I Shopped till I Dropped

Oh well.. as I mentioned yesterday I went crazy in Primark. I turned into a red eyed shopping monster buying everything I could grab... you just can't say no to those prices. Not only did I have to buy the biggest suitcase they had in the store just to carry my stuff out, but it's unfortunately not even big enough, so I might have to take some things back today. :) Buuhuuuuu

Here is some of my new acquisitions:
(P.S: in my defense I spent less on all this stuff than I would have on 3 pair of shoes in Topshop)



Great pieces!Really liked the shorts at the bottom to the right and your golden sandals :)

First time here and I am now a follower :)



Laura said...

Nice post and pictures...


Diana Mieczan said...

Everything looks so pretty...I love shopping in London:) I always get two empty bags and shop shop shop:)
Ps: I adore the flats:)

Enchanted Gardens said...

wow, can't believe you bought all this stuff! You lucky ones with Primark and low budget stoers :)
Have a lovely day, xx

Ievu said...

I love that striped shirts! :)
And U have so many shoes :o wonderful!!! :))

Embodying Fashion said...

You really shop till u dropped. Thoes bags and shoes are freaking adorable!

EFRUTIK said...

Gabby, I can't believe you bought all those shoes girl! It's too great to say. I am a shoe lover as well. I hope the prices were really that low, tell me where was it again I hope to visit that place to also shop my heart out!

SJ said...

oh my goodness, you did go crazy in Primark! but i know how easy it is when everything is so cheap. And sunglasses for £1, how can you go wrong?!

Jess Moses said...

You have bought some many things in Primark!
I hope I'll find a lot of stuff like you!

alyssa said...

this is like shopping porn. im so jealous!!! im also really impressed. you go girl. ha!
x. alyssa


LIZ said...

i already went to london last year, and i do like what you do.
get crazy in primark :)

would you love to visit liz. secret rendevous & follow if you like

thankies sweetie

Pinta Lizti Irene

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