Weighing Issues

Typical Breakfast - Fruit Cocktail

I don't even want to count how many times I've mentioned that dreaded health bandwagon on this blog, but the truth is it's time for me to jump back on it again. I'm one of those girls who gains a kilo by eating a plate of pasta and hence I haven't really been happily doing that without any second thoughts or regrets probably since I was 14, which is almost 50% of my life. Lately all the traveling and eating out has taken its toll on me.... I just haven't been feeling so great about myself and the way I look. I know I know you gonna say I look great and I have nothing to worry about but last week while I was home I found an old photoalbum from my late teens, when I was 10kg (about 22 lbs) less than now.... God, who was that girl??? I almost haven't recognised myself, I looked so pretty (if I can say so myself :)) and happy! (That pictures is on my fridge door now for motivation ;)

My favorite salad made of cucumber, cocktail tomatoes, corn, raddish, feta cheese and chicken breast

One of my goals on the 11 for 11 list was to get healthy and back into a weight I feel comfortable in, hence I've decided that now, less than 4 months before the end of the year it's time to get started on that new year resolution! 10kgs Bye Bye! I'm trying to go about it the healthy way this time (no crazy detox) which means lots of fruits, veggies and protein and minimal carbs. My daily menu consists of a giga mega fruit shake for breakfast with as much fruits as I can fit in my mixer, a healthy lunch of greek salad with chicken or spinach with eggs, lots of sunflower seeds (can't live without) for evening snack and post workout protein shakes. I've also amped up my fitness routine which basically has been non existent in the past few weeks... Gym 4-5 times a week, mostly for spinning, kick box and weight classes. Let's get this ball running! We still have time before the new year rings in! ;) 

Delicious and Quick - Pureed Spinach with Mirror Eggs

Have a healthy weekend everyone! ;)

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Leya said...

great post! i don't gain weight easily, and sometimes i eat whatever i want. however i'm scared if that change after i get married. so it's better to start taking care of what we eat right. :DD

O. said...

Seems like dieting and weight is something that always seems to pop in and out of my life. I have been bad with my food choices and been lazy lately. I too need to kick start myself into gear and get healthy

Manding. said...

totally understand. i've always been athletic throughout secondary school.. i go to the gym at least 4 times a week. But i absolutely love meat and cheese! can't help it. it feels good to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that i can reward myself with some pork belly...and a pair of nicely fit skinny jeans !!

Emily Bayley said...

I love eating healthier foods because it makes my body feel better, now when I eat junk like fast food I just feel greasy and full. Hommus is my favorite :)


adele said...

Go for it Gabby! Exercise has to become part of your daily routine. I used to travel a lot with my job, but I always swam in the hotel pool before breakfast - great way to start the day xoxo

Sabrina T. said...

OMG these pics are really...great and..I would eat all:)

VFNO in Milan on mine..kiss

Patchwork à POrter

Anonymous said...

I totally feel you on this one! about a month ago I was searching for a post on my blog and then i saw this picture of me 20 kg slimmer and bursted in tears, I have already started a diet plan and have lost 4 kgs already! Wish you luck! ;)

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Style-Pursuit said...

Well, I do keep some old pictures of mine to keep me motivated, but in my case, it's a whole different story... Basically, I was about 15 kilos "bigger" in my late teens, so now, my daily diet is all about not going back to some old bad habits... :o) And yes, it ain't easy at all and consists of many regrets!

Good luck on achieving your goal! I'm sure you can do that! :o)


vicky h. said...

ohh i love it!! I've totally been slacking since I got back form CA and need to get back into it as well :)

So healthy food it is when you come to visit!!

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

DelbaMé said...

Well it looks as if you're doing a great job! And all of those foods look too good to be true. haha. Good luck and enjoy your weekend:]


Anonymous said...

living a healthy life is so important! You can do it!

Gawgus things... said...

Totally with you on this one. I've taken my eye off the ball during the hols and feel sluggish and yuck at the mo so fruit and veg here I come!! xxx

Corey @ Learning Patience said...

Whoo hoo....:-) You do look great, but its totally about the way you FEEL!
p.s. what are mirror eggs?
xoxo from Barbados

Catita said...

I am sure you can do, I totally understand what you mean and I feel the same, I've been going to the gym which is a start but you have motivated me to go even further, eating better!


Michelle of Chellbellz said...

I need to get that spinach recipe.

Anonymous said...

I too love pasta and carbs, but then a week or less later I regret that uncomfortable feeling in my abs (or lack there of), and I have a certain weight I'm most comfortable under as well!
good luck! you should post the recipe/how to for the pureed spinach :D

XO Sahra

Annie said...

girrrrrlll... totally understand!! it's veggie burgers and salad for me and the gym! .. get so sick of it sometimes, but it does pay off - have lost 25 lbs.

thanks for sharing :-)


Mrs. C said...

I think everyone struggles in different ways their their weight and body image. It takes a lot to not just complain about it but rather really get on a program and regiment that will make you feel better. Kudos!! I'm working on a plan as well! Happy weekend!

Recipes Fashion Marriage

xoxo, dania said...

YUMM it all looks soo delicious!


superhappyjohi said...

Hey Gabby, good luck! Try green smoothie (for example blend spinach with banana, other fruits and icecubes) it gives tons of energy! Much better than coffee! Good luck with all! Just do it! :)

Jacqueline said...

Ahh that food looks so good :)! And I vote yes!

Fash Boulevard said...

this looks so delicious. adore this post. if you get a second I'd would love to hear what you think of my latest outfit post. xoxo


Hillary said...

Good luck! This seems like something we can all relate too.


Natasha said...

I always feel a lot better about myself if I'm fueling my body with healthy foods. My mood seems to fluctuate with my vitamin levels so when all I eat is pasta & cheese, I feel groggy & cranky so it makes eating healthy a little easier. You DO look great but I know how you feel - even a day of healthy eating turns my frown upside down.


Koltunovskaya said...

This food looks great! I am hungry now))

PHILO said...

you are so right!! :-) and the food looks delicious!


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