Greetings from London!

Hello Darlings!

This is just a quick "HI" from London. I arrived last night, spent the night talking and drinking (warming up for the weekend) and than I was dropped off at Oxford street this morning at 9 am. As I was bright and early,  I'm able to bring you exclusive, never before seen footage of the empty TopShop flagship store! :) (if you  have ever been there you know that mostly you need heavy maschinery just to get from one rack to another because of all the histeric shopaholics... but I was the very first customer today :). Probably for the first time, I was able to adore the store and all the beauty it has inside... I even managed to get a few shots before a guard kindly asked me to put my camera away. I do adore Topshop but knowing that Primark was next door prevented me from spending. Primark... well that has to be a story for tomorrow! I can only tell you that I just been through the biggest shopping craziness of my life... like a little girl in a candy store... only worse (much worse). I'll show you everything I bought tomorrow (ridiculously way too much stuff!!! :)

Now I have to run and get ready for the Gothan Project concert!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

P.S: Thank you thank you for all the incredibly sweet comments and a big warm welcome to all my new followers! :D

{Very comfy and ready for shopping madness}


Diana Mieczan said...

Top Shop!!!!!! Love it:)

Embodying Fashion said...

mmm, topshop, lucky u! Have a nice time in London!:)

FabsFabulous said...

Lovely London!!
Top Shop is truly amazing and Primark... OMG!! I remember shopping till I could no longer carry my bags. Literally went crazy on a shopping spree in London once.
Love love love love :-)
Glad you had a fab time

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