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First of all, a giant glittery thank you to everyone who has submitted name ideas for my photography company. It was a pleasure reading through your submissions and it was hard to narrow it down to only 5. I had a list of 10+ of my favorite submisssions but after googling them all, I've unfortunately discovered that many of the names were already taken, so if you think you came up with a really cool name and you don't see  it in the sidebar as one of the five options, this might be the reason!

Now the even more exciting part of the competition begins, finding the one and only name which will shape my future business, branding and ultimately will have an impact on my whole life! ;) I said it before, I'll say it again, it is my utmost pleasure to be able to involve you in this journey and I love to interact with you in this level. Let's see, maybe I'll  even let you choose my logo ;) but let's not get ahead of ourselves, let me describe you in a few short sentences why I chose the names I did.

One of the main elements of my brand will be FUN so I was glad to see some submissions involving this word. I ultimately chose FunFlare to be part of my top list because lens flare is something very close to my heart. I remember the very first picture I've taken and been proud of as a photographer was a heavily backlight portrait with a beautiful lens flare in the corner. That's one of those moments that made me want to become a professional photographer, hence Fun + Flare seems to be a very apprpriate company name that I could totally relate to and ROCK!

There is not much to say here, I just love this name, simple, easy to remember and true to who I am as a photographer. I aspire to create bohemien, soft, sunfilled images  that have a very editorial feel and BohoLux is definitely a very catchy, well marketable name I would love to have.

I'm smitten with word games and Loverdose is such a cool name for a photography company in my view! I love that you can read it many different ways, but the meaning stays the same.... I'll mostly be photographing people in love so a love overdose is definitely something I'm excited to be looking forward to in the most positive sense of the word. Do you like it?

Simple, Clean and to the point. Glossy reflects the high quality finishing, which I'm all about but could also refer to gloss as lipstick... so photography + beauty... totally what I'm all about. Like it very much.

I was playing with the idea of using a French or maybe Spanish word as my company name, but I still wanted it to be easily understandable for everyone around the world and I think En Route hits the right cord. You know I'm traveling all the time and I want my business to be truly international as well. I want to shoot weddings, portraits in as many corners of the world as possible, hence the name En Route (on the way) seems to be perfect for what my business will be all about.

That's my review of the names, I love and could relate to every single one of them. Now I put my faith in your hands and let you decide which one will be the right one. So please help me out and vote in the poll in the sidebar! The poll closes on the 22nd of July at 11:59 PM and I'll announce my company name on the 23rd! EXCITING!!!

Thank you again, and again, and again! And now... go VOTE! ;)

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Salomé said...

áh ez a loverdose zseniális szerintem, kíváncsian várom az eredményt =)

path to positive said...

I am loving Boholux Photography!


sherri lynn said...

Great names! I like Boholux the best:)

CHANNIE ♥ said...

Hard to choose, everything's fine!

But I like Boholux and En route :)

Anastasia said...


Kezia Mariska said...

Boholux photography sounds great! Yes, I like Boholux. It's unique.


viviane / hippiebohoreloaded. said...

boholux of course, that's you ;) all the best for your company, my dear, no matter how it's called :)

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Sorry Guys! I'm having major issues with the poll... I had to reinstall and I'm not even sure if it's properly working right now.... ;( I'd appreciate if you could vote again! Thanks!

http://www.victorypug.com said...

Great names :)
I like the glossy one!
Always keep pronounceableness in mind ;)

2Gitanas said...

I voted already...the competition is tight! good luck with everything!! want to follow us?

Laura said...

BohoLux for sure! It fits :)

Neris said...

YAAAAAAAY! Im so happy my suggestion is up there :)
Can't wait for the results to come up :)


Fashion Fractions

Anonymous said...

i voted! i love love love en route!

Carla McCarthy said...

I love Loverdose , which for meas a lot of love! Love too much!

following you!

Lauren and Julie said...

I think I love Fun Flare! So catchy.

Kinsey Michaels said...

I love Boho Lux since it sounds really girly, but En Route is cool too and seems very true to you.

Katie said...

Definitely Boholux!!!


Michelle T said...

I like FunFlare the best. Lens flare just makes a picture so wonderfully atmospheric and personal - like something extra to a pic. I think Boholux is a little too fashionable for longevity. En Route is also nice - you seem to travel a lot.

All the best - hope your fave gets picked!

Maria C said...

Good Luck!

Maria xx

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