Military Tourist

 {Military Jacket, Peach T - Zara, Belt - Vintage, Ring - from Tunisia, Bag - ASOS}

One day after this, the weather has just decided to take a 360 and we went from summer heat to autumn cold and rain. Looking out at the window I don't have much hopes for an Indian Summer either.... This year I did have a little part of me looking forward to fall though. The part that loves to wear leather boots and boyfriend blazers (like this and this) and the part that cannot wait to start photoschool! This military jacket (seen here) is one of the Zara purchases I've been looking forward to wear. We all know it's gonna be one of the major trends this season but I also feel it's so me. Belted with a peach/silver belt and a peachy T, I was one happy fall advocate on a sightseeing tour in Budapest over the weekend. :) 

What are you most looking forward to wear this fall?

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New Blog Design & IHOD Giveaway

I was trying to keep quiet about the changes on my blog until it was completely finished, but I have to admit, I have not done a great job with hiding my excitement! :) All the design credits go to the amazing, talented and beautiful Anna from In Honor of Design.

Anna is one of those multifaceted women who I admire. Next to being a mommy, she's an incredibly sweet blogger, a super-talented graphic designer and she even runs her own online store full of cute jewelries, accessories and headbands. And.... drumroll please....

Anna is offering an item of your choice to one lucky Gypsy*Diaries reader to celebrate my new blog design! 

These are some of my favorites but you can choose any Ladies or Little Miss items from her store! :)

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P.S: For extra entries feel free to post/tweet/facebook about the giveaway! ;)

P.P.S: Thank you Anna for giving a new life to my dear blog and thanks for your patience and being who you are! ;) LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

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Blogtrend*Nude Lace Shorts

A  few  weeks ago I bought these amazing Zara nude lace shorts and I had the hardest time styling them. As always inspiration is just a click away and here is the best of the web showing us how to wear lace shorts this pre-fall. Have you got one already?
Featuring: The Blonde Salad, This Time Tomorrow, Studded Rose Vintage, Elena C. via LB, New Fashion Disorder, Kitty via LB, Merel A. via LB, Through The looking Glass, O Fantastico Mundo de Nicole

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The last day of summer

Friday morning the radio announced that it would be the last warm day of the summer. Trying to take full advantage, we embarked on an outdoor spa day with my dear friend Sara from Amsterdam. Living the gypsy life means that you have friends all over the place and that is one of the gypset features I enjoy the most. :) We spent an amazingly exhausting weekend sightseeing, partying and biking around Budapest. I can't wait to show you all the images we took in my beautiful hometown! :)
The radio was not kidding by the way... summer is officially over. 

How has your weekend been so far?

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I'm Famous!!!

Yesterday AC was happily running home with some big news... he was just browsing through one of the magazines in the gym when he suddenly saw his girlfriend in an almost full page picture! And this is ladies and gentlemen my very first magazin feature! :) HAPPY WEEKEND!

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Autumn Nails

Don't you just love the new fall nail trends? Greys, browns, golds and khakis.... love love love! I bought a cheaper version of Chanel's Khaki Brun and I absolutely love it! Perfect with everything, it looks brown when I wear browns and looks grey with black and bright outfits!
What color are your nails right now? :)

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Fringes, leather shorts and golden accessories are definitely reason enough to look forward to this fall. I'm going to grab the only thing I can afford from this collage right now... coffee. :) What are you craving these days?

1. YSL Fringes Gold Plated Necklace - $950
2. YSL Enamel Ring - $295
3. Marc Jacobs Fringes Boho Hobo - $1500
4. Casadei Fringed Boots - $800
5. Chloe Belted silk crepe de Chine Blouse - $1080
6. Topshop Suede Pleat Short - $135
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But I don't even like blue...

{Blazer - Zara, Shoes - Humanic, Sunglasses - RayBan, All the rest - Primark}

I don't know if I genuinely only wear blue these days or if I only have my camera and (my-not-so-professional :) "photographer" with me when I have a blue outfit, but here it is, another blue and white look... Yesterday we went for a walk (and a beer :) with AC in an area which was almost unknown to me in Budapest, but with which I fell madly in love with. The city park is truly beautiful in the late afternoon when it's filled with bikers, dogwalkers and people picnicking and soaking up the sun! I wish I'd live a bit closer and could go running in the park (Excuses, excuses)!!! But seriously, I have been very bad lately and must get back on the fitness wagon pronto!!!

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My very first homemade cheesecake

After posting this last week and ordering cheesecake 3 nights in a row I decided that it would be certainly more economical (and hopefully more fun) to prepare it myself! I excitedly started to browse through recipes (thanks for the suggestions!) but almost all of them seemed to be too complicated, took too long or required a freezer which I don't currently have. Finally I decided to try this recipe. Let's face it, cheesecake squares are not the real thing but for a baking unalphabetic like me, it seemed to be the logical and easy first try. Oh boy....
- the electric mixer should NOT be substituted for a turmix maschine (I almost destroyed mine)
- you should have an oven where you can set the temperature (I don't)
- you should check on the cheesecake before the whole flat fills with smoke (yep, I burnt it allright)

But afterall it was eatable! :) The strawberry sauce (Which basically was simple frozen berries) almost entirely took the burnt taste away and I'm proud that we have finished the whole cake!:)

Overall I have conculded that I need a proper kitchen before trying to immerse myself in baking! :) Nevertheless (now that I got a taste of it :) I'm itching to try some new (preferably sweet) and simple recipes so I'd love to hear your recommendations babes! :)

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Sunday = Funday

After a horrible week I was damn sure looking forward to some downtime this weekend... After a busy Saturday when I meticulously cleaned the apartment, shopped enough food for a month and tried two new recipes (ehmmm... they were eatable :) I was ready for some fun on Sunday. There is so little time left from this summer... let's try to get the most out of it while we can! :) Did you do anything good over the weekend?

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