Gypsy*Friday - London*UK

As I'm in London this weekend I had to dedicate Gypsy*Friday to this amazingly vibrant city. London is almost a second home to me and even though I never actually lived here, I do visit 3-4 times a year. I have more Hungarian friends here than in Hungary, most of my closet is from here and I always have the craziest parties in Londontown. :) I don't feel like a tourist here and in fact, on my last trip I had to force myself to do some touristy things (other than shopping and going out) just to feel that I'm really in London. :) It was difficult to find some pics I took here as .... you know I'm not a tourist, so I normally don't make too many. :)

This weekend is just gonna be amazing. Today I'll shop till I drop :), than we'll go out to see the Gothan Project with a bunch of friends, tomorrow Nothing Hill and Brickstone markets followed by my buddy Sean's 30th birthday bash (it's gonna be... leeeeeeegendary).

Yeeeyyy to a party weekend in London! Are you up to anything fabulous?

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nereealoves(: said...

so beautiful pictures :)
have a nice week :)

Richie Riches for Less said...

aww looks like you have a great time in London.
I miss it.

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