After one week non stop working (and I really mean NON STOP!!!) the new flat in Berlin is slowly coming together. As exciting as furnishing a new flat can be, it is that much exhausting as well! I have not been to the city, have not met friends and have not worn anything other than sweats the whole time. (and didnt even have internet until a few hours ago). I wish I could show you pictures about cool things I've seen and done but all I can offer you is a sneak peek into our new flat. The color theme is grey-purple-silver-white. I promise to show you actual pictures soon but there is still a lot of work to be done! :) Curious yet? 

Have a great weekend ya all... I have some packing to do now....

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Blog*Crush - The Daybook

Here is someone to keep you entertained while I'm scrubbiing floors, cleaning toilets and trying to make a big mess look like home over here. Sydney is one of the coolest, funniest girls in the blogosphere (new fave!!!) and I know you gonna love her. Thanks for the tip Anna! :)

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Home Inspiration

The first thing I did after the 9-hour drive to Berlin was to rush to the Mauer Park flea market for a little treasure hunting. My heart broke when I found the perfect vintage globe lamp and it was already sold. One of the reasons I spend a week in Berlin is to set up a temporary living space for AC and me. I'll be flying in and out for the next few months and once I move permanently we'll look for a bigger place, but for now we are settling in a small apartment with absolutely nothing in it. You see when we moved away last year we pretty much sold, give away or threw away (such a shame!) most of our belongings so now we are starting to build a home from scratch again. As exciting as it sounds the situation is tricky as 
a, we are furnishing a temporary apartment so we have no idea how our final place will look like 
b, AC and I have opposite tastes 
c, obviously buying everything we want would require us to rob a bank 
d, buying things in a rush is never good
e, did I mention that we break up ever time we go to IKEA together??? :)

I have NO plan and I'm just starting to look for inspiration now...  (we move in today!!! :) I think we'll start with something simple with neutral colors and gradually spice up the apartment with some sassy retro finds. Ah decisions, decisions!

{Image 1,8, 9 via Design*Sponge}

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Back to Berlin!

If you were wondering what we were celebrating then wonder no more! :) AC has got a new job which means that we are moving back to Berlin! He is moving over the weekend and I'll follow him in a few months, once he settles in and I find a new school to attend. I must admit I was not a big fan of Berlin the first time around, but I have the feeling that this time things will be different. Now I'm more comfortable with my German, I know what I want and I already have some friends there I can rely on. I'll be in Berlin the whole next week so if you have any recommendations where to go and what to do bring it on! Hello Berlin, here I come again! :)

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We're gonna have a celebration

This week it really hit me. Christmas is just a month away! This is that time of the year when things really speed up and time decides to fly with record speed. We just got over Halloween and now Thanksgiving is coming up, which will be quickly followed by my birthday (16th Dec :), Christmas and New Year's Eve! If I was busy until now I will be superbusy from now on. Plus, next to the usual work-school-photography-blog-blog couture-life circle I will be jumping on and off airplanes before the end of the year as well. (oh yes... the gypsy wagon is back in action! :)

Due to the craziness that surrounds my life right now, I decided to discontinue Gypsy*Photography. It is sad really, but there is just no way I can spend the time I want to develop it properly. I'll be posting my photography works and werk pictures on Gypsy*Diaries instead and while I know some of you are not too happy with the fact that I talk so much about photography on this blog, this is my life right now. I want to write about things that inspire me, things I like and yeah I'm obsessed with photography but it does not mean I am still not crazy for fashion and travelling. I am trying to find a balance in my life and on this blog and I promise I'll try to be a better blogger and write more about traveling, fashion, design and personal style, like I used to! Love you all and your support means the world!

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Let the Christmas Shopping Begin!

Christmas is knocking on the door and it's time to get started on our mile long shopping list! :) In honor of the holidays I teamed up with Rosa & Carlotta from Illustrated Moodboard to design two limited series mini tote collections available only for a few weeks via BLOG COUTURE!

The 2011 natural canvas tote is a definite must have for the new year displaying all the tidbits that a fashionista cannot live without :). The I wish black tote is our illustrated Christmas wish list featuring AWang, Dior, Hermes, Mulberry and Marc Jacobs bags... and while we're dreaming of these beauties we can still use the canvas tote to hide all our Christmas shoppings in there! :) Which one is your favorite? Did you start shopping already?

Only 37 days left till Christmas!!!

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Fashion Videos

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending the first Hungarian Fashion Video Festival. Fahion videos are a new, emerging genre that is slowly becoming an important part of fashion and art. Smaller labels not being able to showcase their pieces in Paris or New York tend to create fashion videos. It's like a music video except that the focus is on fashion and art.  One of the most famous fashion video maker is Kathryn Ferguson who was also presenting on the festival. She almost made me want to experiment with video. :)

Some other favorites from the festival:

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BBB = Best Brunch in Budapest

There is a restaurant in Budapest called Gundel. It is one of the oldest, most famous and most traditional ones in Hungary, the place I've always  been recommending to visitors even though I've never actually visited. I finally decided to take my own advice and as we had reason to celebrate (more on that later :) I took AC on a Sunday brunch date to the Gundel. Champagne, Goose liver pate, colorful salads, Hungarian specialities, mouthwatering cakes and the famous Gundel pancake (filled with chocolate and nuts)... topped off with a digestiv walk in the park! A Sunday must if you ever visit Budapest! Any travel plans for the winter?

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Right Place, Wrong Time


Here are a few more retro inspired shoots from last week's photoshoot. At this point I felt like we were time traveling back into the late 70's, hence the title of the post (which is one of the top 100 songs of the 70s by dr. john :) Songs are such great inspirations and I'm actually planning on interpreting music on pictures in the future. Which song should I cover?

Happy Weekend darlings! I hope it will be a good one! ;)

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