Hallo Wien!

I think I would have fallen in love with Vienna had it not been so so similar to Budapest. You can definitely tell that these two majestic cities once belonged to the same empire, the architecture, the food, the mood and the people in general are just so similar. I remain partial to Budapest, just because that breathtaking views alongside the Danube, but Vienna is definitely a city I could live in... or visit over and over again! ;)

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Lunch at Naschmarkt

Ever since I saw a post about one of Vicky's favorite brunch places on the Viennese Naschmarkt (NeNe), I've been craving hummus non stop! I knew that one of the things we absolutely had to do is to go for a nice oriental lunch followed by some delicious frozen yoghurt while I was in Vienna. FroYo places are hard to come by in Europe so it was a definitely welcome change to my usual ice cream run. We spent the afternoon shopping, sightseeing and indulging in the gorgeous sun... and my friends, that's what I call a perfect girl date! ;) 

My hummus with falafel and pickled vegetables gulped down with some home made limonata.

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Viennese Stairs

Paisley Shirt - Mango, Leggings & Leather Boots - Zara, Headband - Vicky's, Camera Bag - c/o THEIT

Yes, I admit it! I'm absolutely obsessed with my THEIT bag! I adore it because it´s roomy and fits everything without screaming camera bag from far away. They are pretty hard to come by as they are constantly sold out, BUT a little birdie told me that they just got new stocks so get it while it´s hot! You can use the promo code LOVEGYPSY15 at checkout to get 15% off your new bag! ;) Sweet!

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Fajitas Party

It´s been a looong time since I´ve made fajitas (see recipe here) and it´s been probably even longer since I´ve cooked with someone else, but luckily it turns out that with Vicky we fit perfectly in the kitchen ;). As a result, our chicken fajitas with creamed corn salad has evaporated sooner than I could have taken pictures of the final products! ;) It´s my favorite thing to cook for dinner parties because it´s versatile, delicious, impressive and super easy to make! What´s your go to meal to cook for guests?

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Gypsies & Passports

Sunnies - Mango, Scarf - H&M (similar HERE), Watch - Michael Kors, Camera Bag - c/o THEIT, Skirt - Vintage Lux, Leather Boots & Leather Jacket - Zara (similar HERE)

I was extra super douper excited to fly to Vienna for a photoshoot because it meant that I get to catch up with Vicky! Miss Bikinis&Passports was the first blogger I have ever met in real life when she visited Budapest with her friends about a year ago and we have been blogger besties ever since. The past two days have been full of blog brainstorming, tips sharing and filling in the real life gaps (spiced up with some photoshoots, cupcakes and gelato ;).  She not only let me crash at her place but have also been taking me around, showing me the best of her Vienna! (you can check her Vienna city guide here)

I love blogging for many reasons, but the most important one is the real life connections I get to make with amazing girls all over the world. Even if it´s just sending a personal message on twitter, leaving an extra special comment, doing a photoshoot or meeting up for coffee, these connections always makes me appreciate my baby blog that much more. I only wish Vicky and I would live in the same city so we could inspire each other and take pictures together more often! ;) THANK YOU VICKY for being the sweetest, cutest blogger bestie ever and thank you for letting me crash at your place!

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Raid my Closet!

With the move nearing in, I've decided to clean out my closet and sell a lot of stuff I treasure, but do not wear too often. It will be hard to say goodbye to these babies, but something's gotta give and as I'll probably only have a small room with a small closet, in Barcelona, I need to find new homes for these babies! There is a lot more I'm selling, so check out my Ebay account if you're interested and Good Luck Bidding! ;)

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Hair Inspiration

I don´t know what it is about breakups (and childbirth) that make women want to do crazy things with their hair, but I definitely have the urge to change things up a little. I´m thinking long, sleek bob with side bangs in a vanillamocha highlighted color (a la Jennifer Aniston). What do you think??? I think I´m calling my hairdresser tomorrow! I haven´t had hair that short for at least 5 years! ;D EXCITING... step one to a new me!

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The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster of feelings, hot and cold, ups and downs and I finally feel ready to share them with you. The sad truth is that, after more than 3 years, AC and I have split up. We´ve always been one of those couples that fight a lot but somehow we thought that our love will carry us through all of our problems, until one day we´ve decided that we just cannot fight anymore. There is nothing more I can or want to say about that, I´ve been pretty much hidden under the blanket for the past two weeks, thinking about life, love and what´s next for me. When you imagine your whole life with someone, a breakup can really shake you up... I feel like I´m staring at a blank canvas, with my story ready to be rewritten.

During one of these underblanket soul-searching sessions I´ve decided it´s time to do what I´ve been dreaming about since I was 12. I bought a one way ticket to Barcelona... and one month from today I´ll be landing with my camera and suitcase to start a brand new life in my favorite city on Earth!

I really believe that when a door closes a window opens somewhere and I try to stay positive and think of all the new opportunities and adventures I have ahead of me. It´s exciting and scary and I´m sooo ready to do it! Wish me luck! ;)

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Fall Wishlist

I guess the title of the post could also be... if I had a million dollars... as this fall is definitely about downsizng my closet rather than upsizing, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

1. I need a chunky black cardigan like this Ralph Lauren one!
2. I´ve been wanting an iPhone since version 1... I hear iPhone 5 is coming out later this year and that might just be the time for me to become an iPhone addict!
3. YSL artsy ring in black and silver... dream dream dream!
4. ACNE Pistol boots... I´m definitely in need of some comfy yet stylish booties for fall!
5. Diego Bucket Bag by Alexander Wang... number one on my (long) bag wish list right now!
6. Canon G12... I need a camera for everyday use... my 5D Mark ii is too big and I´m too scared for it to carry it around everywhere I go. ;)

What´s on your dream wishlist for fall?

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Recent Finds

I thought today I´d share with you some of my recent discoveries in the blogosphere:

I´ve discovered Anh´s blog just a few weeks ago and her sophisticated yet fun style has captured me immediately. Definitely one of the new style blogs to watch!
Moorea is a girl after my own heart! An illustrator, a graphic designer and a maker of beautiful jewelry. Her blog is full of inspirational pics, outfit posts and just pure cuteness. Oh and she´s also a rad musician!

If I were a graphic designer, I´d want to be Promise! I adore her aesthetics and her fun personality. One day she will design a website for me! ;)

Mandy is a photography addict like myself and her site is full of great projects and fun inspiration! Check it out and get lost in all things pretty!

We know that a combination of a food blog and a personal style blog is always a winning match and Emma´s blog has perfected that recipe. She lives all of our dreams by owning a cupcake store in addition to working in a vintage store with her sister.

These ladies inspire me day to day to be a better blogger and even though things have been a little slow over here these days, I promise there is a very good reason for it! My life has turned upside down in the past few weeks and I cannot wait to share what´s ahead, scary and exciting as it may be! ;)

In the meantime do let me know about your new blog discoveries! Who should I start following today? ;)

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