Early Fall

Blazer - Zara, Scarf - H&M, Pants - New Yorker, Clutch - Vintage Louis Vuitton,  Wedges - Asos

I know what you must be thinking... someone tell that girl that it's summer and you're not supposed to wear scraves in the summer! Well my virtual friends, it looks like we are looking into a very early fall in Berlin city (I mean look at all those leaves on the ground)! We are lucky enough to experience four seasons in almost every day and it truly makes dressing up easy! Heat, rain, wind, cold... we have it all! 

I'm happy to report that even after a week of sales shopping with my mum, I managed to stay a good girl and have only bought a few items, like this white blazer that I had on my wishlist for some time now! I think it will be a perfect transitional piece for fall. 

I'd love to hear what you've splurged on this sales season! Anything goooooood?

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little t said...

Love the scarf print. Alltogether, a very classy look :)

http://www.victorypug.com said...

Love you Blazer!
I bought way too many maxi skirts on SALE - hope they turn out as transition skirts as well ;)

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

im pretty jealous of that fall weather! its going to be 100 today...a little too hot. ah well :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Anonymous said...

So classy! Love the muted colors and leopard scarf for an edge!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Emma said...

Lovely look, I love the scarf!!! Love dressing up for fall!!! :)

xo Emma!


Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

I bought too much stuff, as usual.. mostly at zara :) I love your blazer, was looking for something similar but without luck!


Fashion Fractions

adele said...

Love your scarf! The weather here in the UK sounds like Berlin's!!! Thanks for stopping by to see me xoxo

Style-Pursuit said...

Actually, I haven't bought that much this time... Just a pair of cheapo shoes from H&M! :o)
Your blazer looks awesome!


Gawgus things... said...

Can't believe it's cool enough for you to be wearing a scarf!!

Marissa at Style Cusp said...

This white blazer is SO perfect for transitioning to fall. Love it! And, go ahead and wear your scarves whenever you want - they are the perfect accessory to dress up any outfit, and looks fabulous with this one!


ag. said...

Oooh, no splurges for me yet but I love that white blazer! Looks so great on you!

I can't believe it's like fall for you...I'm still waiting for the summer to come to Vancouver!

Heidi said...

It was a late summer for us, it hasn't even got that warm like usual here (we usually get up to 100 degrees). I am kind of excited for fall...lol even though I am enjoying summer very much :)


love those riding pants gabby!! excellent photos as well:)

electric fringe

Anonymous said...

lovely! I'm looking forward to fall, personally. It's too damn hot over here.


Glory said...

You are perfect!

rebecca said...

This outfit is so equestrian chic! I love it!


marcella said...


Laura said...

You look gorgeous in that last photo! Love the blazer, too.

Liesl said...

Oh how I love Fall! You look lovely and I am such a fan of the white blazers...must find one of my own!

Liesl :)

Anonymous said...

you look beautiful! Fall is definitely the best season for clothes!

Carolynn Cecilia said...

oh my! it's sweltering in NYC right now! just looking at you, adorable ensemble and all, makes me uncomfortable. thats said... i can't wait for autumn.

Sara C. said...

I'm not surprised by the weather in Berlin: I'm surprised yestarday I couldn't go to the seaside because it was so cold and I live in Italy!!!
Sara C.


the blazer is really a great transformation piece! I was an evil girl and ordered some great boho stuff from free people twice :) have a great week

Anna said...

well isn't this outfit just gorgeous! Fall isn't so bad anyway, especially if you can wear scarves like you're rockin' here :)

Anna xo


Hillary said...

That outfit is sexy without being raunchy. Good job! You look distinguished!


The doll on fashion said...

You look fantastic in this outfit, love the neutral pallette.

The doll on fashion

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Sabrina said...

I love the clean whiteness of your outfit, especially with the pop of the leopard! Great photos.


Erica [a pocket full of chuckles] said...

I love this look. It's crazy to think you're getting dressed for fall weather when it's been 110 degrees F in Washington, DC! I'm jealous!

vicky h. said...

GABBY, you look b.o.m.b. here!! love this outfit!! and yess, you may be getting just a little ahead of yourself in terms of seasons :) but it is an amazing outfit, so you're forgiven!

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Lindsay With An "A" said...

LOVE this look! You look like a world-class traveler! :) SO chic!

Michelle of Chellbellz said...

i love those pants! You look amazing! With the recent heat waves in DC I am surely glad to welcome the fall! I live for boots anyway!

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