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The web is buzzing with Katie Daisy's fun prints and I thought I jump on that bandwagon and share my favorite prints with you as well. I love how everyone can relate to her prints, be it a traveller, a tree hugger or lovers!!! :) Well, I guess noone is surprised that I like her travel related prints the most! :) Here are some of my favorites.

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Just read...

When people ask me who my favorite author is, I normally say Paulo Coelho. He is the only author from whom I try to read everything he writes (there is still tons of his books on my to read list!). After reading The Alchemist, 11 Minutes, Veronica decides to die and Like a flowing river, last week I finished his latest book, The Winner Stands Alone

"The Winner Stands Alone is the enthralling new novel by the incomparable Paulo Coelho. The story is set during the Cannes International Film Festival and the entire action plays out over 24 hours. Igor is a wealthy Russian businessman. His wife Ewa left him two years ago and Igor has never really come to terms with their break up, especially as Ewa is now remarried to a famous fashion designer, Hamid Hussein. Igor is insanely jealous and when Ewa left him he told her that he would destroy 'whole worlds' in order to get her back, and he intends to keep his promise! Igor has followed Ewa and her new husband to Cannes and his plan is to cause as much violence and destruction as possible until Ewa realises how much he loves her and comes back to him. Ewa loved Igor but she was absolutely terrified of him. She knows that Igor has killed people in the past when he was a soldier, but she also knows a dark secret - that he once cold bloodedly murdered a beggar who was bothering them in a restaurant. Igor is clearly unhinged and he will stop at nothing to regain her love and so he goes on a ruthless killing spree until he tracks down Ewa! The star-studded film festival acts as a backdrop to Igor's maniacal murdering spree and we are ntroduced to various characters along the way, all of whom are desperately trying to get their big break in the shallow world of show business; Gabriela a young and naive actress who is being exploited by her agent and Jasmine a troubled young Rwandan refugee working as a model. The Winner Stands Alone is a gripping, fast-paced thriller, and Coelho cleverly weaves in elements of social satire, poking fun at our celebrity and money obsessed culture."

It is a great book to read on a sunbed on the beach, engaging and  thrilling. Nevertheless, my favorite Coelho book remains 11 Minutes which I HIGHLY recommend to all of you to read!

Did you read anything good lately?


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I {heart} Picniks

I heart summer and I heart spring. I heart apples and I heart picniks. I heart parks and grass and green. I heart Sundays and I heart holidays. I heart black and I heart white. I heart ice and I heart palms. I heart blogging and I heart you!!! I heart rhymes... but I can't do... :)


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Last weekend I was on my way to the first picnik of the year when I spotted these shopwindows... Every window had a different letter and if you read them together it said BREATHTAKING. I realized I could make GABI easily out of these letters and voila!!! Here is the result and I love it. Blogging really inspires me each and every day to see the beauty and the cool in the world and share it with you all. While I would have passed through without even realizing these letters before Gypsy*Diaries, now I had soooo much fun posing for these pictures. (the same can't be said for my boyfriend, he unfortunately hates taking pictures). So boys and girls keep your eyes open, the world is beautiful! Have a fabulous weekend!

P.S: Guess what, I'm travelling again... :)

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Gypsy*Friday - Munich*Germany

{Leather jacket and Shirt - Promod, Jeggings and Scarf - Primark, Boots - Buttero, Bag - Coco California}

As you might already know I spent one night in Munich last weekend. The reason why is too boring to tell (OK, my car needed to be serviced :) but I can tell you I was very positively surprised by this German powercity. I really liked the clean streets, the typical German architecture and the city's fashion vibe, which was the exact opposite of Berlin's artsy hippiness. If I don't count sleeping time than we really only had about 3 hours in the city which is much more a teaser than anything else, but we ate a delicious Italian dinner at La Vecchia Masseria, strolled through Munich's main shopping street the Kaufingerstr (or at least we think it was the main shopping street :) and indulged in some Haagen Dazs. Lovely city, hope to be back soon!

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Houndstooth and Birds

{Blazer - Mango, Clutch - Accessorize, Watch - DKNY, T, Leggings, Shoes and Glasses - Primark, Nails - Max Factor Disco Pink}

My mum came to Budapest for actually just a few hours to check my new apartment out (see here, here, here, here and here). We went for a quick ice cream run (I think I could live on ice cream only by the way!) and I showed her the neighbourhood before I dropped her off at the train station.
I'm happy to report that she really liked the flat and it is starting to feel more and more like home indeed.

P.S. I still need to do something about my balcony!!!

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Can't help but realize how much this summer will be about nail polish. Who would have thought that we'll be itching to wear blues, turqoise and mint green..... ? My nail polish shelf needed an update and luckily H&M was just the right place to go for it. :) Here is my new, updated collection:

What color are you wearing today? :)
(I'm disco pink, but I think I'll try the blue tonight)

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Mexican food in Europe is neither that accessible nor that popular as in the US. Nevertheless, once I figured out how easy it is to make fajitas I don't long for a Tex Mex restaurant anymore! :) Fajitas for me is the absolute comfort food. It is super-easy to make and you can really be creative with it. I've done fajitas at least 100 times in the last couple of years but the recipe is always a bit different.
Last night, while I really wanted to go to the gym, a giant storm descended upon us so I decided to cook something instead (I know, food instead of gym is a terrible idea :). Luckily I was just back from grocery shopping so I had all the ingredients handy.

  • Chicken breast
  • Wraps
  • Chicken spices
  • Onions
  • Peppers
  • Canned Corn (Bonduelle is the best!)
  • Canned Beans
  • Tomatoes

  • Sour Cream

  • Ruccola

  • ... whatever veggies you have lying in the fridge... courgette, mushrooms... whatever
The good thing about fajitas is that you can really use whatever veggies you want/like/have with or without sour cream... etc. It's all up to your creativity!

One of the things me and my boyfriend can never agree on is food. We like different things and I was nice enough to make two different fillings last night:
Mine: chicken, onions, peppers, corn, tomatoes, sour cream
His: chicken, onions, peppers, beans, tomatoes (more manly! :)

You just cut the chicken in stripes, pour some chicken spices on it, put it in hot olive oil and mix in all the veggies. You leave it to fry/cook for about 20 minutes, but I never really watch the time.. you'll see when it's ready. :)

Then you just heat up the tortilla and put some fresh veggies on it. This time I used ruccola, but you can have fresh cucumber, tomatoes as well if you like.

Than you pour the hot chicken mix on the salad... (you might want to add some cheese and extra sour cream too! :))

Voila! One of my favorite meals to cook! Supereasy, superfun and supertasty! Bon Appetite!
What is your favorite meal to cook?

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