New Beginnings

Silk Shirt & Jeans - Mango, Scarf - Zara, Earrings&Belt - H&M, Watch - Michael Kors, Wedges - ASOS

This weekend has gone in a whirlwind. On Saturday I went to check out a photography school (in this outfit :) and if all goes well I can start classes there today! :) I decided not to go to the previous school I was accepted to as it was too artys for me (the first 6 months only analog) and what I really need at this point is practical knowledge of photography, studio, lighting and all the softwares that a photographer needs to be able to use! This new school is EXACTLY what I was looking for and even though I have to cut a leg and arm to go there (definitely no shopping for me like ever again!!!) I think it will be totally worth it when I can start my own business, hopefully really soon! :) I'm so excited and hopeful! Keep your fingers crossed for me, the school's decision will be finalised today!


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...these are a few of my favorite things...

This week has been full of flat cleaning and decorating 'fun', numerous visits to IKEA and a sore throat that doesn't want to go away. Nevertheless, say goodbye to domestic godess... seems like next week will have something totally different in store for me, but more about that tomorrow! :)

I leave you with some of my favorite things from this week... I gotta go prepare my very first batch of muffins (in my life!!!) as some girlfriends are coming over for a flat warming brunch in just a few hours! ;)

1. Vintage Globe Lamp

A fabulous flea market find from last week! I'm crazy for globes!

2. Vintage European Travel Picture Frames Wall Sticker

3. Mellowmint

Just found this amazing website where you can download textures, backgrounds, graphics etc for free!!! A must visit for any photography enthusiast.

4. Simone Camille Boho Bags

5. Ruche Lookbook- Beautiful Photography!
6. Feminine Green/Military looks

7. Pops of Yellow

8. This amazing lace gold bracelet

9. What an awesome way to store jewelries!!!

10. Blog Crush of the week:
This girl has a style to die for and clothes to kill for! 

Have a relaxing Sunday ladies!

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Meet My Closet

The last two weeks without a closet have been horrible and I couldn't appreciate more being able to hang my clothes and know where to find things now! Living from suitcases is NOT fun! While our new closet may seem big at first, it really isn't, especially as we share it with AC.  

Right now I have a very eclectic mix of clothes in there... I came with a suitcase in November and than with another one 2 weeks ago. Obviously I didn't want to take anything in November that I might want to wear until February so the closet is now full of wardrobe rejects I hardly ever wear and my most favorite things which I took with me the last time around. Most of my clothes, bags and shoes are still in Hungary and at this point I'm not even sure where I'd put them, but I do miss them dearly! :)

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They are in....

The week before leaving Hungary was rather hectic. Apart from the usual moving madness and endless to do lists I was jiggling several photoshoots in whatever time I had left as well. Life in Berlin is definitely NOT less busy (still not finished with the flat!) but I finally managed to squeeze in some time for editing this set of pictures! This was actually my very first time photographing a couple. It was very different from shooting a single model and extreme measures were taken to make sure that they both have their eyes open at the same time! :) 

Looking at these pictures I wish someone would take some couple pics of me and AC too .. or maybe I have to look into doing that for ourselves. :) I'd definitely love to have a black & white photo print of us hanging in our new apartment soon! Have you ever had professional photos taken with your boyfriend? What did you do on the shoot, were you inside a studio or did you venture outside? Fun ideas are more than welcome! ;)

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Let's celebrate!

March is going to be a very exciting month for Gypsy*Diaries! Apart from joining the exclusive club of 4 digit-number-of-followers blogs on Google, my little blog will turn one year old as well! To celebrate (and say thank you) I have a lot of surprises in store for you all! ;)

March is also going to be the first month of full time blogging / photography, so there has never been a better time to advertise on Gypsy*Diaries. Sponsorship is a fantastic way of getting your name out to the thousands of people reading my blog each day!

Updated 18/05

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*Feature one of your items
I would be happy to promote one of your items by wearing/using it on the blog. Drop me a line and we can discuss! ;) You do not need to be a sponsor to choose this option.

And best of it all…. To celebrate the bloggiversary I’m offering a 50% discount from all sponsorship rates booked for March (also applicable for 3-months sponsorships)!

Come celebrate with me! :)

Contact & rates available at: gypsydiaries@gmail.com


If I don't have anything pink...

 Hat - Claire's, Jumper - Promod, Shirt - Vintage, Jeans - Mango, Ring - from Tunisia

...I'll use my couch as an accessory! :) I definitely wouldn't call myself a girly girl, but lately I've been gravitating towards pink. Even if I don't have anything that brave in my closet, at least I have my couch to set the mood! :) Talking about closets... we're finally finally getting our new wardrobe today. Until now everything has been lying on the floor, in boxes, plastic bags and suitcases in an uncoordinated mess. Cannot wait to have at least the basic furnitures crossed off the list so I could concentrate on the little final touches! :)

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Leo Nr Two

Skirt - Bershka, Boots&Blazer - Zara, Top&Leggings&Hat&Bangles - H&M, Watch - Michael Kors

That first leo item was quickly followed by the second one. Once I seen this pleated skirt on Farah I just knew I had to have it! It's a strange thing when you're against something your whole life and than suddenly a switch goes off and all you want is that very thing! I also cannot stop adoring all the fabulous leo footwear and I have a suspicion that a pair of leo ballerinas will be finding their way to my wardrobe pretty soon! :)

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...these are a few of my favorite things...

This has been one of the most eventful weeks in my life. I've moved to Berlin (again :), had my last day at work and set sails to live my dream. I've been looking forward to this for so long and I still cannot really believe that I'm here! :) Enjoy some fabulous favorites from an amazing week!

1. Garance & Scott

I loved this interview with Garance Dore and Scott Schuman, my favorite photographer-blogger couple in the New York mag. They are so cute and such inspirations!

2.  Suno was one of the favorite collections of everyone in NYFW. The designers behind this gorgeous brand were admittedly inspired by two painters, Peter Doig and Félix Vallotton. Miss Moss has paired the outfits with their paintings and I couldn't be more excited for a blog post. It's just so pretty and artsy! :)

3. I'm loving all the pink + gray combos on the fashion scene. If only I had something pink....

4. I had my first bath yesterday in about two years and it was amazing.... I have no idea why I haven't done that for so long. One of my new favorite hobbies! :D

Image via Weheartit

5. Talking about bathtime.... guess what I was watching in the tub! The Bachelor! I didn't think I'd like it but it's kind of addictive! :) Bye Bye Michelle!

6.  I finally signed up to a gym again! Ladies I just realized I've turned to pudding in the last 4 months without working out! Let's never do that again! While every inch of my body is sore right now, I just love the way I feel after working out. Unfortunately I've realized that most of my workout gear didn't make it to my baggage while moving, but whatever! Girl Power!

Image via Fitsugar

7. Complimenting my new fitness regime I think I need one of this plates! :D

8. I finally got a tripod and a remote for my camera this week! It makes alllll the difference!

9. Blog discovery of the week:

10. I'm currently crazy for this song! It just makes me want to jump up and dance! :)

That's all babes! Have a wonderfully lazy Sunday! :)

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