Camel Party

In 4 days I'll be in an Oasis surrounded by palm trees, sea and camels!
I just had to post these pics from Vogue Paris! Yupppyyyyy... I can't wait to make my own camel shoot and share it with you! :D

Images via Coco's Teaparty


vicky h. said...

those pictures are super cool!!! can't wait to see yours after the trip, so jealous you're going to some place warm!

btw. how is you detoxing going? I'm going on a run in a little and was thinking of you and your running :)

Bikinis & Passports

Alicia said...

oh i love these!! have a wonderful trip and i can't wait to see your photos!! :)

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Pack me in your suitcase pretty please!! :) xo

Nicole Marie said...

how exciting!! have so much fun!!

Karisa Tells All said...

I never thought camels could be fashionable! Hope you have fun on your trip--bring back lots of pictures!

Carla said...

I really like your blog :) lovely pictures. so you've been to spain? Im spanish, from the canary islands.



Inspiration in Italy said...

So exciting, love these pics! And I love being a blonde like you! ;) Italian men certainly do love the blondes...


fashionfamous said...

Las fotos son muy bonitas ^^

¡♥Besitos monosos fashionistas♥!s

Kelly said...

Amazing photos!!!!!!
Love love love them!!!!


Carla said...

I really love the pics. Followig you :)


ceo said...

Super cool pictures.... I love the stripe pants.. Thanks for posting....


Anonymous said...

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