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You probably all know that New York is on top of my travel wish list, so when Helena from Brooklyn Blonde (one of my absolute favorite style blogs) agreed to share a mini New York guide with us, I was thrilled! I need to start saving those pennies and get over there ASAP! Anyone has a couch I could crash on? :D

Hi Guys,

When Gabby asked me to write up a mini guide to New York, the first thing I thought of was food! Yes, many people think of shopping when they think New York (which of course I'll get to) but I think it's equally known for their large variety of food. Whether you're on a budget or willing to spend some extra cash, here are some of my favorites of the moment:

Lower End
Di Fara’s Pizza:  Sure, you might have to venture out to Brooklyn for this pizza, but DiFara’s is arguably one of the best pizza places in New York. Wafer thin crusts, fresh basil, sweet sauce and a non-wood burning oven, makes this pizza stand above many others in the NY area.

Bleeker Street Pizza:  If you’re not willing to venture out to Brooklyn, Bleeker Street Pizza is another favorite. Traditional, NYC pizza in the heart of the West Village.

Shake Shack:  The burgers here are my favorite in New York and they’re the closest thing to having a West Coast burger. The (cheese) fries and milkshakes are also equally delicious! Come here during off hours (later in the afternoon) and you’ll avoid a long line.

Higher End (I suggest making reservations at all of the below)
Beauty & Essex:  An absolutely beautiful restaurant/lounge, which creates for the perfect opportunity to get all dolled up for. The food is good, but my favorite part is the great people watching, the music and the complimentary champagne in the ladies bathroom.

Balthazar: A classic NYC landmark with an authentic Parisian Brasserie atmosphere,  and although it’s usually packed with tourists, it’s equally packed with New York regulars. Easily one of my favorite places for brunch or for dinner.

Degustation: I'll only recommend this place to "foodies" or to those who are not afraid to try different things. If you're not a picky eater, this is easily in my top 3 favorites. The place is small, only seats 12 and you sit around an open kitchen and watch the chef prepare your food. I highly recommend the tasting menu if you go. This place is some what pricey, but worth every penny if food is your thing.

Cocktails and Other:
Verlaine: For a good happy hour spot with delicious $5 lychee martinis, this place is one of my favorites. I actually came here last week with a few girlfriends. We started off at Verlaine and then took a quick cab ride over to Beauty & Essex for a light dinner and great people watching.

Sweet Revenge: An adorable little cupcake shop that offers wine or beer beers pairings to go along with your cupcakes of choice.

The Standard: One of the most beautiful hotels and views of the city. Drinks are a bit pricey (typical NYC hotel prices) but you’re paying for the fabulous view and lounge area that the Standard provides.

Century 21: One of my personal favorites for getting some designer things for a fraction of the price. I rarely walk out of this store without buying something, but this store does get extremely crowded, so try to avoid it on the weekends (if you can) or after work.

LF Boutique: If you’re looking for something right on trend, LF is the best! Hard not to come into this store and not want half of the things in there. Also the only place where I can find certain shoes that are normally only available online.

Soho: The area in general is filled with almost every single store imaginable. Although Broadway is where all the major stores are (Top Shop, Bloomingdales, Sephora, Zara, H&M, Forever 21 and lots more) I prefer the side streets. Not as crowded and filled with charming little boutiques.

Beacons Closet (Vintage/Thrift): There are two locations in Brooklyn, but the one in Williamsburg is my favorite. I’ve scored vintage coats here, belts, shoes and basically never leave without finding something fabulous!

Night Life:
To narrow down specific spots is an impossible task.  Bars & lounges on every corner, a slew of hotel bars, and an equal amount of clubs give a never ending list of places to go once the sun goes down. If you’re looking to get dolled up and for a fancy party, head to Meat Packing. Keep in mind that weekdays (Tues-Thurs) are sometimes better than weekends. Finding a low key atmosphere is even easier. East Village, Lower East Side and the Upper West Side have dozens and dozens of bars. Even most nice restaurants turn into a scene later at night.

Allow yourself to really get lost in the city. Go down to the West Village, or the Upper West Side (my two favorite areas) and explore. Go up and down streets, walk into a random cafe and have a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, go into little boutiques..etc.  I've been living in NYC my entire life and I never get tired of just exploring. There is always something new to see and it's really my favorite way to get a feel of the neighborhoods, rather than hanging around Times Square or Midtown (which I'm not a fan of, at all). Hope this was helpful!


Thanks Girl! I'm looking forward to the day when I can visit your favorite places... hopefully really soon! ;)

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Ashley said...

Awesome post! I'm from NYC too so I knew about all of the places Helena mentioned. There's so many great things to see and so many places to visit that it's so hard to put them in a list and Helena did a great job!



Neris said...

Great guide... I've been to NY once and hopefully I'll visit again soon! Such an amazing city!


Fashion Fractions

Eda ♥ said...

Fabulous post G! Love NYC, the photographs are lovely, great style and mmm that pizza looks scrumptious!

