chosen with which I came up with, a winner will be  randomly drawn from the pool of people who submitted ideas/voted!

To help you get started I created this little wordboard with some indicators on the kind of business I want to run. It will be mainly targeted towards woman between 20 - 30 looking to take editorial style beauty portraits, brides looking for rocking engagement and wedding pictures and momma-to-bes looking for cute belly shots and baby pics. I want to make pictures that look like they are from pages of glossy magazines.

I´m over the moon excited and cannot wait to see what you´ll come up with! I'd love for you to help spread the word about this competition, the more people enters the better chances I have to find the PERFECT name! :) THANK YOU for being such an important part of my journey!

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*Make It A Tag* said...

Here are some options to fill in the blank:

memory bank
happy snaps
picture me happy
double take
trick of the eye
exposed soul
vivid shutter

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

I loooove these! ;) Keep them coming!

Han said...


Life Abroad said...

LuxeLens Photography
fete photography

Lindsey Michelle said...

Caravan Clicks
Bright Lights
Hippie Clicks

I'll keep thinking...

Anonymous said...

Why not just Gypsy's Photography? Maybe that's not personalized enough? Ok, here:

Chic Life
Le Monde
G^squared (as a superscript)

But I really like caravan clicks, too!

Good luck, G!

Anonymous said...

Some ideas:

1000 Words
Red Balloon
Glitter & Sequins

Julie said...

Sublime Life

rf said...

Single Snapshot
Flash Photography
Fashion with a Flash
Strike a Pose
The Glam Cam
Glossy Depictions
Pose or I'll Shoot
You should be shot
Hot Shots
Capturing Memories
Just Picture It
Picture This
Captured in TIme
Shoot Me
Picture Perfect Memories
Picture Perfect
dream shot

Hope you like!

marissa at the boot said...

here are some of my ideas

Shine On
Gypsy Glitz

Laura said...

That's not so easy !!

I was thinking about
Passion's life
Gypsy with love
Smiling company
Chic Gypsy
Happy Gypsy Photography
Happy Focus by Gypsy

XOXO honey

Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

well I still think keeping gypsy as part of it could work, since it fits with the boho/hippie/fresh and travel aspects

hmm how about...


I'll think of more later :)

winnie said...

Oh - so many great ideas so far.. here are a few

Picsy Gypsy
Gypsy Professional (an oxymoron?)
Shooting Gypsy
Point and Shoot


jenn~the stylish housewife said...

this is the BEST giveaway ever! i am SO excited! here are my names:


and these are my fancy pants ones...i hope they don't translate wrong. i was trying to get creative for ya with these:


or just...


even though you are embarking on a professional career as a photog, i just think the word "dilettante" is so unique. it means: a person who takes up an art for amusement.

i HOPE you like mine.

~xo, jenn
the stylish housewife

jenn~the stylish housewife said...

oops...i forgot my contact info!

or via twitter i am @stylishhwife

Kristen said...

Gabby's Lens / Gypsy Lens
Exposed with Gabby
Gabby Shots

(keeps your name in there!)



Kathrin said...

Girl with a camera
Gypsy with a camera
Shutterbug photography

Not that easy to find a name. Hope you like them :)


Mikimoto Angel said...

Here are my choices Ms. Gabby:

Gypsy*Shutterlust Photohraphy
Gypsy*Shutterbug Photography
The Photo Diaries
Life Portrait Photography
Split Second Photography

Much love from Mystic Nymph


Charlotte Beecham said...

I love your blog. your style and vibe are great.

Check mine out! If you like it please follow me back.

Ami said...

how about:

Sparkling Moments Photography
Sparkling Frolics Photography
Fluttering Fancies Photography
Dream Baskets Photography (maybe my favorite!)
Flutter Shutter Photography
Smiling Seasons Photography
Floating Fancies Photography
Twinkle Trinkle Photography
Moonlight Mode Photography

marche_love at hotmail dot com

Maria C said...

Here's my two cents:

Flowers & Flare Photography
Big Picture Photography
Travelling Moments
Life thru a Lens
Gabby's Moments
Special Moments Photography
E-Motion Photography
Lights & Love Photography
Dream Moments
Smiles & Sequins Photography
Smiles & Dreams Pictures
Dreamy Lights Pictures


I'll post again if I think of more!

Maria xx

lacy nicol said...

Some Ideas!

Captured Photography
Moments in Life Photography
Wonder Photography
Life Photography
Loving Life Photography
Heart to Heart Photography

I don't know... just some ideas? :)

Erin said...

Say Gypsy
Gypsy Wagon
Peace, Love, Flash
Gypsy Perfect Photography



Michelle at Chellbellz said...

Ambient Glam
Ambient Heart
Ambient Lux


Radical Images
G Images
Blissful Images
Lux Lenses
Lux Flash
Lux Images

Heureux Photophapy
Heureux Lens
Heureux Flash

Heureux Means Happy in French.

