Bread & Butter | Street Style

Bread & Butter is one of the biggest fashion industry tradeshows in Europe held twice a year in Berlin during fashion week. This was my first time on the fare and it was definitely an overwhelming experience. With more than 600 exhibitors and thousands and thousands of  visitors from all over the world, I cannot wait to go back next year and spend some more time discovering the new brands and trends as this time I only had a few hours to snap a few streetstyle pics for you. ;)

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great inspiration pictures!!

RYAN said...

WOW, good looks at Berlin! I like the second outfit.

CheekyPinkTulip said...

Some very snazzily dressed people here. I like :)

Maria xx

Anonymous said...

how fun, i just had a few minutes run around after the G-Star Fashion Show! pity we missed each other! keep me posted when u be back in Berlin! would be nice to meet up! xoxo Cam


Anonymous said...

Wow they all have an amazing style, but hello man in the yellow pants, he's hot! great pictures!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

vicky h. said...

amazing pictures!!!!

and loving the guy with the yellow pants, what a stud!!

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Lolo said...

These photos are fantastic! Such a lovely airy feel to them.
I'd love to shoot more street-style stuff but I just don't have the balls to stop people and ask them!

Nicole Jeannette said...

Good shots! These are very interesting

Teodora said...

Love, love the last two photos. It must be a great experience.


Heidi said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Love the last outfit! :)

naomuack said...

all of fashion are too much lovely !!!!!
my most favorite is first one <3 so summer !

naomi xxx

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

Awesome photos once again! Love the girl in the 3rd photo! You are so lucky to be a part of such a cool event :)


Fashion Fractions

adele said...

Some stylish dudes here xoxo

C & M said...

wow I love the pictures!! :)
Ohh I've heard about this event! really wanna go and see it as well :)

Ylenia said...

these pictures are amazing, especially the first one :-)

xxx Ylenia | Longuette
check on my vintage giveaway!

Hadera Burki said...

Great pictures, i love your blog!

Much love
- Hadera xo


Alyssa Nicole said...

I love these pictures :)


Style Dilettante said...

Great pics! Did you know Berlin is LA's sister city! So excited for you with your new Cannon purchase! can't wait to see the new photos and blog!


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