The Graduate

Today was my baby sister's graduation from high school! Time passes so quickly... every time someone asks me how old she is, I'm compelled to say three.... and then I think again and say 18 (holy cow)!!! Time really does fly away. The weather was amazing today and as it was a holiday... ok, "special occasion", I could get away with making hundreds of pictures and finally I could put on a decent outfit (Working from home means PJs and sweaters most days... but do you remember my ASOS dress?)
After the "ceremony" we went to a restaurant for lunch, had a walk in the park and ate lots of ice cream. Spring. Gotta love it.

Gypsy*Friday - Nordsee*Germany

I'm continuing Gypsy*Friday, my Friday travel series about the amazing places I was fortunate to visit for shorter or longer times...

Germany actually has a pretty decent coast line by the Baltic and North Sea. With these retro sunbtahing boots on the beach, traditional fish restaurants bordering the coast and fishermen working on the piers it has quite the romantic charm.
It was one of my favorite places to get away for a long weekend from Berlin.


My Wheely Retro Bike

May I just highlight my amazing fashion sense at such a young age... Blush toned flats with knee high socks, striped navy summer dress and serious bangs....  :)


Quote of the day (=my favorite quote :)

{Image via Loveology}


More City Prints

I just can't get enough of fun and creative city prints (see here and here)! I love the retro feel and fun details on Taylor's prints, which are available at  her Etsy shop!


Award Nr.2.

Honestly, I like blog awards. :) They are such a cute affirmation of all the hours spent blogging! :) So thank you C'est la Vie for this award! It`s really appreciated. (Others...keep it coming! :D)

The Rules

1. Thank the person who nominated me
2. Copy the award and place it on my blog
3. Link to the person who nominated me
4. Nominate 15 bloggers
5. Post links to the 15 blogs I nominate
My fave 15 right now in no particular order:

Gypsy Summer Anyone?

I just found these amazing editorial shots by Mario Testino, perfectly mirroring the spirit of this blog! They make me think of summer road trips, far away places, trips with the girls and sabbaticals... As I'm just in the middle of planning some summer fun with my girls, they hit home... tell me, do you have any great travel plans for this summer?

{Images via KnightCat}


Look of the Week

{Image Via Hanneli}

I found this Paris street pic sometime this week and it got stuck in my head like bubble gum in hair :). So simple yet super chic, timeless yet 2010, natural but überfashion. Definately my favorite look this week, but maybe even my favorite look of Spring 2010. 


I have a real delicacy to fill your lazy Sunday morning! :) Do yourself a favour, grab a tea/coffee, get comfy and watch this beautiful short film by Ben Briand (10 minutes). You won't regret it.
Do you remember your first love?

{via Walking Around}


Maison Moschino

While I don't think I'll stay in Maison Moschino (in Milan) any time soon (unfortunately), I just adore the originality and the spirit of this design hotel. I am totally inspired by the tree beds and owl lamps, the walls decorated with beautiful clothes, not to mention the candy chandellier and the gorgeous breakfast basket. Fancy, fancy.

Mathematics Cake

Look what my mum has done for her students! (Yes, she is a maths teacher and an amazing cook :) I'm so inspired by her and by all the amazing cake/cupcake/cookie recipes I see on blogs, but somehow I'm always too lazy to start baking. Do you bake often?

{too bad, there was nothing left for me}


Have a Relaxing Weekend!

Hey Darlings!

This week flew by even faster than the last one.. is that even possible? Good news is that this is my last weekend at my mum's place (I came here for 1 month... 5 months ago).
Next weekend I'm moving to Budapest with AC! :D (AC=boyfriend) I am fortunate enough to have a remote job, so basically I can work from anywhere.  AC is currently jobhunting so wherever he finds a job, that's where we'll move next! (He is Italian, so with most probability it will be in Italy :) We'll rent a place for the summer in Bp and after that... we'll see. Keep your fingers crossed, the job market is tuff out there!

While it was great to go back to kid-life, where mum cooks for me, cleans for me and does my laundry, I can't wait to have my (our :) own place again, even if it's only a temporary one. Gypsy life can be hard sometimes and while travelling around and living in different places is hugely rewarding, it can get very annoying living from boxes and throwing out half of your things when the time comes to move again. Well I guess I'll be missing this life once I settle down and buy a house so I'd better enjoy it now, right? :)

Well for now, I'll enjoy my last weekend at home, my mum's cooking and the fact that I can afford to absolutely do NOTHING! :) May is gonna be a very hectic month, with lots of weekend trips, so I don't think I can be this lazy again for a long time!!!

How about YOU, any fun weekend plans?

Have a good one!

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