Have a Relaxing Weekend!

Hey Darlings!

This week flew by even faster than the last one.. is that even possible? Good news is that this is my last weekend at my mum's place (I came here for 1 month... 5 months ago).
Next weekend I'm moving to Budapest with AC! :D (AC=boyfriend) I am fortunate enough to have a remote job, so basically I can work from anywhere.  AC is currently jobhunting so wherever he finds a job, that's where we'll move next! (He is Italian, so with most probability it will be in Italy :) We'll rent a place for the summer in Bp and after that... we'll see. Keep your fingers crossed, the job market is tuff out there!

While it was great to go back to kid-life, where mum cooks for me, cleans for me and does my laundry, I can't wait to have my (our :) own place again, even if it's only a temporary one. Gypsy life can be hard sometimes and while travelling around and living in different places is hugely rewarding, it can get very annoying living from boxes and throwing out half of your things when the time comes to move again. Well I guess I'll be missing this life once I settle down and buy a house so I'd better enjoy it now, right? :)

Well for now, I'll enjoy my last weekend at home, my mum's cooking and the fact that I can afford to absolutely do NOTHING! :) May is gonna be a very hectic month, with lots of weekend trips, so I don't think I can be this lazy again for a long time!!!

How about YOU, any fun weekend plans?

Have a good one!

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Claire Kiefer said...

Moving to Italy with your boyfriend sounds like a dream . . . I'm so envious! :)

Walk The Sand said...

Gorgeous photos. And very jealous of all these places you're going to! Hope the moves go well.

Luana said...

Moving to Budapest sounds so exciting! I am actually so jealous right now. And obviously Italy would be a dream as Walk The Sand said ;) You are incredibly fortunate, I hope you post photos!

My weekend is going to be full of revision for my upcoming exams, so not too exciting in that sense. But I do love what I'm studying (Psychology) so it isn't exactly a pain either. Happy weekend lovely :)

Becca. said...

love love love your outfit!


Bumpkin on a Swing said...

I'm so jealous that I'm not even talking to you anymore!

vicky h. said...

OK, if you move to Italy I am totally visiting! Let me know about good bars and food in Budapest, will probably be there the 21st and 22nd of May!

Already checked you out on twitter, might have to get an account aswell :) and lovely on lookbook!

xox & happy weekend, sweetsss
Bikinis & Passports

Zsuzsi said...

I think I already told you that I'm jealous... maybe not because of Italy, but Budapest... well, you will surely have a great time there:)

By the way, where does your mum live? Or is that question too private?

Oh, and good luck with the job and everything else as well!!

Karisa Tells All said...

You live such a fabulous life! I know what you mean about moving--I've lived in four different places in the past 4 years (cuz i'm in college) and moving sucks. I wish I could decorate my apartment, but it's not worth it when your lease is only 12 months!

C'est La Vie said...

i've been on an Italian kick lately, maybe i am watching "under the tuscan sun" right NOW and i will be visiting at the end of the year while i live in ukraine! I CAN'T WAIT

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

You have such amazing adventures coming up!!! I'm so jealous, yet happy because I'll get to follow along and imagine =).

Anonymous said...

Budapest?? that sounds sooo fun!! what an extraordinary adventure you are about to embark on :)

xx come visit!

Holier than Now The Fashion Blog for Frontrunners said...

i just discovered this blog... love it. so inspiring...!

xo holier

Holier than Now

Cynthia said...

this will be a fun new chapter in your life, its awesome! have a great weekend lounging around sounds lovely but I have to work haha so enjoy!

Katy said...

how exciting -- both budapest and italy! i agree, it's so comforting to go home and be taken care of -- but you need your own space after a while! good luck!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Great pictures! It is always my dream to work from my computer and don't commute to work! My weekends are usually boring because I catch up on lost sleep! xoxoxxooxo

Rand said...

So lovely!!!:)

EFRUTIK said...

I've been actually meaning to ask you what exactly it is that you do, and how you manage to travel so much. See I thought it and you answered lol. It's funny, but anyways.

I think you are very fortunate and I think above all you appreciate it all. That's very important. Enjoy whatever comes next :)

Have a great loungy weekend :)

Lindsay With An "A" said...

Best of luck! I am a sort of gypsy, too, sometimes... my fiance plays baseball. It can be exciting, though! :)


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