October Photography Roundup

October has been a month full of excitement and emotions, one that I will never forget for sure! In spite of moving to Barcelona, I´ve worked hard on my photography business and I´m hoping to launch my official website in November too. Here is what I´ve been up to on En Route this month:

I´ve published some homey, very sweet family portraits I took in Vienna, Austria...

... and some fall inspired outdoor pictures of the same family.

I gave a sneak peek of a beauty session that is still to be published in November.

I´ve shared the results of a very nice birthday gift by a gorgeous soon to be momma.

I loved shooting these two lovebirds who I met last year in Egypt! They came to Berlin for their engagement session and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding in Hungary next summer!

I still had a few images to share from my stay in Dublin with this hot little family including these marina  images...

... and these adorable shots of baby Sebastian.

Kiki´s fashion inspired shoot was so much fun to work on!

While Bonnie´s bridal images are probably the ones that I´m most proud of in my portfolio to date! It was such an honor that these images were featured in Rock n  Roll Bride (one of my favorite wedding blogs!).
Be sure to check out my spankin´new En Route promo video if you haven´t already!

Here is to a productive November! ;)

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...these are a few of my favorite things...

One of the most annoying things in waiting to find a flat was not having my clothes and stuff with me. I flew to Spain with 20kgs and just the most important things, so I´ve been living in 3 Tshirts, 1 leggings, 1 pair of jeans and one pair of boots for the past two weeks. It also doesn´t make my dressing up in the morning easier that just before I came it was 30C and full sunshine, while the past week it has definitely cooled down and has rained almost every day. I´m longing for my knitted jumpers, my rainboots and my umbrellas, but in the meantime I´m trying the make the best of what I have and hopefully my stuff will find its way to my new closet before the end of the week! ;)

I´d love to wear this today:
1. Joe Browns Snuggly Cardigans 
2. Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Medium Tote in Khaki
3. Paige Premium Denim Paloma Leather Leggings
4. Marc Jacobs Jungle Umbrella
5. and I think it´s time to rewatch Vicky Cristina Barcelona (one of my favorite movies ever)
6. Marc Jacobs Khaki Rainboots 

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Back to Fitness

Before moving to Barcelona I was finally on the right track with my fitness life. I went to the gym 4-5 times a week and I started to feel some muscles emerging where there wasn´t any before... ;) However, in the last two weeks I haven´t done anything (unless you count running around in the city like a mad woman looking for flats fitness) and I definitely started to feel the lack of it. Yesterday I signed up to one of the prettiest gyms I´ve ever been to and I´m happy and excited to get spinning and kickboxing back into my daily activities! ;) Viva la fitness life! Have a great weekend!

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My New Gypsy Pad

After 10 days of searching for the perfect flat, I´ve concluded that it´s impossible and I´ve rented the big room next to Sagrada Familia yesterday. It hasn´t been an easy decision but one I had to make rather sooner than later. For the last 10 days I´ve been staying with a friend of a friend who was nice enough to put me up, but I thought I´d only stay 2-3 days so even though they were very nice and understanding, I started to feel like I´m overstaying my welcome. 

Also, the flatsearch has been a rather frustrating process, as I told you before so after 10 days of looking at flats and loosing several because I preferred to look for a better one, I decided that I just have to pick up one for now and I can still change anytime I want in the future... right?

I know most of you recommended the smaller room next to the beach, but there are several, very important reasons why I felt like it was not the place for me. One of the most important contra was that in a tiny room, with a sinle bed (and no sleeping sofas in the living room) I could never had anyone coming over and as I already have 2 girlfriends wanting to visit before the end of the year it was just not suitable. Also, being home most of the day, it is indeed important to have a big room, not to mention I have no idea where I would have put all my stuff in that space. :) (Also let´s admit I´m a sissy and 4th floor without an elevator seemed to be a big climb on a daily basis ;)))

Anyway, my new place is like no places I´ve ever stayed before. It´s a real bohemienne artist space with art all over the place, furnished mostly with flea market finds. It´s not pretty, but very relaxed and I like my new flatmates so let´s see how it will all work out. I´m already staying here, but right now only in the guestroom as I can only move in my room on the 1st of November, but I cannot wait to pimp up the place a bit and share some pictures with you soon! It will be a real DIY and hopefully an amazing transformation! ;)

Stay tuned! 

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Before coming to Barcelona, I thought that one of the most exciting parts of moving would be the flathunt. I´ve always loved to see other people´s flats and I´ve always liked to play with the idea of finding the perfect flat in Barcelona. My big excitement is slowly turning into a big disappointment though... I´ve been looking for 9 days know, have seen more than 30-35 flats and I still haven´t found what I´m looking for. Or rather I´ve found 3 that I´ve really liked but all 3 has chosen someone else, for the same reason... they preferred someone who is not working from home. Bummer. Other than these three I´ve seen everything there is... dirty hostels turned into apartments for the winter, dark small holes advertised as spacious luxury rooms, 7th floor apartments without an elevator, junkytowns, old retired ladies who rent out rooms... and of course none of these were mentioned in the ad.

I wake up every day thinking that today will be the day that I find my flat! Today I have 2 more appointments and then I have to make a decision as being homeless is just not an option anymore. So far there are 2 that I could probably live in.... one of them is a nice but rather small room close to the beach, the other one is a really big room but in an old, not so pretty apartment close to the Sagrada Familia.... which would you choose? 

