Remember this post where I was contemplating what kind of winter coat to rock this winter? Tatatataaaaaaaaaa... here are the winners, courtesy of Zara! My perfect camel coat and my warm and comfy black duffel! I have my eyes on the perfect military parka as well from Mango... I'll be first in line the day sales start in January! :) Did you buy anything good lately?

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Casey said...

Hey Gabby! Love you choice- I am working on getting the Michael Kors purse I've been crushing on for sometime!




Alexandra said...

i have the camel coat already, but it's not for really cold weather it's rather for a cold Autumn .

Behind the Lashes said...

Wait for me, I'm going to join you in line lol. They are fabulous!!! I hope you can get both!

Miyan said...

you found great coats! i picked my camel colored coat from pull & bear and just picked up a fauz black leather jacket from zara and im in love! i'm remember how fun it is to layer...but already looking forward to summer...



ag. said...

i REALLY want that camel coat! love it! i am so in need of a new jacket...more of a rain jacket but i can't help but swoon over all the lovely winter ones out there!

Styles 'n Cream said...

Wow - these are fabulous. I didn't know Zara has sales in January. I was just there an hour ago and they had some fabulous coats but I laready got a camel Zara coat earlier this season , and I guess it is the same weight as this one becasue it is perefct for the weater right now, but once the temperatures drop really down, I will be freezing in it.


Sarah said...

Love the camel coat! But in my opinion the second coat will be warmer for winter.
xoxo Sarah

3ate4 said...

Liking the first one! still trying to find myself one to keep warm!

Anne said...

Oh it's cold here in the Pacific NW! Coats turn into outfits because its what people mostly see. But luckily I've got 11 winter coats - all custom made in Hoi An, Vietnam. Perfect fit, perfect color and perfect wool material for the rainy, cold winters of Portland! I also managed to get 6 jackets in Australia, London, and Paris! Happy Shopping!

DiamondsandTulle said...

LOVE that camel coat with the great collars!

xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

annita said...

i have the camel coat! =)
I love it!

ana (from spain)

Full Cup said...

The choices are fantastic. But I'm screaming Camel color coats, classic, comfortable and stylish.


Molly Jane

PS. Following! Come by and say hello!


travelkate said...

Love the coats! I have an obsession with Zara (sometimes I want to go in and buy up the whole store).


A La Mode et Plus! said...

Love both, but especially the camel coat.

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