Gypsy*Friday - Berlin*Germany

I'm continuing Gypsy*Friday, my Friday travel series about the amazing places I was fortunate to visit for shorter or longer times...

Berlin.... I don't even know where to start. In Valencia I met a guy, fell in love and followed him to Berlin. The relationship didn't work out and while my boss was trying to consolate me I fell in love again. (yes, AC was my boss :) I always had a love hate relationship with Berlin. When I first visited my then boyfriend, the Sun was shining, birds were singing, and the whole city was celebrating the soccer world championship. Berlin was the greatest place on Earth. By the time I moved there the weather turned grey, (so did my mood) and the celebrations were over. I had a hard time fitting in. I didn't speak the language, I didn't know anyone but my BF and I became very lonely. It was the strangest experience. I never ever had problems fitting in, I always had more friends than I could count and for the first time in my life I had to ask the question... how do people make friends? Sad, really. I spent three years in Berlin and apart from some friendly colleagues (and boss of course :) I never made real friendships (with Germans) in Berlin. I did have some Hungarian friends though, whom I'll always keep in touch with, but Berlin never became a real home to me. I always wanted to move and I finally did in December 2009. (well, where did I move you ask? Back to MOM! AC is looking for a new job and that will determine the new destination.... but in the meantime we have just rented a place in Budapest for the summer! We're moving next week! :)

But back to Berlin... it is undoubtedly one of the coolest cities in Europe but maybe even in the world. I met several people who came for a weekend and got stuck forever. The underground scene, the hippy punky atmosphere, the international crowds, the amazing art scene and the very affordable living makes it the perfect home for so many. Berlin is really amazing in the summer! (if there is any... :) If you live in Europe or if you're planning a visit to Europe you must go and visit. It's obligatory! But unfortnately it was not the perfect home for me.

P.S: There is a great Berlin city guide from Design*Sponge

{Music festival in the Mauerpark}
{It's best to explore the city by bike... I took my dad for a ride :)}
{There are several ubercool places next to the river Spree, it's worth going on a boat trip if you ever visit!}
{the famous Reichstag (Parliament), with an amazing restaurant on the top!}
{Music festival on the Wannsee}
{Oh yes, Mom and Sis had to ride with me too! }
{My favorite place for Sunday lounging}
{Alexanderplatz with the symbolic TV tower}
{and of course... the famous Berlin wall}
{with my all-Hungarian-girls team}


Mary said...

Wow, that was like a mini guided tour an now a must visit location on my list of places to see :)

Hope packing is going well... Budapest sounds exciting! What a life of adventure you lead :)

Thanks for the add! I have to figure that portion of my blog out (I'm still relatively new :P) and then I'll definitely be adding you, too!



Olya said...

xoxo, Olya

Anonymous said...

wow, this was an awesome post! i love hearing about your experiences in different places (: ive been so horrible about returning comments, but i have been reading your blog and loving all of your posts (of course!). you always have such awesome pictures, stories, and energy that inspires me and brightens my day (:

vicky h. said...

great post and amazing describtion! I have been to berlin twice but both times were for family events and I didnt really have time to truely experience the city! really want to go back for a weekend!

happy weekend!!

Bikinis & Passports

Mayflower said...

I also heart Berlin! I fell in love with this city a couple of years ago. The energy there is amazing! I think Berlin offers the perfect combo of culture, parties and fashion =) x

The Petite Blogger said...

nice pics!!! need to visit germany sometime!

xoxo jenna

Missy said...

nice post!!!

feliz dia de sant jordi!!! :)
i hope you get some roses too!!!

LoliTa said...

LOVE these photos! really want to visit berlin!


Farah said...

Experiences like that only add more spice to your life, you got to try out a whole new city and a whole new life which is always a nice change. Budapest this summer, Barcelona next on the list!!!! xoxo

have a good weekend :)

D e g a i n e


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Berlin is said to be the new Paris of Germany. Well... Enjoyed this story. Here's wishing you a sun-filled weekend. xx

Zsuzsi said...

Ohhh... I just read your post about Valencia - can't believe that you used to live there as well! I just recently moved back from there, but miss it so much that I'm already considering the possibility to move back, it's just such a lovely city!
And Budapest... ohmegod! Do I need to tell you how jealous I am? :D

Greetings from another person who is living with her mum :)

starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

i love how the sky looks in that picture of the music festival

LifestyleBohemia said...

Love your blog and am following :)

amy anne said...

That looks so great!! I can completely relate with learning how to make friends in new cities, it takes some effort.

incessantdieter said...

Love Fridays- I want to travel to all these places!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! I just found your blog, and it is super cute! :)

forever said...

Hello flower..just foud your blog..and I like it..became a follower :) love the pictures.. specially the Berlin wall!

peace & love

Ketty said...

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