About Gabby

Hi, I´m Gabby! I´m a photographer, a modern gypsy, a global citizen, a flower child, an explorer, an emotional junkie and an ice cream addict. I love discovering new corners of the world, taking pictures along the way and chronicling my adventures through this blog.

I currently live in Berlin, Germany but I´m moving to Barcelona, Spain in October 2011. In the last 10 years I´ve lived in more than 20 apartments in 4 countries so I like to call myself a global citizen (or simply a gypsy ;) )! Being able to combine my two greatest passions, traveling and photography is what makes me the luckiest girl! I travel A LOT! ;)

You can read my daily ramblings on Twitter or you can drop me an email regarding collaborations or sponsorship.

You can read about my photography work on my other blog, En Route Photography or you could also check my business' Facebook page for updates and inspiration.

If you want to keep reading about my adventures you can follow me though Google Friend Connect, Bloglovin or you can subscribe to my RSS feed.

Thanks so much for stopping by! ;) I hope one day we can meet in person!

What camera do you use?Up until the end of July 2011, I  used a Nikon D300 (Nikon D3000 at the very beginning). In July 2011 I've upgraded my gear to a Canon 5D Mark ii and I'm loving it! ;) I have an endless wish list of camera gear including many lenses and a Contax 645 film camera.How come you travel so much and how can you afford it?I get this question a lot! ;) In a nutshell, I've spent almost all the money I've ever earned on plane tickets (which are pretty cheap if you travel within Europe) and my friends and family live all over Europe so I almost never pay for accommodation. I'm very passionate about discovering the world, one country at a time! ;) If you'd like to know more, please check out this interview I had a few months back with lots of details about my globetrotting.What languages do you speak?Hungarian is my mother tongue, English is my most used language (but I know my writing could definitely be better ;) and I'm fluent in Spanish and German too.
Where and what did you study in college/university?  

I've finished a double degree program at the Budapest Business School and the Dutch Avans University in International Marketing. I also finished one semester in an art school studying photography, but I've soon discovered that I learn faster on my own. ;)
Who are your favorite designers/fashion brands?Most of the items in my closet are from Zara, Mango and H&M. My dream closet would consist of Cynthia Vincent, Winter Kate, Elisabeth & James and Missoni pieces. I do have a few favorite, higher end items like my Michael Kors watch, Louis Vuitton clutch or my Moschino belt, but lately my focus is shifting from wanting the greatest and latest to wanting only pieces that will last forever. I'm actually planning to sell a lot of my designer gear in the next few months to invest in new lenses, so watch out if you want to grab a bargain! ;)What are your favorite blogs, daily reads?Check my right sidebar for my current blog roll, I'm updating it quite often!P.S: My illustration in the left sidebar was drawn by the insanely talented Rosa & Carlotta from Illustrated Moodboard. Thanks Ladies! ;)


hippyatheart said...

really great to read all the facts about you, you are really a gypsy ;) and the illustration is soooo cute!

Unknown said...

I really enjoy reading your blog every day :) Keep up the good work and I've added you in my blogroll so others can see your beautiful photos. :)

Sascha said...

I see that we're somewhat alike...I have lived in four countries and speak four languages as well :-) love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I've just found your blog via Cupcakes and Cashmere, is fantastic! I like your pics very much and u seem a very positive person! I'll follow you!!

P.S.: I've read the post about italian food. Good job, I'm Italian ( I live near Milan), and I was very happy to see your passion for my beautiful country!

With love,

Ciaooooooooooooooooooooo hasta pronto guapìsima!

Unknown said...

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