This year has been nothing but life-changing for me. In January I just moved back to Hungary and was having a hard time figuring out what direction my life should take, in February I was really close to breaking down and not even learning how to snowboard helped me out of the dump. In March I decided to be ridiculous and start one of these self absorbed stupid little things called a blog and it did change my life and that's a fact. The more I got involved in the online world the more I started to find myself. First I felt kinda strange having more online friends thean real ones but guess what, all the amazing stories, all the amazing people I've virtually met have inspired me and made me realize that I needed a change. In April I bought my first DSLR camera and I figured out what my absolute dream job may be..... becoming a photographer. In May AC moved to Hungary and we finally rented a little place in Budapest. It has never really been a real home but at least we have been living under the same roof again and secretely I started to look for photography schools. Could I really do it? Can I just decide screw my diplomas, I want something else out of life? Can I still make a change? Is it not too late??? In June I've stalked met a photographer who agreed to have me as an assistant for a couple of months. It was a very short but highly reqarding experience! YES! I've decided that it was definitely what I wanted to do, I've applied and got in art school. In July I took my mum to Egypt for her 50th Birthday while I've spent my August being lazy and enjoying the wonderful weather. In September school has started and I've made some new friends. In October I had my first real photoshoot and started to really immerse myself in photography. By November I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I want to, NO I will be a photographer! In December AC got a new job and he has moved back to Berlin, work got crazy and I've stressed out of my mind, cried my eyes out and convinced everyone that something's gotta give... I quit my job and decided to give it a full shoot.... if I make it I'll be the happiest girl alive.. if no at least I've tried.

Wanna know the morale of the story? I know I use phrases like "I love you all" or "your support means the world" and these things do sound cliche, catchy and totally untrue, but guess what.... If I hadn't met you, if I hadn't started this stupid little blog, I would have never figured out what I want to do with my life and I would still be a confused little girl, lost in this big big world. OK this does sound cliche as well and this is starting to be an embarrasingly boring and long blogpost, so I guess what I'm trying to say is THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. It has been an incredible year with tragic lows and manic highs but for the first time in my life I know what I want and I can feel it so close I can almost taste it. I promise I'll be a better blogger next year and I promise to try and let you in my life even more than I did until now. I love you all and your support means the world to me! :)

Here is to an amazing and empowering 2011!!!!
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Salomé said...

öröm volt olvasni is :)

A La Mode et Plus! said...

I loved reading this post! I am glad you are pursuing your dream and goals and I just know it will work out for you :) Cheers to an empowering 2011 girl!

Chane' said...

I enjoyed reading your post, it was so interactive and personal and made me connect with you. I feel that this past year presented me with many upsets; goals fell through, tears fled and many times I did not know who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. But just like you I finally figured out what it is that I want to do and that is to study PR this upcoming year and be the best that I can be.
So here is to a awesome new year, for strength and guidance and just to be the best we can be.
xxx nay*

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Great post! lovely <3



Eleanor ~ Shopping The Closet said...

Happy New Year!
These roads we travel do nothing but build a more confident, stronger you as you have shared with us.
Good for you for following your dreams and not settling for status quo!
All the best for 2011!

Sandra said...


This post has really touched me, it's very inspirational and I really wish I would be as strong and courageous as you are. :)

I wish you an amazing new year!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

girl, i loved this post!

CessOviedo said...

It's been quite a ride!... So glad I found your blog, that I enjoy so much! My best wishes for you and your family for 2011! xo


Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

I'm glad I was able to follow along because I think your posts have been a lot of fun to read. I hope your 2011 brings you many more adventures!

happy new year!


ag. said...

What a lovely post! You are such an inspiration to follow your dreams. It's amazing all that can happen in a year! All the best for a fantastic 2011!

Gypsy G Designs said...

Great pictures! And how inspiring! A gypsy(resourceful and determined) never gives up=} My best of luck to you in 2011!

Happy New Years!


vicky h. said...

happy happy new year!! hope 2011 is nothing but wonderful to you!

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Mai said...

nice post and amazing calendar :)

Réka said...
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Réka said...
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Urban Style Vibes said...

Have a wonderful 2011! And remember to live your dreams!


Lise M.

Kim said...

:) Inspiration goes round and round, and I must say as a beginner, you have inspired me. This post kind of hit me, bc I started a photography blog earlier this year and I JUST started (one post only) a fashion blog. I can honestly say it kinda freaks me out lol, but I LOVE fashion so much I have an overflowing sense to just DO IT. It would be an honor if you could come by even just to give me an tips for my *first* post lol, but any help is so much appreciated. Cheers to your blog and thanks for the inspirado!

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

Love your year end post with pictures!

Just wanted to let you know that I awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award!

Liesl :)


Anna Liesemeyer said...

Gabby, LOVE this post. What a great way to reflect on your year. Isn't if fun when life can turn out different than you planned? So very happy for you and I have no doubt your business will grow!! <3
Cheers to 2011!!

*Simply Colette* said...

I couldn't agree more! Our year's were very similar... my January may be like your December... and my resolution which unfortunately I can't post on the blog. & btw your were a fantastic blogger this year! You've come so far... thanks for sharing the journey!

Fashion-Resort! said...

great blog!<3

AM said...

This was a very touching post, and really hit home with me about how I would love this next year to turn out - with exciting changes and adventures! It's always motivating to read about someone who has had success in their risks!

I wish you the best for 2011!
Ann Marie

AM said...

This was a very touching post, and really hit home with me about how I would love this next year to turn out - with exciting changes and adventures! It's always motivating to read about someone who has had success in their risks!

I wish you the best for 2011!
Ann Marie

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