Gypsy Eye
Gypsy POV (Point of View)

Good Luck with everything!

anaivecloset said...

Some ideas:
Happy lights Photography
Dreams& Hearts Photography
Rockstar Moments Photography
Dreamy life Phtography

Hope you'll find the perfect name!


Lucy said...

Gabby Glam Photography

Best of luck to you!!!

Gina said...

Light at Heart
Bright Spark



2Gitanas said...

Zingara photography

zingara="gypsy" in italian.
It should be simple and professional.
the name should not be cheesy...
I will do more brainstorming ;)


Alessandra said...

Gypsy Stories

South Beach Mom said...

flowers balloons camera
your life in photos
along came the gypsy
gypsy shots
have camera will travel photography
living life photos/photography
the gypsy and her camera
the traveling camera
your life my lens
my dream your life photography


twokids said...


Molly said...

molto bello foto
squisito snapshots
favoloso foto
viaggio insieme photography
la dolce vita photography
escapades photography
merry memories
the sophisticated snapshot


Diana G. said...

Hi Gabby!

Here are some of my ideas:

FabLab Photography
Fusion Photography
Eclectica Photography
Nouvelle Vague Photography
Pretty Perspective Photography
Globetrotter Photography


Diana (dianagrosz@yahoo.com)

Kat said...

I feel like so many photographers have the WORST names for their business... And i feel like that makes me decide whether or not to use them. I'd do something simple but striking. I like 'the editorialist photography'. Like 'the sartorialist'. Or fanfare photography. or flash photography. I don't know. But good luck!

jenn~the stylish housewife said...

happy hippie photography
pixie pix
pixie photography
glitter & glam photography
the happy hippie
gabby photography
love & light photography

ok, here are a few more of mine without "gypsy" in the name =)

~xo, jenn
the stylish housewife

Noshzilla Kat said...

Blessings and well wishes for the journey!

Artful Exposures


Denisha said...

"Celebrate the Dream"
email: tenisha524@aol.com

Anonymous said...

I like simple names.

Close Up Photography
Stunning Images
Everlasting Images (or Photography)
Make it Count Photography

trinashere AT gmail.com

tiffany said...

glossy, inc.


Eva Liliana said...

Lifespotting Photography :)

Hope said...

Great giveaway!! Here are my ideas:

Shine & Sparkle Photography
Effervescence Photography
Sparkle Spirit Photography
Photo Sprite
Gypsy Sprite Photography
Esprit Photography


Laura said...

Oh my this is a generous giveaway and a very FUN project! I like the idea of a cute and simple, but still catchy, name that displays your love of travel.

Wander Lens
Traveling Eye
Flash and Flare
Dream Smile Snap
Glossy Gabby
Passion Lens
Glam Gal
Fresh Faces
Glam Dreams
Living Free
Dreams of the Heart
La Vie Boheme Photography

I am not sure if you want the word photography in your name, but I think photography could be added to the end of any of these names, to clarify what the business is all about if you choose.

Can't wait to see the final choices you go with!

ag. said...

Front*Page Photos/Photography
Bold Beauty
Sweet Exposure
Star Exposures
Have Camera, Will Shoot
Nothing Less Photography
Show Me Off Snapshots

I love that you've opened it up to your readers, so awesome! And some really great ideas and inspiration in these comments! Good luck finding the best name!

art by ag @ gmail . com

eortmann said...

Gypsy Gloss
Shot Gloss
BoHo Photo
Eye Glosses
On Glossier Things
Gypsy Snaps
Gilded Gypsy
Gilded Gabby
Gypsy Glitter

South Beach Mom said...

I don't know your last name,but you might be able to change it around and simplify it.....


Every great photographer, stands behind their name. Good luck!!

abbie said...

Gabby Photograbher
Gabby Gypsography
Gabby Photo Diaries

Mandy said...

I have one thing to say:

GabStar Photography

X Mandy

simplyvonne said...

well since your blog is gypsy diaries, I would think you might want something that is also consistent with your blog?

Gypsy Diaries Photography (haha how original)
The Photo Diaries
Diaries of Photography
Gypsy Love Photography
Gypsy Life Photography
Life of a Gypsy
G-G photography


MA said...


that's it. just shine. it engulfs it all. your online persona. light. photography. style. simple. and catchy.

best of luck in the biz.

ma of organiquephoto

organiquephoto (at) yahoo (dot) com

Cony said...

Gypsy Glam
Gypsy Love
Glam Rock
Pretty Pixels
Heart and Soul
Love and Life
Pixel Passion

ag. said...

I love reading everyone's ideas, this is so fun!

ShutterStar Photography
A Passion & A Purpose

eortmann said...

Fab Gab Foto
Hip Clix
Hipster Clickster
G Photography
Flashing Passion
Smashing Flashing
Fresh Flash
Time Catcher
Magic Moments
Sugar Shots
Vibrant Visions
Rays of Light

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