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Vienna is often compared to Budapest as they both used to be the crown jewels of the once majestic AustroHungarian empire. But Vienna is much more than history and pretty buildings. Today we have the pleasure of being introduced to the best of the city by one of my fave bloggie friends Vicky from Bikinis and Passports. Vicky was the first blogger I´ve ever met in real life and we´ve been blogger besties ever since! :) I love this girl, so make sure you stop by her blog and check out her favorite places should you ever visit Vienna! (and you definitely should! ;D) 

I feel so honored that Gabby asked me to share some of my favorite places in Vienna with her amazing readers. Ever since I moved to Vienna for school 3 years ago I have really learned to love and appreciate the city. Not only do you get to see little bits and pieces of history at every corner you walk by, but Vienna also has so many amazing restaurants, bars and parks to offer. Here are some of my personal favorite picks:
1.     Shanghai Tan – if you like asian cuisine, you will love this places. Anything from their wonton soup to the specialty rolls is a great choice and I have never had anything I didn't like. On the weekends you should probably make reservations. For an extra special time, ask for one of the booths downstairs :)

Rochus - in the 3rd district is great for brunch. They serve things like homemade hummus, special eggs with truffle and have amazing breakfast combos.
3.     Dots im Brunnerhof – this place has incredible experimental sushi and is especially nice in the summer since you can sit in the pretty courtyard. It's in the 19th district, so a little further out but can easily be reached with the D tram (Nussdorf).

1.     Palais Kinsky – currently my favorite club. They have multiple floors with different kinds of music. You can chill to some house tunes or sing along to Britney Spears :) Fridays are my favorite there but I heard Saturdays are pretty good as well, depending on the DJ.

2.     Freiraum – it's a café, bar & restaurant all in one! Located right on Mariahilfer Straße it is easy to get to and always packed with a fun crowd. They serve delicious cocktails (and an yummy breakfast). Reservations are probably a good way to go since at night it can be hard to get a table.
1.     Hermann Strandbar – if you come to Vienna during the summer you have to stop by this place. Located by Schwedenplatz (Urania) along the Danube Channel you will find a sandy place thats always super busy when its warm out. You can either bring your own drinks or have some at the bar there.
2.     The Ring – whenever I have people over that haven't been to Vienna before I like to show them the ring, which surrounds the first district. You can walk along it and see all the important historic buildings like the university, cityhall, Burgtheater, Hofburg, opera, …
3.     Naschmarkt – a big market with amazing little restaurants inbetween. You can find anything from exotic fruits to hard-to-get herbs there. My 2 favorite places to eat there are Neni which is a little more casual or Nautilus which is an amazing seafood place.
1.     Vintage Flo – a vintage shop where you'll find vintage chanel earrings, next to designer costumes and amazing hats. Definitely not cheap but wonderful for browsing!!
2.     Türkenschanz Park – a wonderful place to spend a sunny afternoon or go for a picnic. There are little meadows, ponds and benches to catch some sun. 

3.      Cupcakes – it is the most adorable cupcake café and it just opened last September. I looove going there for a cupcake and latte with my girlfriends. You can also buy cute cakestands and cupcake-accessories there! 

Thanks Vicky!!! I cannot wait to visit you someday soon! ;)
Have you ever been to Vienna?

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Opposite lipstick said...

love ur blog!



hello there!! i love your blog! viena sounds soooo goood!!!! love it, however i havent been there... this easter i have been to france and belgique, tours, paris, brugge and gent. JUST GREEEAT! but one of my pending visits is vienna! KISSES From bilbao, spain!

fashionpart said...

nice photos!

Mery said...

nice blog...

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oh man i need to visit vienna, um now!!!!

LA said...

Great post!
Looking stunning in last pic!


Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Lovely post!!!


Miri said...

Actually I've visited Vienna one week ago and didn't see any of these recommendations (exception: Naschmarkt) and that's why I am sad now :(

Gawgus things... said...

I love Vicki's blog! These posts are fab! Thanks xx

Heidi said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful guide! Vienna looks beautiful! :)

...love Maegan said...

oh this post just makes me want to travel!!! So pretty !

Zoe Gabrielle said...

This looks great! I hope I can make it to Vienna and Budapest soon.

I love how my two favorite blogs are working together.

Keep up the great post!!!

Zoe Gabrielle

Anonymous said...

I want to just pack up a bag and travel to Vienna to visit all of these places:)

Anonymous said...

Used to live in Vienna for manymany years, & I'm totally with her when it comes to Naschmarkt, Freiraum and Türkenschanzpark - soo beautiful! (Imho) The rest (Dots, Rochus, Freiraum, Kinsky ...) are just overpriced spots for wannabes, snobs and trying-too-hards. But I guess if you're into that ...

Amber said...

I visited Vienna last summer and LOVED IT! What a gorgeous city.

Kimberley said...

I would love to visit there!
Love both of your blogs xx

katja said...

Hi there! I live in Bratislava (capital of Slovakia)what is just about 70-80 km from Vienna so I love Vienna but unfortunately haven´t been there for a long time only as a tourist....just work work work.so I have to make it soon.and recommend Naschmarkt.
oh and when you´re in Vienna for more then one day just come and visit Bratislava.it is a little big city that i really love.
When having more time I can try to make you some guide
have a nice and sunny spring Gaby :)

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