Eda ♥

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

great guide!! i love beacons closet :)

<3 steffy
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vicky h. said...

I was lucky enough to get my own privat NYC guide from Helena before traveling there last summer!! I recognize a lot of these spots and I have to warn you ... EVERY single thing we did that Helena recommended was amazing!! :) Too much fun!!

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Anonymous said...

Hey Gabby, first of all I am absolutely in love with your blog and am finally commenting!

I absolutely love NYC and am so lucky to be living here right now. I can never get enough! I would totally let you crash on my couch if I had one - right now I can only afford a tiny little studio! Haha

Emmett Katherine said...

This post makes me want to go to New York! I've haven't travelled there.. yet!

Hope said...

Thank you so much for sharing!! My husband and I are moving to NYC at the end of the summer, and we'll definitely have to check out some of these spots. :)


Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

what a great post!!! awesome for peeps who don't know NYC or the bouroughs ..

ag. said...

I am SO using this guide when I eventually make it to New York one day!

Stephanie said...

Yay, I loved this post! Especially since I live just over an hour from NYC and usually spend at least one weekend a month there. I've never been to any of the restaurants Helena suggested, so now I have some new places to try out!

Oh, and I haven't been there in awhile, but I would totally suggest brunch at Tapeo 29, on the corner of Clinton & Stanton St. in the Lower East Side. My friend used to live a block away from it, and they would serve unlimited Bloody Marys, Mimosas, or Screwdrivers with brunch, and the food was SO good. :-)

Collections said...

Great recommendations. Love Balthazar and I work in Soho so my monetary funds are always running low. Gotta love the shops down here. Amazing.

Fashionable Collections

Alicia said...

Love Helena's guide to NYC...I'm saving this post! And I can't wait to go there again soon!

Heidi said...

Living in a small town most of my life I would probably be amazed with all the city and lights. I have always wanted to visit New York City. I would take a whole week just to visit there. hehe. The shopping would be amazing because I never have had the chance to visit stores like H&M and Zara.
Also I would go visit the major areas, like the museums, statue of liberty and Ellis Island.

Lena said...

Awww, NY is on top of my wish list as well! I can´t wait to fly over there at some stage! You´ve just got to save the money and have the time..

Love your blog by the way :-)


Nothing Lasts Forever said...

Nice the red jeans ! Check out my blog : http://nothinlasts.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

This is great. Will definitely be going back to this for my next visit to NY xx

Zoe Gabrielle said...

This is a proud New Yorker saying. . . DONT FORGET TO TRAVEL UPSTATE NEW YORK!!!!!!! We have woodstock, the catskills, Niagra Falls and more. Don't forget that!!!!



Lauren at Keep It Sweet said...

Love this! Some places I've actually never been to so adding them to my list:-)

Fash Boulevard said...

this post is perfection. so fun. and the outfits are AMAZING. thanks for another amazing post. would love if you stopped by to see an EXCLUSIVE preview of Rachel Zoe's new season and my latest Fabulous Friday post featuring my good friends and twin designers behind LA's hottest newt collection. xoxo


Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

Just wonderful and I agree that New York should be on the top of your must see travel list...I miss living in NYC so, so much...that city will always hold a piece of my heart!

Liesl :)

Neekoh said...

How amazing is this! Love the graphic up top, too :)


Chloe said...

Love this post! I've been a reader of both Gypsy Diaries and Brooklyn Blonde for a while - love that I can support two great gals in one comment!

chloe ** http://flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

Leah said...

Now you have me craving the East Coast! Stumbled upon your blog via song of style. You have great style!


Kylie said...

Hey Gabby, just got to say I've admired your blog for ages and this is just another one of your amazing posts! :)

I love NYC!


Natalie Suarez said...

gorgeous! i love it :)


jill said...

I love your shorts and shoes! what an amazing outfit.


The World Tour said...

nice blog dear,

we're gypsetting too, but with our sailboat around the world. Currently we're soaking in the wonderful life and sun in the Caribbean. Pacific and Asia next!

/T from The World Tour

Andrea Reh said...

That pizza looks incredible! Just discovered your blog, will be following you from now on - would love if you stopped by mine sometime.

Andrea x

Ksenia said...

Always wanted to go to New York so in case an opportunity arises I am printing this quide out ;)


Fydez said...

Your outfits are darling! I have never been to New York, ever. Now you make me want to pack my bags and go! Haha. xx

Michelle Lee said...

great post :)


Kristina said...

makes me so wish i could go back to new york real soon! such a great city!!! super post!

Anonymous said...

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Helene Adélé said...

Great Idea... follow my blog for handpicked free +cheap cool NYC events!

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meggan said...

Great blog...thanks for the suggestions! I am so excited to visit NYC in a couple weeks, I have been planning my trip for 2 months now and definatley want to find the hottest spots for shops and boutiques. Since NYC shopping is so vast and there is so much to see I have been looking for tools to help guide me. The best one I have found so far is a website called CityMaps. It is GREAT! It has everything and is very easy to understand and follow. Cant wait to use it in the big apple!

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