One of the advantages of staying in a sport hotel in Lanzarote was that there are an abundance of beachsport we could try during our stay. Since forever I wanted to try surfing and I had quite the intensive training (and I have some bruises to prove it! ;)). To summarize the experience in one word it´s SUPERCOOL!!!!! It´s a bit like snowboarding on water! I´ll probably never be as good of a surfer as snowboarder but hey, now that I live close to a beach I might get to practice surfing as well and who knows... I´ve found a new love for sure! I´m becoming a surfer chic! ;)

P.S: Yep! That tiny windsurfing ant on the pic is meeeeee! ;D

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Almost Roadtrip...

We have been excitedly waiting for Sunday when we were supposed to drive around the island with our rented car. We have packed our bags and were already on our way to pick up our car when we realized... none of us had our driver´s licence with us. BUMMER! As the sun was shining, we shook off the disappointment, went to the beach to take some pictures and spent the rest of the day by the pool, getting roasted in the company of a great book. Not bad for the first Advent Sunday! ;) It was very surreal to watch everyone´s facebook updates about Christmas trees, hot wine and candles... I feel so lucky and blessed.... from now on I´ll only go on vacation in the winter!!!! (or not ;) IT´S THE BEST!

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Canary Islands...

Yep, by now you probably all know that I´m spending the week in Lanzarote, which is one of the Canary Islands just off the coast of Morocco. We are staying in Club La Santa, which is a humungus sport complex on the nort of the island. This place is amazing, I´ve never been or even heard of any hotels like that... people actually come here to do sports! Not the "I´m on vacation and I might do some sports" kind of way, but the "I wanna spend a week working my ass off and I might enjoy a bit of vacation while I´m at it kinda way". There are a lot of professional athletes, and very dedicated amateurs but you can forget cute bikinis and pareos... everyone is in workout gear 24/7! Ok there might be some bikini time as well, but it´s really about fitness here and these people mean FITNESS! So much motivation and inspiration! I actually started to take windsurfing classes!!!! I M IN LOVE!!!!!!!! Never thought that I´d enjoy it so much, especially in icy waters and stormy winds but next to snowboarding I think I´ve found a new fave sport! ;) I also do some other classes like spinning, yoga... etc and try to be very healthy and eat all the good kind of foods! ;) Oopps... which reinds me I gotta get going to my next class! ;) More from the island coming soon! Kisses!

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Up In the Sky

aaaand the travelling circus is moving on! ;) I´ve hardly spent a whole month in Barcelona and I´m back on the road, or rather back in the sky again! ;) Sometimes I joke that I use airplanes more than buses... sounds like a joke, except it´s true! This time I´m taking a kind of ad-hoc mini vacation with a girlfriend from Berlin. If you follow me on Twitter you already know where I am... if not, I´ll keep you hanging for a little longer! ;) All I can say is that I´ve experienced one of the most beautiful landings flying here... you see? Well my friends, being thanksgiving and all, I just wanted to say that I´m thankful for all the great friends, virtual and real and all the amazing opportunities and adventures I get to live this year! 

Love to you all! I´m craving roast turkey with gravy and red current sauce....

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The En Route Website

It's been one of my biggest goals this month to finish working on the En Route website. My photography blog has been up and running for months, but I really wanted a professional, real website to provide a portfolio of my favorite works as well. I couldn't be happier with the result! ;) There are still some minor changes to be done here and there, but overall it's 99% complete. A gigantic thank you goes out to Promise Tangeman for designing such an AWESOME Showit website for me! It perfectly embodies my brand and style and I cannot wait to work with her on future projects as well. The girl is a design genious, be sure to check out her blog & designs if you haven't already!

This little business of mine is starting to get really established! I'm an official entrepreneur, I have a professional blog and website and clients are slowly starting to pour in as well! ;) If you know of anyone getting married within the next year be sure to send them my way! You know I love to travel and I cannot wait to start shooting more weddings all over Europe and beyond! <3

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...these are a few of my favorite things...

Ever since I cut my hair I feel cooler and hipper than ever! ;) I am a big hair product junkie and it always takes a lot of self control not to buy up everything my hair stylist recommends... here are a few of the products on my hair wish list right now! ;)

1. Ghd Straighteners Cheap - I have a trusty old hair straightener but this special boho chic edition ghd straightener does make my heart skip a beat and makes me think about upgrading ;)
2. Moroccan Oil Light Treatment for blonde and fine hair - this product has been on my wishlist since forever but unfortunately it´s not that easy to get my hands on it in Europe
3. Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray - Now that I live close to the beach it´s time to get those beachy waves, don´t you think? ;)
4. TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Collection - I used this shampoo + conditioner once but I can still remember the amazing smell and smoothness it gave to my hair! Must get it soon!
5. AVEDA Pure Abundance Hair Potion - At my last salon visit my hairstylist applied this powder to my roots and I had bouncy volminous hair for days! Miracle product!

What is your favorite hair product?

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Mi Habitacion

There is still like a gazillion things I want to do in my new room before it's finished (like painting the walls and finding a few new furnitures on the flea market) but here is how it looks right now. I love that the room has two big windows, so there is plenty of light and I also appreciate the strange form of the room, due to it being on the corner and all. I have waaay too many stuff (=shoes!) all over the place, but I've accepted that it will always remain somewhat busy and messy, and that sometimes we just need to let go and enjoy the mess! Right? ;)

My mannequin is a real diva, didn't appreciate moving countries too much... I love my new retro green leather couch and my new pear candle which gives an amazing smell to the  whole room!

Remember my globe lamp? A flea market find from Berlin.

I never had so many pillows in my life and I don't know why??? Seriously if you don't have at least 6 pillows in your bed go and get some!!! I feel like a prince while sleeping. ;)

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Sneak Peek: Barcelona Crib

It's no secret that it was not love at first sight with my new apartment. I liked the location and the size&lightness of my room, but the rest of the apartment seemed to be way too messy for my taste. Since than I've learned to love and appreciate the bohemienne uniqueness of this artistic place and I've absolutely fallen in love with my flatmates. We are like a little family, everyone respects each other's privacy, yet we do a lot of things together. Movies, dinner, record spinning, baking... it's so much fun! Of course living with 3 other people has it's ups and downs but I'm really starting to feel home here! 

This time I thought you might enjoy a lil sneak peek into our living room... Next time I'll show you some details of my room! ;)

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Hola, I'm back!

Blazer & T-shirt - Zara, Pants - Amisu, Scraf- from Istanbul, Sunnies - Mango, Shoes - Primark

Holaaa!!! Remember me? I know I know I should start by apologizing for being such a bad bad blogger and not posting much lately, but you know what, c'est la vie! Sometimes life just gets in the way and when you're homeless, in a new country with hardly anyone you know, they steal your spankin new camera you bought the day before just to better fulfill your blogger duties ;) and it's a struggle to get a stable internet connection, blogging just needs to take a backseat. Yeah a lot has been going on! ;) Today I've received my final moving box in my new room, which means that I'm officially totally moved! I'm LOVING it so far! It really is a dream come true and I cannot wait to share all my new stories with you! I'm back Babes! ;)
Big thanks to Caitlin for being awesome and taking these shots of me today in the break of our first photoshoot together! Caitlin is an ahhhamazing photographer who, just like me just moved to Barcelona! I'm lucky to know and have been able to assist this girl, who is responsible for so many beautiful images (including the latest Threadsence lookbook... have you seen it? LOVE!)

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