Mathematics Cake

Look what my mum has done for her students! (Yes, she is a maths teacher and an amazing cook :) I'm so inspired by her and by all the amazing cake/cupcake/cookie recipes I see on blogs, but somehow I'm always too lazy to start baking. Do you bake often?

{too bad, there was nothing left for me}


vicky h. said...

wow, she isn't just a math teacher but an artist as well. I looove baking by try not to because I always end up eating everything myself :) I am a total sucker for cupcakes, they look pretty and taste delicious! (red velvet is my fave!!)

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Luana said...

I wish my math teacher would have done that for me, it would've definitely helped! I love baking, but unfortunately I live in a tiny flat with no oven at the moment ;( Might have to buy one of those little ones!

Renata said...

Oh,your mum great teacher,i want same math teacher!)

Mariel Torres said...

that cake is so cool!
i LOVE baking... it's what i do when i need to relieve some stress lol.

Mary said...

What a great cake! Love it!

Do I bake often? Haha... is the Pope Catholic?! :P



gabrielle said...

i love baking so much. i wish i could eat cupcakes for every meal bc theyre yummy and so much fun to make!


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