Wish me luck! I hope one of the 2 rooms today will be the one! ;)

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En Route Promo Video

I´m still in flathunting hell mode and spend most days walking around Barcelona like a crazy person visiting 5-8 apartments a day. It´s an exhausting process which didn´t allow me to blog too much this week. So far it´s going great though! I´m getting to know the city, meeting new and old friends, visiting exhibitions and I even saw a catalan play in the theatre! 

To make up for the lack of posts I´ve decided to share my final En Route promo video with you guys. World premiere!!! ;) I absolutely HATE myself on video, but oh well, hello! this is me! I hope you like it!

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A new beginning....

Among unbelieveable emotions I´ve landed in Barcelona yesterday afternoon! ;) When you want something your whole life, it really can be quite unbelieveable to actually be living it! I still can´t believe I´m here! Half the day I was walking around the city center hummung to myself... "I can´t believe I´m here, I can´t believe I´m here..." and the other half I started searching for my new room/apartment. I thought this would be my favorite part of the process, but to be honest I´m already bored. There are very few available rooms with my specifications, (big room, centric, nice location, cool flatmates... etc) but luckily I´ve managed to find one I like, plus I have 3-4 other appointments scheduled for today... I think by the end of the day I´ll choose my new home! ;) Wish me luck!

My first meal in Spain: a delicious Spinach + Goat Cheese + Apricot salad with an apricot-vanilla dressing in the cool area of Born (possibly my new home ;)

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En Route Video Peek

I can hardly believe that this is my last weekend in Berlin! This week have been full of packing, arranging, organizing, gooodbyes and nice dinners... and 2 suitcases and 7 boxes later I´m almost ready to go! One of the things I had to cross off my to do list was to sit down with my videographer and edit the mini En Route promo video we shot in Berlin 2 weeks ago. It´s almost finished! Here are a few sneak peeks from the shoot, you can also check out the bridal images I shot on top of this breathtaking penthouse in Berlin on the En Route blog here. Full video coming next week! ;) Have a great weekend!

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Cooking for Fall: All In Risotto

Now that the temperatures have started to sink heavily in Berlin, I'm craving more and more 'real' warm food, and a simple salad or fruit bowl just don't satisfy me anymore. Last night I had this humungus craving for a risotto and I simply gave in. I tried to stay on the healthy side with lots of veggies, chicken breast and brown rice, the result was simply divine! What I love most about risottos is that you can really use whatever you find in your fridge... this time I used onions, bell peppers and courgette, added some chicken breast and tomato sauce, than finally I whisked in the rice. It doesn't get much simpler than this. Bon Appetite!
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Moving On

Today, yet again, I started packing up my life. After about 30 minutes frentic clothes throwing I´ve decided that I deserve a break and it´s time to write a post about this whole process. 

I´m feeling all kinds of emotional today... sad, excited, happy, disappointed... everything rolled into one big emotional dumpling which is not so easy to swallow. I´m looking forward to moving to Barcelona more than I could ever tell you but I´m also kinda sad and nostalgic that I´m closing this Berlin chapter of my life. So many things happened in the past 5 years... new friends, new loves, new jobs, new passions... and even though I´ve never been in love with Berlin I´ll surely miss it!

You´d think that I´m a pro in packing by now considering that I´ve moved more than 20 times in the last 10 years but I tell ya... it never gets easier.. all the stuff I have is overwhelming! Sometimes I just wanna throw everything out, pack one suitcase and start really living like a gypsy.... 

Anyway, five massive moving boxes are calling my name so I better get back to them.

Just wanted to say thank you again for all your love and support. It was wonderful reading your comments on my changes post and I was surprised to see how many of you are going through a similar, difficult time in your lives... to all of you.... this is for you!!! Stay positive! Good things are coming your way! I know that my life will turn upside down in Barcelona but I also know that it will be wonderful! I CANNOT WAIT!!! ONE WEEK!

All images /quotes via Pinterest

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...these are a few of my favorite things...

1. Marc Jacobs - Pretty Nylon Laptop Case 13´ This would be perfect for my Macbook Pro. I have a generic black sleeve, which is defo due for an update!
2. Marc Jacobs Warp Ikat iPhone 4 case As soon as I get my new iPhone 4S this baby is gonna lend in my shopping cart!
3. ASOS Knitted Dress in Aztec Print LOVE!
4. Low Luv by Erin Wasson Gold Plated Aztec Ring Can I have the whole Erin Wasson collection please?
5. House of Harlow Aztec Bangles with Leather How fun would be to wear all these together r even separately for understated cool?
6. BCB Generation Aztec Clutch I can sure imagine myself going out with this beauty!
7. Senso Diffusion Narcisco Wedges Oh how I can see myself roaming the streets of Barcelona in these! Gypsy Perfection!
8. DVF Rochelle PomPom Embellished Scarf So so pretty! Would keep me warm on fall shoots.
9. Urban Outfitters Aztec Sequin Clutch (on Sale!) Partytime!!!

Have a woderful Sunday lovelies! ;)

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What's in my camera bag?

Happy Saturday Blogosphere! Check out the THEIT Tumblr for a small interview with me on what I carry in my camera bag! ;) Enjoy!

(You can still get a 15% discount by using the coupon code LOVEGYPSY15 for any Theit bags ;))

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