I started a 10 day detox a week ago, but this morning there was an evil cereal bowl calling me and I decided that after 7 days I give in and I ate a big bowl! :) I couldn't have carried on for 10 days anyway as AC (=boyfriend) is coming tomorrow and he wants to take me out for dinner (which I don't want to spoil :) plus we have a big Easter family dinner on Thursday before we go on vacation. (again... I need to enjoy that! :)

But anyway, I am happy, refereshed and feel very healthy!

  • Despite what some of you might think, I did eat a lot! But only from the healthy stuff... fruits, veggies and seeds
  • I never felt hungry
  • I did have cravings though... especially for cereal!
  • Favorite meal: steamed broccoli with grilled onions
  • Starting from day 2, I had much more energy than before, running was not a core anymore
  • I did cheat once, on my great god mother's 70th birthday party :) I just had to have a slice of that heavenly strawberry cheesecake
  • I didn't run every single day as planned, but I did go 5 times in 7 days and I went to the gym 3 times to lift some weights/do some spinning as well
  • I lost 1.5 kg (3.3lb) yeyyyyy
Overall I'm feeling great and that is truly one of the best detoxes/diets I've ever done. I was not hungry, I ate lots of delicious healthy stuff and went outside to finally start running (something I always wanted to do). I will certainly not start to eat all sorts of junk now, I'm sticking to a healthy lifestyle and will keep on running outside too.

I encourage you to have a health week! Bikini season is approaching fast and a detox week can do wonders to not only how you look on the outside, but also to how you feel inside! :)

Next challenge: stick to healthy food in an all inclusive 5 star resort for 8 days... oh oh....


Farah said...

Good Job Gabby, 7 days is still good enough and that cheesecake looks absolutely divine, its my favorite dessert!!!!!!!!!

Karisa Tells All said...

Good for you! I can't believe cereal is what you cheated with--I would have inhaled a pizza or something!

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...


Alicia said...

wow, good for you girlfriend!! a detox does sound nice, although easter is coming up and i'm not too sure i will be able to pull it off! but ahhh, bikini season is so soon!!!!!!

BarelyVogue said...

Good job on that Gabby!!! I once did a master cleanse for 5 days and passed out and started with a orange juice and followed by healthy food. I was feeling great even my skin was glowing


Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Wow! You've got some will power girl. But I definitely need to take note, as I have 2 weeks till vacation and will be wearing an itty bitty. I've always wanted to try a detox, but the ones my friends do involve nasty salt water and lemon...ugh. I might try yours! ;) xo

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