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I was a good girl. I stayed focused and only bought one pair of shoes perfectly in line with my plan of buying a pair of navy wedges. I wanted something more open, but this was so comfy and perfectly matching my feet that I had to have it. So here it is: Navy espadrille wedges from the Penelope and Monica Cruz for Mango collection. What was the last pair of shoes you bought?

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Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

What a lovely pair of shoes. The last pair of shoes I purchased - Prada sandals for the warm summer season. X

Anonymous said...

I love them! Very cute. Don't think I've bought any shoes in a month or so since I was stalking the Cynthia Vincent for Target collection.

jemina said...

I love the colour and the height, the shoes look super comfortable, i recently bought a pair of wedges, just the basic variety, xoxo

Nikki said...

Oh lovely shoes!:)

kirstyb said...

those shoes are gorge xxx

knk said...

cool and pretty shoes looks soo cute

vicky h. said...

wow girl, you really did stay focused!! the looks cute and fit your search perfectly!!

last pair of shoes I bought were some tan suede-booties :)

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Pamela said...

Your clean focus paid off-those shoes are wonderful!

I just picked up the cutest pair of COACH shoes this weekend. Usually I don't care for their logo overload but these are pretty discreet. I can't wait to wear them. I wore them all over the house when I got home!

Lynzy said...

Those are adorable!

I just bought a pair of Seychelles on a Gilt sale earlier this week :) Amazing brown booties...I will leave the rest a secret until they appear on my blog <3


L A C E Y said...

very cute! i'm on a hunt for the perfect wedding shoes!! i'm looking for something fun and colorful. :)

Jammer said...

Paolo peptoe marjyjanes and I loved every minute of it!!


Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

last pair of shoes was a pair of Tory Burch Reva's - got them 2 weeks ago .. i LIVE in Reva's ..

i got a pair of wedges like this - but in black - by Juicy - i'm LOVEN your's tho !!!!

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~


Hi there, Thank you for visiting my blog. I purchased a pair of Candies Rd flats. I loved them so much however, they hurt my feet :(
Lovely blog you have here :0)

Anonymous said...

Those are amazing! I have been on the hunt for navy shoes for a while now..

Efrutik said...

Perfect pair of navy wedges. As long as they are comfy, which you already confirmed. Very good girl :)

Last pair I bought were these super high heels from Jessica Simpson. Black very simple, but elegant. And! comfortable to walk in although very high. Now I'm looking for these Steve Madden shoes in black which I already have in lavender. Perfect going out and dancing shoes.

P.s. scan through my posts, I had left you a surprise there.

Jen said...

Oh how I love summer shoes! I actually just bought 2 pairs of wedges from Target and 2 adorable pairs of sandals from F21. Hey, I haven't bought shoes forever, I deserved all 4 pairs!! ;-)

Erica said...

I think I need these in my life ASAP!
The last pair of shoes I bought were black wedges. I’m addicted to wedges and espadrilles!

Diana Mieczan said...

Well done...You did really good! My new 3 pairs of flats just arrived this morning...blue, yellow and brown:)
Have a wonderful afternoon darling and I hope to see you soon:)

LIZ said...

Great shoes you have :) black and bold. The last shoe that i buy is brown high heels. it is a 9 cm heels with 2 cm platform :)

would you love to visit liz. secret rendevous & follow if you like

thankies sweetie

Pinta Lizti Irene

Anonymous said...

I love your shoes!!! My last purchase... I'm so into nude shoes - I got a pair of nude pumps and nude sandals :-)

Nadya said...

Cute wedgies! The last pair were some Nine West peep toe, sling back flatties - the next pair I'm on the prowl for are a par of nude ballet flats. The best thing about nude shoes is that they make your legs go on forever :-)


Alicia said...

i LOVE these wedges! great buy lady! :) i last bought a pair of clogs

Daphne said...

great shoes! i last bought some desert booties in gold . they're really cute. enjoy your new shoes!

incessantdieter said...

OOHHH How lovely!

Last pair of shoes were Croc, yah I know but they were cuter than normal (see my blog) and I was in Disneyworld!

*chara said...

Nice blog!


kelli g. { bug miscellany } said...

hahahahhahaha! i just LOVE this post title!! :) those wedges are too cute.

these are the last ones i bought: http://www.dsw.com/shoe/blowfish+willis+bootie?prodId=179292
and i wear them all the time, even though they aren't great for city walking. the things we suffer for style! :P

inked said...

LOVE!!! The last pair I bought are my Prada metallic wedges, ugh giving them up though. Great blog

Taylor Sterling said...

I love them!!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

gorgeous ~love nay & the details!

Embodying Fashion said...

gorgeous navy wedges, can't wait to see you wearing them. The last shoe that i buy is black&white flats and nude high heel sandals :)

Sydnie said...

I love navy blue lately, since it really does go with anything. I love the braiding on the side of these wedges, too ... so unique!


Kristen said...

oh my gosh - i am loving these shoes. good purchase! cute blog!

Style ninfa said...

I love this shoes, it's nice that you focus on what you really need.Follow you, follow me?
.xoxo Angie


Olya said...

The last pair of shoes that I got were 3 pairs of sandals from zara. I absolutely love them all! check them out here

and here

Bye, bye
XOXO, Olya


Anonymous said...

Love 'em!!
I've just bought a pair of grey shoes, 13 cm of heel :D
I <3 shoes *_*
kisses from Italy,


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