September Knocking!

I can NOT believe that summer is almost officially over! I wish the weather was nicer in Berlin, however it has been one of the worst summers EVER, with lots of rain and cold nights. I'm looking forward to September as it's the best month for taking pictures! ;) The light is just amazing and the falling leaves provide the perfect backdrop! It's also the time  to start thinking about fall wardrobe and holiday shopping. Best time to start advertising on Gypsy*Diaries! ;)

I offer one month and three months sponsorships for businesses, blogs and creatives that offer something interesting for my blog readership. (travel/fashion/beauty/photography/lifestyle)

I blog 4 - 5 times a week, have an average of 1500+ pageviews per day with more than 4500 dedicated readers (RSS, Bloglovin, Google, Twitter) worldwide.

If you're interested in partnering with Gypsy*Diaries just drop me a mail at gypsydiaries at gmail dot com.


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marissa at the boot said...

at least you took some great trips this summer to escape the berlin cold! :)

adele said...

good luck with the search Gabby xoxo

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