Gypsy*Friday - Munich*Germany

{Leather jacket and Shirt - Promod, Jeggings and Scarf - Primark, Boots - Buttero, Bag - Coco California}

As you might already know I spent one night in Munich last weekend. The reason why is too boring to tell (OK, my car needed to be serviced :) but I can tell you I was very positively surprised by this German powercity. I really liked the clean streets, the typical German architecture and the city's fashion vibe, which was the exact opposite of Berlin's artsy hippiness. If I don't count sleeping time than we really only had about 3 hours in the city which is much more a teaser than anything else, but we ate a delicious Italian dinner at La Vecchia Masseria, strolled through Munich's main shopping street the Kaufingerstr (or at least we think it was the main shopping street :) and indulged in some Haagen Dazs. Lovely city, hope to be back soon!

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v [ hobovogue ] said...

love all these photos... the last one is incredible!!!!! i've actually been to germany and think i recognize a few of these places... definitely very exciting :)


[v] hobovogue.blogspot.com

Claire said...

Fabulous :) You always look so fab too! :)x

Lauraloves. said...

gorgeous photogrpahs! I'd love to go to Germany.. everything just looks amazing :)

love your blog :)



Verus said...


I had the same experience in Munich!
I also spent there only one night, so I just had a few hours for the city. Anyway, I had the same positive surprise! It was much more charming then I had expected!
I like your scarf!


ALdO AKiRA said...

waNNa gO tHeRE..
tO MEeT My LOVeRs tHeRE..

i WiSH SoMedaY i'LL gO tHERe..


vicky h. said...

I love Munich! such an amazing place for day-trips (only a 2hr drive from my parents house!)

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Diana Mieczan said...

I love ice cream!!! So I'm Ms.exPress-o now..huh?
Thanks for such a lovely breakfast!
See you soon:)

passport in my pocket said...

gorgeous images! What stunning architecture, especially with the sunset! just lovely.

Mary said...

LOVE your adorable outfit and I happen to think your pictures are all fabulous!

Delightful Bitefuls

incessantdieter said...

Great Photos! Love your scarf. You always look so put together.

Alicia said...

beautiful photos!!!! love your scarf :) and happy friday

kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

munich! :) i think you were in the main shopping area, which i think ends in the Marienplatz? i dunno, it's been awhile. looks like you had a nice mini-visit tho. lovely photos!

ps - PROMOD! yay, LOVE that place!

C'est La Vie said...

these are great pics! you do fabulous, share what camera you are using, i need to bring it along to europe this fall

this is on my to do list while im out there!! :)


Pixie Dust said...

Love the bag and the last photo - so beautiful! :))
You look great xxx

jenn said...

Don't you just love it! I was born and raised here! So was my dad! Munich is my home and miss it! If there is one place i tell Americans they have to go in Germany, I always say Munich!

Amanda Lee said...

i loved your scarf! it brought so much energy and colour to your outfit!

i hope you had a fun time in munich!


Janet Mazorie said...

I love that last photo! So pretty and unique.

kimberly said...

i adore the outfit! you look great.

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